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Nightmare Fuel: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
  • Sora slowly losing all of his memories in CoM, specifically replacing Kairi — one of his best friends — with Naminé, was rather disturbing. The depth of his brainwashing was made most explicit when Sora begged Naminé to break his heart to save herself, knowing that she'd been manipulating him the entire time and that he'd probably end up catatonic, staring at nothing just like the Riku-Replica.
  • Naminé is deathly afraid of her captors, Marluxia and Larxene. Larxene is known to revel in cruelty, and Namine's reaction suggests that it may not all have been shown on-screen. Even more disturbing is her obvious terror whenever Marluxia is around. The way she jerks away when Marluxia touches her on the shoulder just makes it worse.
  • Vexen's death in the manga. We're treated to a glorious two-page spread... of Axel punching a hole through Vexen's chest.
  • How about that scene where Aerith flat out tells Sora that she doesn't exist? And Goofy and Donald don't see her?
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