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Fridge: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Fridge Brilliance
  • Every time you enter a new floor, the previous floors rooms are reset. As Sora and the gang advance through Castle Oblivion, they begin forgetting important things. Meaning, they forgot how they set up the rooms and need to set them up again.
  • Once you know the basics of the plot, if you start Sora's storyline over, it becomes hard not to notice that pretty much every world's modified subplot deals with the manipulation and falsification of memories. Considering the circumstances, it is entirely possible that Namine is trying to send coded warnings to Sora that he's being brainwashed.
  • Marluxia's Viewer Gender Confusion makes a whole lot of sense when you consider that Marluxia was originally conceived as female.
  • For the I.5 HD ReMIX, the fandom rejoiced when Kingdom Hearts I received re-recorded tracks - and raged upon learning that Re:Chain of Memories not only didn't receive re-recorded tracks, but it didn't use the already re-recorded tracks for I - instead, the HD version of Re:Chain uses the PS2-generated songs from the original release. Then you remember: this is not actually one of Sora's adventures, it's an imitation of his previous adventure. Castle Oblivion just couldn't get the audio right. The exception is the battle with Marluxia: the... last? phase of the fight does receive a re-recording, signifying that he's breaking free of the imitation and finishing his adventure properly.

Fridge Horror
  • During Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories in Reverse/Rebirth when Riku was being Mind Raped by Zexion and was thrown into an illusion that made him think he drowning in light, which is implied to have the ability to actually kill him off if Riku gave into it. Now Riku's in a position that if no one snaps him out of it, he will die. Of course Namine saves him and all, but where was the one who told him "You're not alone" in Riku's hour of greatest need? It might not be horrific to some, but the idea that everybody's childhood companion Mickey Mouse left someone to die is rather unnerving.
    • Add to that the fact Mickey later said that he originally believed that all darkness was bad no matter what, that includes those who wield darkness. Though the asshole other king (banished or not) in the room was kinda distracting.
    • But since it was only an illusion, it might not have physically harmed him, or perhaps Mickey couldn't tell he was in true danger.
    • Additionally, Mickey is a wielder of light. Illusion or no, he may well believe that there is nothing he can do against light except pray Riku has enough darkness to fight it.

Fridge Logic

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