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Headscratchers: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
  • Lexaeus states that Vexen hates Marluxia. How can a Nobody hate?
    • Maybe some feeling aren't contained in the heart - specially when it's a "boss"/coworker thing.
    • He was arrogant before being turned into a Nobody. He carries over his personality, even though the emotions behind it are gone.
    • Vexen might be using the term "hate" defined as "feeling extreme displeasure or disagreement towards." In which case, "hate" would not be an emotion, but the logical extension of personal preference of companions and environment.
      • This. How often do we use the word "hate" when we don't actually mean it?
    • Xemnas lied. Nobodies can grow their own hearts and feelings, presumably this is what happened with Organization XIII. It was actually heavily implied throughout the games prior to DDD. See Axel's "Hey wait a minute, I'm actually enjoying this!" line
  • So Marluxia strips Sora of every ability and item he had in the first game. However, he leaves him Kairi's good luck charm, so that they can use it through Naminé. However, that lucky charm also happens to be the Keychain for the Oathkeeper Keyblade, so why doesn't Sora equip it? It's worlds ahead of the Kingdom Key.
    • Because he also took away Sora's equipment slots while he was at it. Castle Oblivion was weird, man. Sora had to use those cards to attack, so it wouldn't matter what he attached to his Keyblade.
      • There's also the question of what Keyblade he would get if he attached Naminé's good luck charm to his Keyblade.
      • As is the question of whether or not Sora even remembered (due to the effects of Naminé and CO) that attaching the charm to his Keyblade would result in a different form of the Keyblade. Of course, he might have still remembered early on (which would loop back into the original question), but the farther he progressed, the worse his memory of the events of the first game became.
    • In-universe: Naminé tampered with it. Out-of-universe: Disc One Nuke.
  • Am I the only one who though that Marluxia acted kinda... suggestive towards Naminé? ...screw it. He was acting like a goddamn pedophile.
  • Is there any reason why Sora doesn't become mer-Sora in Atlantica in RE:CoM, other than "the developers were lazy"?
    • Because he's still in Castle Oblivion, rather than being under water. He's just in Castle Oblivion surrounded by the illusion of water. No transformation necessary, since he can breathe fine.
      • If that's the case, why did Castle Oblivion go to the trouble of changing his, Donald, and Goofy's forms for Halloween Town but not Atlantica?
      • Sora found the Halloween disguises more memorable, or subconsciously thought they were cool.
      • Atlantica is after Halloween Town. Sora's memory is swiss cheese by that point, he probably couldn't remember in the first place.
  • If according to coded Xion can be rescued, or brought back from the dead, or saved from torment, or whatever, then can't Repliku be rescued as well?
    • Repliku... theoretically he could but his entire life was trying to be Riku. What purpose would it be to bring him back if his only goal in his existence can never be accomplished.
      • The purpose of his existence? To learn that he should live life as his own person.
    • Repliku and Xion are two completely different things. For Repliku, he was made by Vexen to fuck with Riku, then when he learned about Sora and Namine's control over him, he decided to use him to fuck with Sora instead, so he used Sora's own memories and threw them in so that it would be more than just an image, but a clone that though it was the real Riku. Then Namine smashed Vexen's handiwork after Sora's last fight with him, and then Riku killed him after Axel spurred Repliku on to kill him and Zexion. All this happened in the span of a week, if Sora's sealing happened the day Roxas went into his first coma. As for Xion, she was a cross between a Nobody, a Replica, and whatever the hell Roxas and Namine were, made to channel the powers of a Keyblade and act as something to double Roxas' workload and collect more hearts. Originally, it was supposed to be the base form seen in the final boss fight for Days, only guised with the Organization's cloak so as not to reveal it as a puppet to anyone Xemnas didn't trust. When Xion started interacting with Roxas, Sora's influence took over her and made her take the form of Kairi's memory, creating what was basically a gender-swapped Roxas. It, which was now "she", began absorbing far too many memories through her experiences fighting Riku, and eventually, she learned what she was, went insane, and wished for suicide. When Roxas killed her, she fragmented in two ways. One part went back to Sora for memory reconstruction, the other went to Roxas in the form of Ven's heart. All this happened in the span of nearly a year. So as you can see, Repliku can't be reformed because he was a simple Replica, while Xion was memories confined in the form of a Replica.
  • Why didn't Jiminy just write a summary of what happened at Castle Oblivion instead of the vague "Thank Naminé" message? They weren't pressed for time or anything, so I don't why they didn't just spend a few minutes filling out a journal page so they'd know what had happened.
    • Maybe all that got wiped by the Bugs that came up in coded? It i weird after all that coded's gameplay only involved the worlds in the first game and Castle Oblivion briefly. All of Jiminy's journal writings were probably erased or corrupted by the Bugs.
  • This is really more of a "what the hell, fandom?" thing than about the game per se, but: why do so many people think Axel killing Vexen was "awesome"? Seriously? Killing someone by setting them on fire is "awesome"? In what universe? I mean, granted, I am sort of a fangirl of Vexen and of Ansem's Apprentices in general, but I'm not under any illusions that they were a bunch of blameless Dracos In Leather Pants who never did anything wrong, and I still can barely stand to watch it. But that is... sort of the point I'm trying to make here, I guess: just liking a character does not automatically mean everything they do is awesome, and it especially doesn't make their doing something blatantly cruel a Crowning Moment of Awesome just because they look good while doing it.
    • Well, there's quite a bit of Kick the Son of a Bitch associated with it. Vexen was, after all, in charge of the Replica Program, we see him sell out the Riku Replica in Reverse/Rebirth, and when you see the rest of the program's results in Days, you can tell how much he deserved it.
    • Plus, Kick the Son of a Bitch aside, even if killing Vexen was a rotten thing to do, Axel's method is what makes it awesome. It isn't the fact that he set Vexen on fire, it's that he set him on fire without touching him, just by snapping his fingers. That at the very least is awesome.
    • Axel is a Magnificent Bastard in this game, meaning that nothing he does is good, but it's so cool regardless.
      • Agreed. And besides, no one wants to miss an opportunity to compare Axel with Roy Mustang.
  • If Naminé is Kairi's Nobody, why is she blonde?
    • Naminé's a special case. DiZ said so himself in Kingdom Hearts II
    • Also, she's not just Kairi's Nobody. She has bits of Ven in her just like Roxas. Since they came from the same event, it was only natural that they'd have similar features.
    • The same reason why Roxas is voiced by Jesse Mc Cartney: Why not?
  • If Naminé is as much of a Mary Sue (deconstruction) as Xion, then why don't the shippers hate her as much?
    • Possibly because Namine was introduced in such an early game, and Xion was not? Or maybe because she doesn't really pose that much of a threat to any ship—she does insert herself into Sora's memories, but by the end she's erased from those memories. Outside of this game, Namine does pose somewhat of a threat to the Axel/Roxas ship in KH2, but doesn't seem to get nearly as much ship-tease as Xion did in Days.

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