Funny: Resident Evil: Revelations

  • Quint and Keith, this troper actually preferred a slight bit of comic relief from the two, even during the "invisible Hunters" battle.
  • "Me and my sweet ass are on the way!"
  • Parker's Cluster F-Bombs can be quite funny, especially on the elevator round of the Draghignazzo Boss.
  • If you play Raid mode before progressing too far into the story mode, you can unlock Quint and he looks like an utter badass - bulky armor, high tech goggles, a big shotgun and bonuses for using explosives. Holy shit how badass is this guy?! Oh, wait...
  • At the beginning of 7-3, Jessica basically throws herself on Chris and all he does is literally pry her off himself while issuing orders. He doesn't even look at her.