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Nightmare Fuel: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • King Boo actually looks rather frightening this time around, especially when he appears behind Luigi from the darkness at one point.
    • He also broke out of his painting. On his own. Before getting the new crown.
    • The final security image. Whoo boy, that picture. Throughout the game Toads give visual status updates, and gradually a menacing figure becomes apparent on them. An unearthly glow just off-camera, a shadow whose owner cannot be seen, and so forth. On the final image, King Boo is not even trying to hide himself, floating in plain view of the image. And when you examine him, he turns towards the camera and cackles maniacally. He's known you've been watching him all along. Because as you soon find out, he's been watching you. The absolute worst part? This happens on a still image that is otherwise devoid of animation. He is that damn powerful. To top it off, as he laughs, the screen breaks off into static before shutting down, ala Slenderman and every other horrible "caught-on-camera" abomination. Long story short, Bring Me My Brown Pants, gents.
    • Let's look at his motivations from the last game. He stated he wanted retribution on the Mario Bros. and Gadd for the trouble they caused him and his kin in the past. Working on behalf of his kind; understandable. Here? He deliberately shattered the Dark Moon to break the minds of the ghosts residing there to experiment on and enslave them into an army to conquer the world. Yikes. Combine that with how his eyes seem even more sunken in than before and how he obsessively stalks Luigi towards the game's end? Call it crazy, but King Boo might be a tad unhinged after his last humiliation.
    • King Boo's design has drastically changed since last time, too. Before he was just a giant Boo wearing a crown. Here... His eyes are purple and sunken in. Unlike other Boos, he wears a constant toothy Slasher Smile and the inside of his mouth has turned blue, unlike the red it was before. It really looks like he's gone off the deep end.
  • Speaking of paintings, the look on Mario's face while he's trapped in one is particularly jarring. He's visibly terrified! Do you want to know what else? In this game he can't move or call for help. Being trapped in a painting for all eternity and being unable to move is a Fate Worse than Death.
  • In the E-1 mission, look in the window on the right immediately after approaching the door and having Polterpup appear. It's not only scary, it's just plain wrong. You actually see a Toad in the process of being trapped in a painting by a couple of Boos, and he's downright terrified. (On the plus side, the other Toad's painting is seen in the background, so this gives foreshadowing for the E-2 mission by letting you know that there are two Toads beforehand.)
  • The playroom in Haunted Towers is very creepy, at least compared to the other, less frightening rooms. There's a doll house that mindscrews you if you look into its window: you see the exact same room you're standing in, with Luigi looking through the same window. Then there's the obligatory creepy doll whose head rotates 360 degrees and the loud Jack-in-the-boxes. And the room is pitch black at first.
  • The boss of the ice mansion when he possesses the ice itself, thanks to its spooky face, introduction and its evil laugh. Probably one of the more intimidating-looking bosses in the game.
  • The cutscene right before Luigi enters the Mansion in Mission E2. Luigi opens the door, but finds only darkness... as he turns around and scratches his head, King Boo appears right behind him with a horrible, evil smile, but vanishes before Luigi turns around. If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.
    • It's even worse when you know how he appears. Luigi opens the doors and activates the flashlight to look into the darkness. He then turns around, understandably confused. There's a brief moment of lens flare from the flashlight, and in that one second, King Boo appears. Floating perfectly still with a mad smile, and he vanishes out of sight just before Luigi turns back around.
  • The cutscene before the final boss fight. Just imagine how frightening that whole scenario was for poor Luigi. Without warning, he's suddenly been transported to an unfamiliar area where it's pitch black. Then, windows begin appearing all around him, and an all-too-familiar laugh starts coming from... well, everywhere. Then, as Luigi spots the painting Mario's trapped in and starts to reach out for it, King Boo appears right in his face. And the worst part of all? King Boo is pissed. No wonder Luigi was shaking like a leaf in there.
  • The mansions have a lot of items left behind in them, like coats or other articles of clothing, but they're supposed to be abandoned. This suggests that perhaps they were abandoned in quite a hurry...
  • In the second mission of the Secret Mine (D-2) Luigi discovers a room full of Boos, along with a Greenie, a Slammer, and a Sneaker trapped inside red crystals that the Boos have put them in. It becomes disturbing when you realize that the Greenie, Slammer, and Sneaker are all terrified and are banging against the sides of the crystals, voicelessly pleading to be released from their containment.
  • The music for the garage sounds right out of a horror game.
  • The Spider boss and the cutscene after it. After the ghost possessing it is defeated, the spider returns to normal and goes home. Luigi turns around to find a stampede of baby spiders following her. It's mostly Played for Laughs, but to an arachnophobic, it's a nightmare come true.
  • Sometimes, when you're being Pixelated somewhere, there's pixels in the stream that are a different size and color then the ones that Luigi turns into, and they're traveling at a different speed than the Luigi pixels. Someone or something else is in the stream with you.
    • It's most likely King Boo himself, who abducts you in the middle of your return journey from the fifth boss mission (E-Boss).
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