Fridge: My Name Is Earl

Fridge Logic

  • Given all the legal trouble Dog the Bounty Hunter got into last time he tracked down someone in Mexico, why risk going after Joy?
    • Her bounty is a million dollars.

  • Patty the Daytime Hooker: she holds a master's degree, scored 1500 on her SAT exams, and speaks fluent Bengali. How she is a Streetwalker with all that going for her is not explained.
    • She did mention a son she was putting through college. Or maybe she just likes the hours, freedom, and cash income.
      • She does indicate a bit of resentment that things didn't go the way she planned...on the other hand, she does genuinely enjoy the sex she has with her clients and always goes above and beyond to make them happy.

  • In the episode "Number One," it's shown that Didi rides a bicycle. This was after Earl had stolen her prosthetic leg, and she couldn't afford a new one. How she is able to ride the bike is not explained.
    • In an earlier episode, "Monkeys in Space," Didi is having sex with her boyfriend while her dog humps a prosthetic leg. It's obviously hers. But this is after Earl had stolen it and before he returns it to her, and she supposedly could not get another one.

  • How does Earl's List of Transgressions, which is well over 300 items long (and growing!) manage to stay on one single sheet of legal paper? Shouldn't it be several pages long?
    • He wrote simple words in very small scripts, and when seen up close, he's writing all over it.

  • How come Joy has three strikes, but Earl has been arrested numerous times without any such "strikes" on his criminal record?
    • Earl's crimes were only misdemeanors. Earl also stated in the episode where he went to prison that there were a lot of things he did that he didn't get caught for.
  • If Crabman is in Witness Protection, then who are the people in various episodes ("Joy's Wedding," "Our Cops is On") described as being members of his family?
    • Fake family members to keep the act together.