Tear Jerker / School Days

Sister, Kokoro and mom will always love you forever.
  • Literal Tear Jerker in the path to the Bloody End ending. Kotonoha goes to Makoto's house only to hear him having sex with Sekai. In her sadness and insanity she cries so much that the tears actually melt the snow around her.
  • Kotonoha's suicide in the Forever ending. The image here is a drawing that her little sister Kokoro made and left on her grave. One can only imagine the pain the poor girl's going through...
  • All three of the main characters in To My Child. Sekai for how badly it all hurt her, and for the guilt that will haunt her forever. Makoto because he's honestly repentant by the time he dies - so much so that he's only mildly annoyed at being murdered over it. Kotonoha because she's also repentant, and because now she'll have to raise a fatherless child.
  • Sekai in Bavarois's path, after Kotonoha proves to her that Makoto loves her more than Sekai. And then both her mother and Makoto prove her wrong.
  • Yuuki's worst ending in Cross Days, unless Makoto rescues him, is to be used as Taisuke and his friends' sex slave, forever. (Or at very least until they graduate... not that it's much better).
    • Also, the ending where Chie sacrifices herself to save Yuuki, via telling the completely maddened Kotonoha that she is Yuu and getting murdered for it.
  • Any paths in Summer Days/Shiny Days that Setsuna doesn't end up with Makoto can go more or less this way.
  • For the followers of the Overflow Games, Shiny Days has revealed that Kagura Inou has died sometime between the 15 years Time Skip.
  • A certain bad end from the original's Updated Re Release is both this and Nightmare Fuel... Sekai gets so broken that, when Makoto chooses Kotonoha over her, she takes out her frustrations on Koto by throwing her in the path of an upcoming train. Makoto tries to save her and manages to grab her arm... but then the train passes and not only does Kotonoha get hit anyway, but Makoto finds himself holding only her torn-off hand.