Nightmare Fuel / Prophesies Destinies And Killing Gods

The dark, the scary, and the horrific moments from Prophesies, Destinies, and Killing Gods

  • Mo O's bio-synthetic vessel Viran appears to be a human male. A human male without its skin and with three glowing yellow orbs for eyes, that is.

  • Awesome’s spells to draw power out of people turned them into dust. At this point, several hundred were confirmed to have been killed in this method to power Awesome and Metroid Prime.

  • Kaine's experiments regarding mana and how to create limitless mana in a person was...not successful. All of the mages he had experimented on were mutated beyond recognition, sprouting limbs and arteries before dying.
    • Pretty much anything involving Kaine. Mo O tells the other Heroes how Kaine once raped a woman, then proceeded to eat her infant. The first time the Heroes actually meet Kaine, he brutally cuts Jessica apart with a scythe.

  • Aleph-IV, a small peaceful planet that the Heroes visit in order to recover a cube piece. Its lovely features include a devastated landscape with radiation high enough to melt the protective radiation suits after an hour of exposure, a sky with no stars due to the amount of debris still in the sky from the blast that killed most life on the planet, and the tortured ghosts of every inhabitant that was killed in the mass genocide.

  • After Janus knocked the nine-year-old princess of Ivalice to the ground with a devastating spell, he beat her entire body with a heavy crosier to ensure he killed her.

  • Several attempts were made to capture Ebony and each one was blown off as something that wasn’t important. When they actually succeeded, Ebony was brutally tortured and mind-raped to the point she became phobic of telepathic people.

  • Dmitri of the Crusaders continued fighting despite his arm being torn off, his body burned well past third-degree burns, and multiple stabs to the back. It took Ebony being fueled by rage and the ring in order to kill him and his death? All that was left of him was his prosthetic arm and a small pile of ashes.

  • The Azure Grimoire, and anything related to the Azure. It will rip your still-living soul from your body and use it as a power source. Contrary to what Rawk, Anselm, and Takamagahara have claimed, the souls are still alive throughout this.

  • Devorantem and Confectrix. Subjects of Unwilling Roboticization that feel physical, agonizing pain whenever they show any semblance of emotion. They have no choice but to tear every bit of energy from entire planets. They've been doing it for thousands of years. And, psychologically, they're no older than 16.

  • Terthen, the world ruled by Big Brother II. It features the Modella, where girls are turned into mind controlled cyborgs whose sole purpose is to serve the people, the Ministry of Servitude, where succubi and incubi crush the minds of anyone who goes against Big Brother II, and the Ministry of Science, where experiments such as parasitic soldiers are tested on prisoners.

  • The progression of civilian deaths skyrockets between the Awesome Incident and the Omega Crisis. In the Awesome Crisis, several hundred people were killed at most. During the Omega Crisis, the numbers was more easily measured by the number of planets destroyed.