Nightmare Fuel / Resident Evil: Revelations
Found youuuuu...

There's a reason this game is considered to be closer to the original survival horror games...

  • The majority of the enemies in this game, especially the invisible Hunters.
  • The normal Ooze enemies will let out a small chuckle if they happen to knock your health down far enough.
  • The Scagdead. Essentially, every 1 in 1000 people are "resistant" to the T-Abyss virus. What this actually means is that the viral infection just progresses much slower, and the host is left alive and conscious for the duration. The transformation is also far more grotesque than regular T-Abyss mutations; the host's body is enveloped by an irregular mass of flesh and bone acting as a "new" body, sprouting another head similar to that of a lamprey's, and their left arm mutates into a massive organic chainsaw. The host is still semi-conscious even at this stage, but notably they are unable to control their own body; when you meet your first Scagdead (the comms officer of the Zenobia), you can hear him pleading to Jill that he's still human as he attacks her. This mindless babbling, and his endlessly repeated distress call prior to actually being let out, are truly bone-chilling.
    • "Mayday, mayday... This is the Queen Zenobia... emergency call number... mayday, mayday... maaaaaayyyy.... daaaaayyyyyy..."
    • Bonus points for the Scagdead's Voice of the Legion effect that drops in and out.
  • At the beginning of the game while trying to find a key, you stumble across some Ooze attacking a woman. After leaving for the rest of the ship, Jill is forced to return to the lower area. When looking for the corpse, nothing's there except a diary, the highly disturbing last entry of which is on how somebody is slowly decomposing and becoming a zombie. After reading that, it turns out that the deceased woman from earlier isn't so dead....
    • To make matters worse, she has a number of Madness Mantras that she randomly spouts. Most common of all? "Found you... tasty MORSEL! Just for me..." when she appears and "It hurts... it huurrttsss!" when she's finally driven off.
    • The first time you see her through the glass just standing around. When you go around the corner to enter that room, she's gone.
    • Her head is still in tact, but she exposes her lamprey organ by flipping the top half of her head back like it's on a hinge.
  • The whole setting of the game. You're stuck on a near sinking ship full of monsters swimming just under your feet, waiting to attack when you least expect it.
  • Falling down a hill into a pack of wolves, zombie wolves...
  • Sea Creepers; they're like little skeletons under murky water that will only give you a chance to kill them when you're in the water with them. If you're not prepared they'll drag you underwater and kill you. They also make highly disturbing sounds moan/cry sounds and sort of look like xenomorphs.
  • Oozes amp up the Body Horror to a higher degree then their zombie counterparts and manage to be genuinely disturbing. They're swollen, half-melted looking things that sluggishly flow from side to side in a boneless manner... and when they attack, they tilt back their heads so a long, leech-like tongue can grasp onto your character's neck, sucking desperately for your precious bodily fluids.
  • This game features many, many Apocalyptic Logs, worse even than the Keeper's Diary in Resident Evil. Perhaps the worst is that of the doomed Communications Officer. It seems fine at first, he talks about how he's holed himself up in a safe place with lots of food. Things get creepier as he talks about a surprise attack by Ooze coming from the vents, how he's lonely and wants someone to talk to, and how he's grown a painful, hard lump on his head. Then suddenly, he makes a new friend. And gets into arguments with this "friend". And starts losing his damn mind and self as he and his "friend" become one.
  • The Malacoda. Ever wondered what might happen if one of those nasty viruses or parasites of the series infected a whale? Well, wonder no more. The Malacoda is more or less a colony of gigantic parasites wearing the mutated body of a whale for a suit. It's a contender for the largest monster in the series and is massive enough to nearly sink the ship it is wrapped around.
    • Not only that, it's been swimming about in the ocean while infected and also during the boss fight you are blowing infected chunks around out of it INTO SAID OCEAN!!!!!!!
  • Infected!Rachael's laughter and her "Fou~nd you" in a creepy singsong-like manner.
  • The scene where Jack Norman transforms the fishes into Ghiozzo
  • Norman's fate, being stuck on the sunken Dido for a whole year, watching the rest of his crew die and mutate, and then mutating himself out of anger