Nightmare Fuel / Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
"We're talking about evil on two legs..."

  • Jamie's dream sequence at the beginning.
  • While transporting Michael Myers (who has been in a coma for years) in the ambulance, the medics casually discuss Michael's living relatives — specifically his niece, Jamie Lloyd. Cue Michael clutching his limp hand into a fist before springing to life and attacking the medics. He smashes the man's head against the wall and uses his thumb to gouge a bloody hole into his forehead, while the woman screams in horror and tries to frantically open the door.
    • What little we see of the remains of the ambulance after Michael's escape later are pretty gruesome.
    Dr. Loomis: How many bodies did you find?
    Patrolman: Hard to tell, they're pretty chewed up.
  • Michael's burn scars are rather gnarly.
  • Michael's murders at the gas station.
  • Brady's attempt to fight Michael. Michael breaks Brady's nose with his own shotgun, crushes his hand, and slowly squeezes his neck until it snaps.
  • There is something very disturbing about the way Michael climbs onto the roof to pursue Rachel and Jamie. Almost Uncanny Valley, adding to his inhuman quality.
  • The ending.