Nightmare Fuel / My Name Is Earl

  • They managed to make sex with Jenna Elfman, as a highly flexible cheerleader, and turn it into the scary by making her disfigured.
  • Little Chubby's batting cage scene. Fearing a potential Groin Attack has never been that scary.
  • Randy on shark adrenaline.
    • He scared Joy.
    Earl: Randy why's your pee blue?!
  • The reveal that the doorstop for the bathroom door is actually the original owner of the Crab Shack, who's dead body had been encased in cement into the floor with his nose sticking up.
    • And then Randy (assuming he's still alive) staying behind to clamp his nose shutnote  to kill him (assuming, again, he's still alive). Seeing Randy do that? Wow.
    • He'd been under there for years because nobody in Camden thought a nose-shaped doorstop was unusual.
  • There's something... unnerving about having Josh return in Earl's sitcom coma dream in part 2 of "I Won't Die with a Little Help from My Friends"... as what is essentially an angel of deathnote .