Nightmare Fuel / Mystery Science Theater 3000

Considering MST3K is the Trope Namer:

You people bring matches for Mikey?
  • KTMA Gypsy.
  • Crow can look unintentionally scary at times.
    • Tom too, thanks to the lack of eyes.
  • The Observers' Slasher Smiles in the Stinger of Terror from the Year 5000 and the following two episodes. Yes, they see you.
  • Timmy. Considering the host segments involving him are a homage to Aliens, its expected.
  • In the movie, Dr. Forrester turns off the oxygen to the satellite and Mike is suffocating to death.
    • Watching the bots' reaction is worse. Granted there's the fridge heartwarming fact that they're doing it for Mike's sake, but it's still unnerving to see our snarky bots bowing, with Servo speaking in tongues and Crow crying a little.
  • Seeing Crow partially melted in the first segment from "The She-Creature" from using the Thaw Master, mistaking it for the Thighmaster.
  • In the "local color" sketch from The Amazing Transparent Man, Mike (as the crazy "Mikey") doesn't blink for about an entire minute on camera. See the page image above.
  • Mike Nelson has destroyed three planets twice. By accident.
  • The Holo-Clowns in Attack of the Giant Leeches. One asks Gypsy if she wants a salted nut roll, and it's very unnerving.
  • The Violent Years started off with Tom Servo replacing his head with a Danny O'Day puppet head. Crow's reaction sums it up really nicely.
  • Why Doesn't Johnny Care? Tom's narration is of Johnny's nightmarish point-of-view is just off-putting.
  • While watching Merlin's Shop Of Mystical Wonders Mike and the Bots decide to read some other children's books by Ernest Borgnine. The more whimsical the book title, the more mortifying the content.
  • KTMA Dr. Forrester. Seeing him as an arrogant, level-headed, deep-voiced Jerkass as opposed to the cartoony Harmless Villain we know so well is very unsettling.
  • Bobo dressed up as the monkey from "Merlin's Shop Of Mystical Wonders".
  • The DVD menu for The Crawling Eye. Crow is just reading the paper while, occasionally, the main entrance to the theater opens to reveal the eponymous monster's freakish face. What really makes this horrifying is that Gypsy and Servo pass on by and are dragged by the creature's tentacles, screaming in terror. Despite the relief of what Crow does to it, we never find out what happens to those two.
    • The DVD menu for The Giant Spider Invasion is also discomforting, as there are a bunch of spiders crawling across it. Not too bad per say...if you don't click on some of the buttons. Cover your ears if you do so. The same thing occurs for Horrors of Spider Island.
    • The Blood Waters of Dr. Z menu is a bit more benign, but right at the end, Crow and Servo fire a harpoon at Dr. Z. This doesn't appear to faze him, as he drags them underwater.
    • The Beast of Yucca Flats has the eponymous beast emerge out of the entrance and stomping towards Crow, brandishing his club. Not too bad (considering the dialogue), but then Crow fires a shotgun into his shoulder and manages to draw blood. It's likely Crow got killed by the enraged beast's counterattack.
    • Bride of the Monster has Lobo get grabbed by the robotic octopus and reduced to bloody PULP. Even the bots were perturbed.
    • Robot Holocaust features the bots and the main antagonist of the film in the same room. When Servo makes a 2001: A Space Oddessey joke, the computer's eye, with a pretty startling sound effect, turns blood red and awfully familiar to the joke's context...
    • Revenge of the Creature is shot from a POV shot of a diver. There is NO comedic music and the whole thing comes off as eerie barring Servo's appearance as a fish. Suddenly, the Gillman is right in front of you...and is quickly revealed to be a cardboard cutout.
    • The Magic Sword is mostly nightmare free...should you NOT pause at the exact moment a spell backfires on the sorceress mother figure. The results aren't pretty.
    • The menu for The Incredible Melting Man features Mike in the role of the titular monster. Should you leave it on the menu screen too long, you get treated to the lovely visual of Mike's face graphically melting. And if you watch the episode after it cuts back to the menu, we get a brand-new menu animation where his face is now in an even worse state than it was in the first animation, with it continuing to melt until it's nothing but a skull.
  • The Beast of Hollow Mountain has one host segment where Crow and Tom are dancing around and creepy-looking costumes obviously inspired by the celebration being set up in the movie. They also dance around and don't speak. Despite Jonah, Kinga and Max trying to talk to them, they just keep dancing and don't talk, genuinely freaking everyone out.
  • Even more unsettling is the ending of The Loves of Hercules, where in the movie's final moments Jonah and the Bots all start loudly vocalizing random sounds for no reason at all. They're still doing it on the bridge, and then we cut to Kinga and Max doing it too, and then come the credits as the audience is left wondering what in the absolute hell they just saw.
    • Well, they're doing it because of the weird screaming soundtrack that accompanies the end of the movie, so they start vocalizing for a reason. Why they continue doing so for several more minutes, particularly with Jonah's almost panicked expression toward the end, is another terrifying matter entirely.
  • The examination of all the creepy toys in The Christmas That Almost Wasn't, taking these weird background details you might not have even noticed and shoving them in your face.
  • Jonah almost certainly being Eaten Alive in the season 11 finale. Easily the darkest cliffhanger the show has had.
  • In Carnival Magic, Kinga's viewscreen briefly malfunctions and shows a different guy with the Bots on the SOL bridge, which she tells us to just ignore, and it's never referenced again in the season's remaining two episodes. We're left to ponder just how many experiment subjects she has, and if this means Jonah actually was killed and the show will just move on to this guy if it gets another season.