Funny / Prophesies Destinies And Killing Gods

Funny Moments in Prophesies Destinies And Killing Gods

  • Crystal: You two [Lotus and Aleph] need to be an item!
    Lotus: *stuffs the remainder of the cheesecake in her mouth as an excuse not to answer and gags slightly*

  • Nayru chasing Mo O around trying to get him to wear a dress.

  • Anytime Ebony and Rie's mother meets up with a man, she hits on him. This includes flirting with Rawk right in front of her horrified children and Rawk's fiancee.
    • Pretty much anything Anrel does, actually.
  • Rie: I just got a call from Amelie...she said we need to go find someplace to hide cause her parents found the titty pictures...what's a titty?
  • Rawk gains a surprising admirer...which is a can of coffee.

  • Lotus has several snark moments when dating Villain... directed at Villain.
    • "Who wants to carry The Amazing Human Doormat?"
    • "...Do that again, and I will punch you in the vagina."

  • Nayru: Lotus, permission to hit your imbecilic boyfriend.
    Villain: *cuddles with Nayru's legs*
    Nayru: O_o *kicks Vo A off* Correction: permission to maim your boyfriend violently.
    Lotus: Hit, yes. Maim... not yet.
    Nayru: So, am I restricted to using fists and feet for now?
    Villain: Tits or GTFO...
    Lotus: Nayru, your permission has been upgraded to "maim."
    Nayru: *takes out a couple steak knives* :D:D Would you like your boyfriend medium-well or well done??