Nightmare Fuel / Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • If you think about it, the atmosphere in Apartment 3C is pretty eerie, especially its bathroom which contain obvious reference to Scarface (1983).
  • The final phone call with Sonny.
    Sonny: Tommy.
    Tommy: Sonny.
    Sonny: Obviously you are suffering from hearing problems so I'll try again. WHERE'S THE GODDAMNED MONEY?! WHERE'S THE GODDAMNED STUFF?! AND WHERE'S MY CUT OF YOUR NEW ACTION?! You are making an idiot out of me, Tommy. And I'm not laughing yet.
  • Tommy Vercetti himself is generally frightening when he's mad. He's somewhat irrational and using violence at any time, even he kills people with chainsaws without any problem. Also keep in mind why he was nicknamed "The Harwood Butcher''.
  • Mr. Black, aka the payphone mission guy. When Tommy receives a call from him, it's "Get to the payphone in (location)," then CLICK, nothing else. That alone is creepy, but it doesn't help that all of his missions include killing someone often for unknown reasons or getting a suitcase with unknown contents.
  • The guy who wanted to kill Love Fist was a bit of a scare.