Nightmare Fuel / School Days

School Days has already been mentioned in the Anime section, but the TV series has nothing on some of the bad endings of the original game and/or its updated releases.

Spoilers below:

  • The realisation that even when a good ending is given you're now boyfriend / friend to at least one possibly psychotic girl who could snap at any minute...
    • On the other hand, consider that Kotonoha only goes psychotic in the harder routes because she was under so much pressure in them; a cheating boyfriend who sleeps around and abuses her trust and plays around with her feelings, being bullied and painted as a slut by every girl in the school for years because she happens to have a bigger chest size than they do, which is something she's very insecure about, and they are jealous and then after finally meeting some people who don't care about that they betray her repeatedly, and she's raped by someone that professes to like her and it's likely that nobody would believe her if she said anything about it. All of that would do a number on anyone. So long as Makoto never cheats on her and continues to stand up for her like he does in the And To Kotonoha ending, she'll be nice and sane. Might even develop some confidence down the line.
      • On the other hand, it is entirely possible to drive Kotonoha mad even with the slightest indecisiveness on your part. This may be in a large part to the severe bullying she has to endure in the game, because of which she relies on Makoto as an emotional crutch. Should Makoto not rise to the occasion...well...
  • this new ending for HQ remake in which a really evil-looking Sekai pushes Kotonoha into the path of an oncoming train, in full view of everyone in the train station. Makoto grabs onto her hand in an attempt to pull her back, but he's a second too late - and you can actually SEE the train hitting Kotonoha, leaving Makoto staring in shock and clutching her severed hand.
  • This original PC ending in which Kotonoha slices Sekai's throat in front of Makoto. Damn that High-Pressure Blood and Kotonoha's Evil Laugh.
  • Another original ED where more High-Pressure Blood is had when Kotonoha throws herself off a building in front of Sekai and Makoto. This leaves Makoto so traumatized that he breaks up with Sekai and swears off romance and dating forever.
  • Probably the worst part of the visual novel is's a visual novel. The folks playing the game pick the decisions and follow the routes. The characters can cheat, they can lie, they can mutilate, they can kill, they can even lead each other to get raped...but in the end, they can't do anything that you, the player, don't want them to do.
  • Also, let's think of it. What makes the game potentially so, so scary is that... here are no super evil powers, no complicated conspiracies, no external influences. The plot of the VN and its adaptations is made of bad decisions, inexperienced kids dealing in the worst ways possible with how Love Hurts, tripping each other to get what they want for themselves or others, etc. This franchise, basically, is about normal persons getting the absolute worst out of each other. Dysfunction Junction or what?
    • on the other hand, in the surrounding overflow universe, all the insanity can be traced to one insanely malicious human - the immortal Tomaru Sawagoe. He simply does not age, he ruins everything he touches for the sake of amusement, and causes the maximum amount of human suffering purely because he can. He is one of few blatantly supernatural characters in an otherwise normal universe, and he uses this ability and power purely to hurt his own family and molest them - body, mind and soul. And do remember, he will not die. This is a monster who, if arrested, could simply choose to wait until the jail rots or use his cash to evade prosecution entirely.
  • The official end of the anime is pretty disturbing. After inviting Sekai over, Makoto is stabbed multiple times by her and is thinking back to all the times where he and Sekai got along while being knifed by her. Kotonoha, after arriving home from the store, discovers his corpse as well as a large pool of blood around him. Rather than go to the police, she decapitates him and places his head in a gym bag. She calls Sekai over to the school roof, makes her look at Makoto's severed head and then kills her. The best part of the scene? Kotonoha cuts her open and checks to see if she really was pregnant. We can only hope that Kotonoha's claim that she wasn't is true.
    • The broadcast version replaces the red blood with Black Blood. Somehow this can be even more disturbing.
  • The Cross Days manga has 3 moments.