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This trope naturally applies to a show attempting to record evidence of paranormal activity for haunted houses. And although Ghost Adventures is sometimes overshadowed by other ghost-hunting shows, it captures a lot more solid evidence.

Spoilers below.

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     Special Episodes/Live Episodes/Web Episodes 

S01 — The Beginning
  • The documentary filmed prior to the series can be terrifying when watching it after several episodes of the show beforehand - you become used to seeing the guys as confident and able to work through their fears. But at the Goldfield Hotel, a spirit throws a brick in full view of the camera and their flashlights, and they run - correction, they haul ass, even getting separated and lost in the basement in the process. Hearing their frightened voices as they call to each other, trying to find one another is absolutely terrifying. Zak and Nick (Aaron wasn't on this investigation) actually jumped out of a second story fire escape, abandoning the lockdown.
  • Footage from their first investigation of the Silver Queen Hotel. When the team hears knocking on the door, a white hand manifests right next to it.

S01 — Evidence
  • Silver Queen Hotel
    • Apparition: The owner shows a picture of a blue ectoplasm sitting in the bar
    • Apparition: A faint mist forms in front of the door and knocks three times
  • Old Washoe Club
    • Apparition: Aaron takes several pictures and captures several transparent orbs on camera
    • Physical Contact: Aaron feels a cold breeze but Zak doesn't feel it, to make it more credible, Zak was sweating and Aaron received the chill
    • Apparition: Zak and Aaron claim to have seen a light at the end of a corridor
    • Apparition: A full bodied apparition is seen following Nick as he left the room, also dimming a light from outside while following him
    • Physical Contact: When looking for Nick, Zak begins getting chills while Aaron starts sweating
  • Virginia City Cemetery
    • Apparition: Zak, Nick, and Aaron capture what appears to be a bright orb flying around
    • Apparition: Aaron takes a picture that shows a clearly defined wispy orange anomaly floating above a bush
    • Sounds: Crying
    • Physical Contact: Zak feels an invisible force pulls him backwards to a tomb
  • Yellow Jacket Miner's Cabin
    • Physical Contact: When they enter the cabin, Zak notes the energy in there feels alot darker than before
    • EVP: "Is It The Devil", "Who Are You"
    • Sounds: A combination of a yell, a breath, and a scraping sound
  • Goldfield Hotel
    • EVP: "No", "Nick", Unexplained Female Voice
    • Possession: Virginia, the caretaker of the hotel, did a seance with Zak and Nick, and Zak believes she was partially possessed by the spirit of a man named Bobby
    • Sounds: Clattering, Footsteps, Metallic Sounds, Thudding
    • Apparition: Zak takes a picture of what appears to be a large orb behind the doorframe
    • Apparition: The camera captures what appears to be orbs flying behind Zak in a different room
    • Apparition: Nick's camera captures an orb traveling down Zak's arm, Zak also states when this happened, he felt a very welcoming presence
    • Apparition: Nick captures a dark humanoid figure at the end of a hallway to the left, Zak films as Nick rewinds the footage
    • Physical Contact: Nick claims while in the basement, he feels like he is walking through deep water
    • Moving Object: A brick is lifted up by an invisible force and tossed, also, a bean focused on by Zak's camera falls where the brick was, and finally, a plank of wood is thrown the direction opposite of the brick

S02 — Bobby Mackeys Online Ghost Hunt
  • Online material involved them going back to Bobby Mackey's and getting a recording of a spirit mimicking Zak's voice perfectly.
  • The same material had one of the guests witness a dark, amber eyed entity stare at her and Zak from across the basement.

S03 — Valentine's Day Special

S03 — Evidence
  • Sounds: Door Slamming, Female Cry, Tapping,
  • Apparition: Zak sees a ghostly dress swaying near Jerusha's bedroom, but it wasn't captured on film
  • Other Phenomena: Zak documents a ten degree temperature drop going back and forth with EMF Spikes
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels ice cold hands on his hands, but also senses a loving presence
  • EVP: "They Look Strong", "Zak's Here", ""Got Yer Things Here", "Behind You", Female Cry", "Male Voice, "What You Want", Female Voice, Male Voice", "Let Me Just Tell You Something"
  • Apparition: In Jerusha's bedroom, using the full spectrum camera, a mist forms and has a distinct head, torso, and what appears to be a flowing dress
  • Word Database: GENTLE, LAY, TICKLE, AFFAIR
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels a loving energy move up his legs
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels a loving energy lean against his knees
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels something tap his leg twice and also felt his belt creak

S04 — Hellfire Caves

S04 — Evidence
  • EVP: Unexplained growl, "Hell Fire", unexplained crying, "I'll Get Ya", "Careful", "Aaron", Unexplained rocks hitting walls
  • Apparition: After the "Hell Fire" EVP was recorded, a white mist appears and travels up a corridor
  • Apparition: A light anomoly flies behind Aaron in the inner temple
  • Apparition: During a series of pictures, a large white mist appears and disappears
  • Physical Contact: While in the inner temple, Aaron feels something pull his robe back towards the temple
  • Moving Object: A lantern in the inner temple shakes as Zak enters the area
  • Apparition: Using the full spectrum camera, Zak captures a figure standing at the end of a corridor

S05 — Fort Horsted

S05 — Evidence
  • EVP: Unexplained screams, Disembodied voices, "They're Coming", "They're Not Doing This", "Hey Carl", "We Can Play", "Me", "Back Here", Unexplained booms/explosions
  • EMF Fluctuation: The EMF goes off as Aaron and Carl have a spirit box session
  • Apparition: Carl sees a dark shadow move behind Zak
  • Apparition: A light anomoly forms as Aaron and Carl have their EVP session

S06 — Transylvania

S06 — Evidence
  • Hoia-Baciu Forest
    • EVP: Drumming, Chanting, subsonic sounds
    • Physical Contact: Billy and Zak feel energies pass by them on their way to the center of the forest
    • Possession: As Zak walks from the center of the forest towards the trees, he feels an energy take over him, causing him terror and anxiety. His EMF Detector also starts to spike in high numbers while this happens
    • Equipment Malfunction: The Thermal Camera starts to go haywire when filming in the forest
    • Apparition: A ball of light is captured on camera, in both nightvision, and regular vision. Zak and Billy also notes that the light gets bigger and also changes colors
  • Targoviste Castle
    • EVP: footsteps, breathing
    • Apparition: A ball of light is captured on camera and is seen moving around a corner where footsteps are heard
    • Apparition: As Aaron crouches down with Nick, a ball of light is seen shooting from the camera towards Aaron
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Hello," "Hello"
    • Word Database: AARON, FLOWERS, VLAD
  • Hunedoara Castle
    • EVP: door opening, laughter, footsteps, noises, "lesiti de aicea (Romanian: get out of here)," foreign male voice, "sa va bat (Romanian: to beat you)," screaming
    • Other Phenomena: Zak and Aaron hear a female voice calling for them inside the castle
    • Apparition: At the same time everyone sees a flashing light, a strobing light orb is captured on camera
    • Possession: Aaron receives a large arm cramp, and at the same time, Nick notes that he is not acting like himself due to screaming at him, after the cramp goes away, Aaron states that he felt like something was trying to give him a heart attack
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Am Vorbit (Romanian: I Spoke)"
    • Physical Contact: After Nick blows out the last candle in the Knight's room, everybody begins feeling signs of dread
    • Appartion: A purple anomoly is captured walking from the church to the Knight's Room

S07 — Netherworld: Paris Catacombs

S07 — Evidence
  • Other Phenomena: Out of the three cameras Zak set up, he finds out that 2 of them have been stolen by either a person, or by something dwelling deep in the catacombs
  • EVP: laughing, footsteps
  • Apparition: A misty figure is seen moving around on the camera that was not stolen

S08 — Celtic Demons

S08 — Evidence
  • Leap Castle
    • EVP: whispering, tapping, noises, screaming
    • Physical Contact: Billy feels something touch him in the lower areas of the castle
    • Apparition: A mist is seen diving towards the camera near the death chute
  • Montpelier Hill Hellfire Club
    • EVP: voices, pebbles and glass shards moving
    • Physical Contact: For the entire duration of this investigation, Zak and Aaron felt a constant flow of intense negative energy. And as Zak attempted to enter the sacrificial room, Aaron felt the need to stop him from doing so.
    • Apparition: The full spectrum camera caught a ball of light coming out of the ground
    • Physical Harm: Aaron felt a claw grabbed and pulled his ear back towards the room he was just in where pebbles and glass shards were moved. Aaron then became emotional and he explained that it felt like the devil himself touched his ear.
  • Montpelier Hill Massy Woods
    • EVP: "No"
  • Montpelier Hill Stewarts House
    • EVP: Footsteps, noises
    • EVP (Spirit Box): Cat meowing, "Satan"
  • Loftus Hall
    • Possession: After the lights get turned off, Zak feels an energy overcome him and he begins shouting. He later claims that he began seeing images of something happening to the owner of the property
    • EVP: Banging, noises, voices, "Don't Help Me"
    • Apparition: A light is seen flying out of the wall where the body of a young boy was found
    • EVP (Spirit Box): Crying or "Help Me"
    • Apparition: an X camera captures two balls of light going up and down the stairs
    • Moving Object: Zak captures a door beginning to close on him, and stops as it stops from closing
    • Apparition: A mist is captured on Zak's camera moving behind a door
    • Apparition: the SLS camera captures a figure standing on Aaron's head
    • Physical Contact: As soon as the figure gets off of Aaron's head, he proceeds to leave the building and vomit, and notes a lack of energy.

S09 — Deadwood: City of Ghosts

S09 — Evidence
  • The Bullock Hotel

  • Wild Bill's Trading Post

  • Fairmont Hotel

  • Adams House

     Season 1 

101 — Bobby Mackey's Music World

101 — Evidence
  • Physical Harm: Zak receives three scratches on his back after he begins to provoke near the underground well
  • Apparition: A dark figure is captured on camera in the basement, and also appears to be wearing a cowboy hat
  • EVP: Humming, Crying, "Precious... no"
  • Moving Object: Nick claims that during a bathroom break, a trash can was thrown against the wall opposite of him.
  • Apparition: After Zak received his scratches, two orbs appear, one behind him in another room, and one shooting out of his back

102 — Houghton Mansion

102 — Evidence
  • Apparition: A dark figure is seen dashing past a door, setting off motion detectors set near the area
  • Apparition: A mist-like figure is captured on an infrared photograph, the camera also recorded a sudden temperature drop when it was in the picture
  • EVP: Girl's voice, footsteps, door slamming, "Ran for help"
  • EMF Fluctuation: As the girl's voice is heard, the EMF detector spikes

103 — Moundsville State Penitentiary

103 — Evidence
  • Apparition: During the daytime interviews, an eyewitness shows the group a shadow figure she captured on film
  • EMF Fluctuation: At the north hall, Zak orders a spirit to put their head against the fence, leading to EMF spikes up to forty milligauss
  • EVP: Scratching, cell door slamming, laughing, "I'll Kill You" (twice), "Look...I've Gone Away", "Look Up...I'll Kill You"
  • Apparition: Aaron takes a photo of Nick in front of the Sugar Shack, capturing a small orange anomoly with glowing eyes behind Nick
  • Apparition: An orb appears after Zak and Aaron leave Nick alone in the Sugar Shack

104 — Riddle House

104 — Evidence
  • Moving Object: A 2x4 is knocked off its place on the stairs
  • Moving Object: A flagpole in the funeral parlor is knocked down. Evidenced by its position as leaning against the wall opposite of the room they are in
  • Moving Object: a birdcage is knocked off a stand in full view of the camera, sending Aaron running out of the attic
  • Moving Object: Not acknowledged by the team, but as Zak focuses his camera on a coatrack, the coats are swinging around
  • Moving Object: A kettlepot is heard falling in the kitchen
  • EVP: Child's voice in the toy room

105 — Sloss Furnaces

105 — Evidence
  • Physical Harm: Aaron is punched in the eye by an unseen force in the tunnels
  • Apparition: A mist is seen vanishing behind a rail
  • Apparition: A small light anomoly forms in the distance from Zak's location behind a fence
  • Apparition: Zak claims to have seen a full body apparition wearing worker's clothes walking past a rail
  • Apparition: A camera, when editing footage to get rid of any grainy images, captures a partial manifestation of a person in the tunnel, raising what appears to be its arm up to its chin.
  • EVP: "I Hate Zak", pipes rattling

106 — Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

106 — Evidence
  • EVP: "Hello", "Help Me" girl singing, door creaking, "Die"
  • Apparitions: A ball of light flies towards Zak's arm, at the same time, Zak's camera captures a shadow come out of his shadow and grab his arm.
  • EMF Fluctuation: After Zak is grabbed, Nick gets EMF spikes in the area he was grabbed
  • Apparition: An orb is seen behind Nick, moving up his back and disappearing next to his head
  • Physical Harm: After the orb vanishes, Nick has a red handprint on his cheek
  • Other Phenomenon: While Nick was in the morgue, Zak and Aaron were trying to find him, and for no reason, the doors would lock and unlock in the area.

107 — Edinburgh Vaults

107 — Evidence
  • Apparition: An orb is seen coming out of Mr. Boot's room
  • EMF Fluctuation: After the orb appeared, the EMF begins spiking around 20 milligauss
  • Physical Contact: After the orb appeared, Zak feels an ice cold on the back of his head
  • EVP: Scratching, dragging, female voice, knocking, dog whining, child's voice
  • Moving Object: A teddy bear moves on its own when left alone in the White Room

108 — Old Idaho State Penitentiary

108 — Evidence
  • Other Phenomenon: A cloud like formation appears over the prison, which looks like a pair of eyes are watching over them.
  • EVP: screams, laughter, "Hey...Say What?", cell door slamming, knocking, "Not My Life", "I'm Okay"
  • Apparition: A black figure appears in the shower and levitates a bottle Aaron had in his pocket
  • Apparition: A dark mist is captured in a photo holding Zak's arm in death row
  • Apparition: Using an ITC, Zak captures a dark humanoid figure in death row, which appears to have a distorted neck and shoulder, as if it was hung

     Season 2 

201 — Preston Castle
  • The episode where Zak seemingly gets possessed at Preston Castle. He goes to investigate where he thinks the murderer-ghost is, then suddenly freezes and starts babbling about "we shouldn't go down there," and "I don't feel so good," while the cameramen look at each other in confusion. Then he suddenly wanders off in the opposite direction and the next thing you know, his buddies have found him sitting in the middle of some random room with his eyes glowing. Granted, the ghost in question seemed to be that of the victim and trying to protect Zak and the crew, but the image of him sitting serenely with eyes glowing like something out of a horror movie, seemingly focused on something nobody else can see, while he smiles this almost demonic smile and tells his buddies that he's perfectly fine...
    • He even states things like, "Come into my room" and it seems like the spirit in Zak's body is laughing at points.

201 — Evidence
  • EVP: female voices, screaming, "I Don't Know," "Talk," "Get Outta Here," knocking, "Come On, You Can Do It," Cooking noises, "Hey," "Never Again,"
  • Apparition: A mist is captured on film moving down the hall, during its travel, it makes a motion sensor alarm
  • Apparition: A mist is seen behind Nick after knocking is heard
  • Apparition: An orb flies into Nick's head in the basement
  • Physical Harm: Aaron receives three scratch marks on the back of his leg in the basement
  • Possession: Zak shows signs of possession while in the basement, which lead him to take refuge in a room that supposedly the spirit of Anna Corbin wants flowers in
  • Apparition: While in his possessed state, an orb flies into the back of Zak's head

202 — Castillo de San Marcos

202 — Evidence
  • Apparition: During the walkthrough, an eyewitness shows Zak a picture of what appears to be a man in 16th century clothing
  • EVP: growls, breathing, screaming, footsteps
  • Physical Contact: Zak claims to feel a cold breeze come through him in the hidden dungeon
  • Apparition: A camera on the roof captures a figure that looks like it is lighting a lantern, what also appears is a flashing by the fuses of the cannons

203 — La Purisima Mission

203 — Evidence
  • EVP: baby crying, disembodied voices, "Come Here," "(Spanish words) Vicinte," battle cries, barking, "Lay Down," "Sit Up," "Do You Belong Here," knocking, flute music
  • Apparition: A ball of light floats by the church altar
  • Apparition: Using the thermal camera, what appears to be a spanish soldier is caught in the field
  • Moving Object: The team walked into Father Payeres' bedroom and were shocked to find the bed all scrambled up, despite Zak making the bed before the lockdown
  • Other Phenomena: After playing Chumash music in the weaving room, the temperature had drops from 70 degrees to 40 degrees

204 — Magnolia Lane Plantation

204 — Evidence
  • Apparition: During a voodoo ritual, a picture is taken and a woman's face is seen manifesting out of a trinity flame
  • EVP: Knocking, thumping, footsteps, "Go Back," "Hello," shouting, eerie music, tapping, "Hey," "Aaron"
  • Apparition: A ball of light is briefly seen in the basement while they are sitting in the shackles
  • Apparition: In the secret attic of the main house, a green ball of light is seen in front of a window
  • Other Phenomena: A cabin that is locked turns its lights on and off in response to some of Zak's questions while on the way to a different cabin. A guard of the plantation tells them it is a lulu, which is a creole term for ghost.

205 — Birdcage Theater

205 — Evidence
  • EVP: voices, cards shuffling, breathing, banging, tapping, footsteps, "Someone's Here," "No," "No, Keep Talking," "Come Here"
  • Physical Contact: Aaron claims to have been grabbed twice
  • Apparition: A partial manifestation is captured by the craps table
  • Apparition: Confirmed in the Best Evidence episode that by the hearse, a mist is seen moving away from it after Aaron is grabbed

206 — Eastern State Penitentiary

206 — Evidence
  • EVP: "Hungry," "I Knew God, God," "Hi," door opening, scratching, footsteps, "Nick," "Nick," screaming
  • Apparition: While taking pictures of the prison through the Infrared Camera, Zak captures a mist leaving a glowing door

207 — Moon River Brewing Co.
  • There's also Nick's possible demonic possession at the Moon River Brewing Co. in Savannah, GA. The look on his face freaked Zak out and made him jump back, and when Nick looked up at Aaron's camera a moment later... Well, let's just say that another person described the expression as not fear, but intent to kill. Nick doesn't remember much of the possession, just that he heard a voice telling him to kill Zak and Aaron.

207 — Evidence
  • EVP: Dragging, Laughing, "Don't Do That," "I Don't Wanna," "It's The God," footsteps, screaming, "They Got _____," "I Know"
  • Apparition: An orb appears the same time footsteps are heard
  • Physical Harm: In the basement, Zak and Nick get immense pressure on their heads
  • Apparition: After the pressure goes away from Nick's head, a ball of light is seen flying into his head
  • Possession: Nick is apparently possessed by a dark entity, growing detached from Zak and Aaron. Zak also claims to feel a bad energy coming off of Nick at the same time.
  • Apparition: A large shadow emerges from Nick and darts to the left of him

208 — Ancient Ram Inn

208 — Evidence
  • Physical Contact: During a ritual to summon the Succubus, Zak feels a tingling in between his legs
  • EVP: growling, knocking, chanting, slamming of doors, "I Don't Like You," "It's Coming," "I Hate You," "Don't Tempt Me," "_____, Where Are You," laughing, breathing, breathing, "Get Out Of Here," "I'm Special"
  • Apparition: Aaron captures a shadow figure running across the hall on his camera

     Season 3 

301 — Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
  • During the Live Episode on the night before Halloween, Silent Hill fans may be disturbed by one of the gang's devices emitting static when a ghost talked.

301 — Evidence
  • EVP (Digital Recorder): "Harm," "Never," "Who Are You," screaming, "Fuck You," moaning, banging, childs voice, "Get Out", Disembodied Male Voice, Door Slamming, Disembodied Conversation, "Why Don't You Leave?", "It Worked", "I Did", "Walk", "Hey There", "Zak", "I Don't Want It", "You Wanna Fight Me", Knocking, groaning, "Be Quiet", "No", "We Did", "Eight", "Nick", "I Hate Zak", "Zak and Nick, Get Out", Grunting "Go", "Get Out", "Fuck", Breathing, "Get Up", "I'm Okay"
  • Apparition: Zak captures two orbs on photo near Nick
  • EMF Fluctuation: Zak asks a spirit to touch his hand, the result is large EMF spikes from the same hand
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Who Are You", "No", "Hello", "No Way", "I Dont Want It", "What Are You Doing", "Yes They Were", "I Can", "Sixteen", "I Heard You", "Just One", "Sorry", "Seven", In ..... Room", "Hello", "Hello", "Just Eight", "Mommy", "No", "Yes", "No", "Who's this", Disembodied Voices (The static stopped and the voices are heard), "only You', "You Bet", "I Talk", "All of Us", "I Don't Know", "Fuck You", "You Suck", "Harm", "I Am", "Thank You", "Help Me", "Nobody", "No Idea", "Nothing", "I Don't Have To", "No", "You Got It", "Never"
  • Physical Contact: One of the guests gets her hair brushed in the seclusion cells
  • Physical Harm: In the medical ward, Aaron receives a pain similar to what doctors did to patients in the area
  • Apparition: Using the webcam feature, viewers reported four separate orbs flying around the Civil War wing
  • EMF Fluctuation: The Parabot detects energy by it, causing a large alarm to go off
  • Equipment Malfunction: Robert Bess, the creator of the Parabot, states that after he left when the Parabot was set up, there were no scratches or broken lights in it, but when he returns, the panels are scratched up and some of the lights are broken
  • Apparition: With the webcam feature, an orb is captured in the Medical Center hallway
  • Physical Harm/Apparition: Robert Bess is pushed into a door by an entity, at the same time, Zak took a picture and captured a large orb next to him
  • Apparition: Zak captures a picture of an orb that appears to be shaped like a skull

302 — Pennhurst State School & Hospital
  • The team leader Zak Bagans was hit by a coat-rack near the door at Pennhurst State School. They reviewed the footage onscreen to make sure it hadn't just tipped over, and saw that the original position was on the other side of the wall.

302 — Evidence
  • EVP: Vomiting, Footsteps, "Go Away," breathing, "Hello," "What Are You Doing," bangs, female voices, screams, hissing, door opening, "Get out"; "Sweet"; "Help me"; "The girl did"
  • Moving Object: During the interviews, a desk is moved inside a building while Zak and the team were outside
  • Moving Object: A rock is thrown at Zak in the tunnels
  • Apparition: A mist is seen moving towards Zak
  • Moving Object: A coat rack is moved from the opposite side of a wall and hits Zak in the chest
  • Word Database: HIT

303 — Poveglia Island
  • The "incident" on Poveglia Island was a million times worse - at Preston, it was just a spirit possession. On Poveglia, it was a demonic possession—out of nowhere, Zak started screaming and cursing at the other investigators, who are also his friends. He hurled himself at the walls, and the look on his face... Not only did they leave out most of the footage because they were so uncomfortable watching it, they stopped an investigation for the first time to perform a cleansing ritual. Although there have been later catches of EVPs in English, Poveglia has been closed for centuries, so the odds of someone dying who speaks English on the island are pretty unlikely.

303 — Evidence
  • Other Phenomena: Before the lockdown, Zak notices a formation over the island that looks like their camera's x
  • Apparition: An orb is seen moving down a wall
  • Apparition: An orb shoots into Aaron's neck
  • Physical Contact: After the orb flies into Aaron, he fells drained
  • Apparition: An orb flies in front of the EMF Detector, causing a 22.2 spike
  • Possession: Zak is apparently possessed by a dark entity, he described it as a red filter over his eyes
  • EVP: rustling, footsteps, voices, moaning, "Let's Fight," "Vieni qui, io sono qui (Italian for Come Here, I'm Here)," bangs, screaming, "Hey," "Bye Bye"
  • Moving Object: In the plague fields after rustling is heard, the infrared light is knocked off its stand by an unseen force
  • Apparition: After they leave the plague fields, a mist is captured walking through the brush
  • Apparition: A dark mist is seen manifesting towards the roof and disappearing

304 — Ohio State Reformatory

304 — Evidence
  • EVP: "I'll Chew You," "Ya Got More Than Me," footsteps, cell door slamming, breathing, "Run Sarah," growling, "Sorry Sarah, Sorry," "Hang"
  • Apparition: Nick captures an orb leaving a cell, then going back in, as if it was reaching out
  • Apparition: A mist is seen walking behind Zak on the upper levels of a cell block
  • Equipment Malfunction: During the days walkthrough, everybody's audio equipment is shot down, it also happens to Zak immediately when they enter the cellblock for the investigation
  • Word Database" DRAG, PASS, FLY

305 — Remington Arms Factory

305 — Evidence
  • EVP: bangs, screaming, crying, talking, yelling, gunshots, growling, footsteps, "Me," "Not so hard," "yes," "I like it," There's something," "Energy," "Help"
  • Apparition: A bright flash of light is captured in a hallway
  • Apparition: A manifestation of a leg is captured in a room where guards have seen a shadow figure
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels a spirit move past him in a hallway

306 — Old Washoe Club & Chollar Mine
  • Before the show began airing, Zak, Nick, and Aaron did an investigation at the Washoe Club. They were called back (Season 3) because EVPs caught more recently mention them by name, including one spirit saying very clearly "hate Nick." And during the investigation, another EVP of "I hate Nick" was captured. It's the personalized message that makes it particularly disturbing.
    • Nick seems to be referred to the most often by EVP catches. Some just say his name, but there have been a few at places other than Washoe that say they hate him.

306 — Evidence
  • Washoe Club (After their first investigation in 2004)
    • EVP: "Nick Groff," "Hate Nick," "Zak, Look Out," "Nick, Zak, Coming, They're Scaring Me"
  • Chollar Mine
    • EVP: "Help," Mining noises
    • Word Database: FRANK, STAIR, FELL THROUGH
  • Washoe Club
    • EVP: banging, footsteps, disembodied voices, "It Was Me," "We're Not Scared of Them," "Better Not," "Yeah," "Never," "Nick, Go Home," "I Hate Nick," "It's Only Me," "Groff," Demonic Voice
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Help," "Listen," "Trouble"
    • Apparition: An orb shoots out of Nick's neck
    • Apparition: A mist is seen walking towards a staircase in the downstairs bar

307 — Linda Vista Community Hospital

307 — Evidence
  • EVP: Humming, Male Voice, "Maybe," banging, female singing, "Stop It," "Nick," "Ready or not, Here I Come," whispering, moaning, knocking, breathing, "Thank You," "Don't Leave Me"
  • Apparition: A strobing orb is seen moving around the main hallway
  • Apparition: A tall mist figure is seen moving past a chair that is said to move by itself
  • Equipment Malfunction: At the same time Nick sees an entity and runs, both his camera, and Aaron's camera freeze
  • Word Database: YEAH YOU DID, LEAVE, DEAD

308 — Execution Rocks Lighthouse

308 — Evidence
  • EVP: Voice, banging, whimpering

309 — Prospect Place

309 — Evidence
  • EVP: Girl's voice, banging, hissing, footsteps, "Come Here, Some More," "Get Out," laughter
  • Apparition: After Zak asks a spirit to close the door, the camera captures an orb move towards the door
  • Apparition: An orb shoots out of Nick's neck
  • Apparition: An orb moves around Nick and disappears in his hand
  • Moving Object: A rock is thrown at Zak in the barn
  • Moving Object: A light set up in the barn starts moving around as if something was walking around on the platform it was set on

310 — Wolfe Manor
  • A brief clip (not by Zak) of the man-baby in Clovis Wolfe Manor was really, really, creepy.
    • Even creepier is a demonic voice in the crawlspace telling Zak, word for word, "Die" and "Want your energy"

310 — Evidence
  • EVP: Laughter, crying, moaning, "Nick, Heard His Name," "It Wasn't Me Zak," "Get Out," breathing, "No," "Die," "Want Your Energy," "Stay," "Zak"
  • Physical Contact: As Zak comes out of the crawlspace, he feels something touching his neck
  • Apparition: Using the new Ultraviolet camera, Nick captures a purple humanoid figure in the basement

     Season 4 

401 — Gettysburg

401 — Evidence
  • Soldiers National Museum
    • EVP: "You're Wonderful, Thank You," "Watch Your Back With Them," "Pass All the Morgans," "Betcha Won't Untie Me," footsteps, "Kill The Girl," "I Never Killed Again," banging, "I Want The Bowl Of Money"
  • Jennie Wade House
    • EVP: "I'm Pregnant," tapping, "Don't Think That's Gonna Happen"
    • Physical Contact: Zak gets his butt grabbed in the basement
    • Apparition: After Zak's but was grabbed, an orb flies towards Nick
  • Engine House
    • EVP: We'll Beat Him Up", gunshots, "The Big One?", "No Don't Sweat It", "Confederate"
    • Apparition: A figure is captured on the thermal camera marching with a gun, going into the "Ready, Aim, Fire" position towards the team

402 — Rolling Hills Asylum

402 — Evidence
  • EVP: "Heard she got out of jail this morning, get up early," squeaking, footsteps, screaming, "Open Up A Little," "I'm Here," "Get Out," "Get The Fuck Out Of Here," "We Can... Do It... ,More" "I Don't Want To," "I'm Not Scared," "I Just Slapped You Bitches," "I Can't," "Damn You," "Help," "I Claim Everything Here... Okay," "You Come Back... Nick," "Let Him In There"
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Lets Brawl," "Certainly," "Kill Zak," "Nick," "Nicks Gotta Voice," "Listen... To Me... Kill People"
  • Moving Object: A wheelchair is seen after the squeaking is heard, leading Zak to say that something was moving the wheelchair
  • Apparition: Using a digital still camera, Zak captures two large figures in some of the pictures looking at them
  • Moving Object: Aaron captures on camera a heavy steel door slamming on its own
  • Apparition: Dave Schrader claims to have seen a face above Nick's shoulder, but was not captured because of the infrared lighting interfering with Aaron's camera
  • Apparition: Using a laser grid, Zak captures an energy form moving around
  • Other Phenomena: A scream is heard and immediately after, the candles around Nick began to flicker

403 — Return to Bobby Mackey's
  • It was revealed that after their live event at Bobby Mackey's a year ago, the demonic spirits followed them home, this caused Aaron's marriage to break up.

403 — Evidence
  • Other Phenomena: After their investigation in 2009, demonic entities followed them home, one of which caused Aaron's marriage to break up
  • EVP: Violin music, Chimes, "I'm Gonna Kill Zak," "Come To Me," "I'Ma Kill Your Wife," "Take The Knife," "Hate...You," "I Can't Go Back In There," "Don't Fuck It Up," crashing, "Its Going Down With The Bishop," "Fuck You," humming, "That's Because It's The Devil," "Get Down If You Want Cocksucker," growling, "Gonna Hurt Him," "Gonna Kill Zak," "Don't Trust The Light"
  • Apparition: On several occasions, Zak states that he keeps seeing red eyes watching them
  • Apparition: An orb is captured flying directly into Aaron's face
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Seven," "Zachary," "Afraid Of Heights," "Bad Day," "Bishop Long," "Black"
  • Apparition: An orb is captured shooting towards Nick's back
  • Possession: Zak appears to be manipulated by an entity during a cleansing ritual, leading Nick to grab Boshop Long's book
  • Possession: At the end of the episode, Zak stated after his cleansing, Aaron began showing signs of aggression towards Bishop Long

404 — Waverly Hills Sanitarium

404 — Evidence
  • EVP: "Give Me A Break," whistling, stepping, "Remember Me," "That Would Be Evil," "I Forgot To Make Him Smile," "Keep On Dragging From The Bad Drugs We Took," "Gonna Get Zak," "Yer Not Gonna Make It," "I'll Keep Him," "2010," "Nurse, Come Here, Make My Bed Nurse," "He Cant Stop You," "Good Luck Tonight," moaning, "So What," banging, "You Got Messed Up Heartbeats"
  • EMF Fluctuation: Using the new REM Pod, Zak documented intelligent activity in room 502, where a nurse hung herself, when the REM Pod went on and off in response to some of Zak's requests
  • Apparition: Aaron claims to have seen a doppleganger of Nick while walking around
  • Physical Contact: Aaron claims to have felt an energy push him out of a room
  • Apparition: Using a full spectrum camera, Zak captures two black figures moving around in a hallway

405 — Stanley Hotel

405 — Evidence
  • EVP: "You Better Start Talking," "Somebody's Coming," "Hey, Come On," "They're Up Late," "Pass The Key," "That Was A Shadow," "Don't Trust _______," "I'll Be Right There," "That's Okay," "Right Here"
  • Apparition: After Nick captures an EVP, a mist is seen moving towards him over the bed
  • Apparition: In the carriage house, a light flashes across the screen and disappears by the unused mattresses
  • Apparition: In the carriage house, a mist moves past Zak, Nick, and Bill Chappel
  • Apparition: Using Bil's technology, a picture is captured and resembles a bent knee or a shoulder

406 — Hill View Manor

406 — Evidence
  • EVP: "I'm Jim," "Get Out Of This Room," "Get That Guy," "Blue," "Did She?" "Hurt Your Back," banging, "Yeah It Is," scratching, pipes rattling
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Hi Zak," "Maybe," "Hockey," "Pittsburgh," "I Can't," "Go Check," "Do The Math," "I Plan On Fixin' Them," "Split," "I Got A Question," "Let Us Hear," "Alicia"
  • Apparition: A light is captured and sets off motion sensors in the area

407 — Vulture Mine

407 — Evidence
  • EVP: Crashing, "What's That?" screaming, banging, footsteps, crying, "Get Out," "Leave," "I Want Your Money," "Take The Gold," laughing, "Hey Bowling Ball, Looking At You," piano playing
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Yes," "Yes"
  • Apparition: As Zak closes a door in a building, an orb shoots out of the room and up to the roof
  • Moving Object: A rock is thrown through a window, hitting Aaron in the leg
  • Other Phenomena: A seismic sensor is set up and goes off as footsteps are heard in the same room after the team leaves
  • Apparition: A light shoots towards Zak's prop gun
  • EMF Fluctuation: The EMF Detector goes off at the height of a child, at the same time, the EM Pods also go off as soon as they try to leave

408 — USS Hornet

408 — Evidence
  • EVP: Banging, "Get Out," "God," footsteps, "It's Cold," "Get Up"
  • Apparition: While in the main center of the ship, a light anomole manifests outside the camera's field of light
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "I Did," "Stephen," "Yeah," "Run," "We're Coming," "I'll Get You," "That's Right," "I'm Sorry," "Nick," "Help," "Almost," "I Was Hurt"
  • Physical Contact: During the spirit box session, Aaron's shirt was lifted off of his shoulder, immediately after, a voice says "That's Right"
  • Apparition: Zak sets off an alarm in order to try to create activity, seven minutes after this, in Broadway, a light comes flying down the hallway, in a tornado-like fashion
  • Apparition: 24 Minutes after Zak's alarm, a mist figure is seen in the Galley reaching for a pot
  • Apparition: After exiting the infirmary, an orb shoots out of Zak's head
  • Apparition: Also after exiting the infirmary, when Zak looked to talk to someone, an orb flew out of his head and swirled around to his chin

409 — La Palazza Mansion
  • During the investigation, they brought a woman who looked like the former resident of the house (who the ghosts/demons seemed to like watching shower while making lewd comments), wrapoed a towel around her to appear naked to lure out these comments for recording. What they got instead was a demonic sounding voice screaming "KILL HER!"

409 — Evidence
  • EVP: hissing, banging, "Attic," "Let's Kick Them Out," Dragging, Singing, "This Way," "You Broke In Here," "Kill Her," snarling, "Not That Way," whispering
  • Equipment Malfunction: Before the lockdown, both monitors they use for a base nerve center were completely drained of power, what makes it even scarier, the batteries they used were fully charged car batteries
  • Apparition: An orb appears and moves down Nick's back

410 — Fort Chaffee

410 — Evidence
  • EVP: Music, Work Sounds, "It's Getting Hot In Here," "Its Not The Cops," "Watch Your Back," banging, "Come And Get Me," "If You Believe That Shit," "Get On The Bed," "Coffee, Cafe," "Get Out," "It's Hot In This Building, I'm Here To Fuck You"
  • Apparition: In the OB/GYN building, a light flies into Zak's chest
  • Physical Contact: After the orb flies into Zak's chest, he comments that he feels a cold pressure on his chest

411 — Amargosa Opera House & Hotel

411 — Evidence
  • EVP: Screaming, Banging, "Do We Have To?" "All The Lights Are Off," creaking, moaning, "Behind You," "It Was Fun," "I Seek Help," "Dammit," door slamming, "Need Some Help," thudding, "No One Cares!"
  • Apparition: Using the thermal camera, they capture a red figure in the doorframe leaving a room, on further review, it shows a distinct nose, chin and lips
  • Physical Contact: Zak becomes numb in a same place in the hotel that one of the employees stated that she got numb while making the bed
  • Other Phenomena: Room 19 mysteriously became locked and they checked both doors, and both were locked, when they came out, the main room 19 door was open
  • Possession: Zak started getting a feeling of discomfort, dizziness, and nausea, and he believes that something was inside him, also, when he coughs, he and Nick notice it is not the same as he usually coughs

412 — Old Fort Erie

412 — Evidence
  • Word Database: UP...UP, unexplained syllabics coming out of the device, HIT, WAR, YELL, I'M HERE HIT, HORRIBLE, KILLED FOR IT
  • EVP: "He's Up There," "Kill 'Em," voices, "Battle Ditch," "What Happened?" "Let Them Eat," footsteps, "I Am"
  • Apparition: Using Daryl as a trigger object, the team captures a shadow figure in the kitchen

413 — Villisca Axe Murder House
  • While reviewing a very disturbing EVP, the team caught footage of a door - a wide open door - slamming shut on its own, immediately after some footsteps sounded.

413 — Evidence
  • EVP: "Where Is She?", "I Killed Six Kids?", creaking, footsteps, "They're Around Upstairs," "We're Gonna Keep Them In The Dark," laughing, "Cause They Don't Step In Heaven Yet," "You're Gonna Give Up Blood!" "Herman's Gonna Get You," "It's A Gathering Place"
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "No," "Lena," "Wanna Play?" "Paul," "Everyone's Fine," "Andy,"
  • Moving Object: Using a motion activated camera, it captures footsteps moving towards a door, and slamming it shut
  • Apparition: Using the motion activated camera, it captures a black mist following Nick out of a bedroom

414 — Kell's Irish Pub
  • A photo that was taken by Zak of a stairway shows a weird, child-sized figure sitting on the stairs with a weird squooshed head. It's believed to be the ghost of a little girl said to haunt the place. An EVP saying "Looking for my child..." seconds after seems to confirm this. Nonetheless, the look of it is reminiscent of the infamous "Man Baby" at the Wolfe Manor.

414 — Evidence
  • EVP: "Get Off That Thing," yelling, scratching, "Looking For My Child," "Get Me Outta Here," shuffling, footsteps, "They Have A Bomb That'll Hurt You," "Get Us Hazzard," "Do Something Quicker," "Stop It"
  • Apparition: Using a digital still camera, a form of a disfigured child is seen sitting on top of the stairs

415 — Pico House Hotel

415 — Evidence
  • EVP: footsteps, "Anything Bad?" "Don't Tell Anyone," "They Don't Know Nothing," "I Wanna Tell 'Em About It But I Know Nothing That Happened"
  • Apparition: Nick recalls during the day's walkthrough that they captured a shadow moving in a room behind Zak on the second floor
  • Apparition: Using the digital still camera, a figure is caught in two photos, the first photo shows it blocking out a part of a window, the second shows it standing in front of the window, with a near-humanoid shape

416 — Goldfield
  • They catch an EVP saying "You're fuckin' in my house." You'd think its spine-shivering ability would be dulled by the fact that it requires censoring, but the menace is all in the last three words - the voice gets low, gravelly and distorted at the end, the sound of either static or the voice being something demonic.
    • And, for that matter, at one point the PX device, which allows spirits to manipulate energy to vocalize words audible to our ears, go absolutely nuts. The PX is a new device, but it's similar enough to other devices they've used that when it emits a long ear-piercing shriek of feedback, you know it's not supposed to be doing that.
    • Almost every message the PX gives them is pretty nightmarish...
    • The censorship makes things worse for some people: Some other episodes aired unclear EVP profanity uncensored, but this was clear enough that the censorship team was effectively admitting "something is cursing. Therefore, something is there".

416 — Evidence
  • EVP (After their first visit): "Thank You But We've Done It"
  • Moving Object: A rock is thrown up the stairs at Nick
  • EVP: Footsteps, banging, snarling, "They're Back, What Do You Want?" "That's Correct!!!" "I Want To Talk To Zak," Unexplained voices, metallic throwing, "Help Me," "Enter," "Sit," "You're Fucking In My House?" "Yeah I Would," "Elizabeth," "Let's Get Zak," crashing.
  • Physical Contact: After Nick walks by room 109, he feels nauseated and feels a cold breeze run through him
  • Equipment Malfunction: The PX Device starts emitting squeaks and beeps whenever it tries to make words. Zak states it is paranormal because of the possibility of a powerful entity causing it to get their attention
  • Apparition: Zak captures what appears to be a dark shadow moving towards Mark Constantino
  • Moving Object: After the group hears a crash, they come to a room with broken glass all over the floor
  • Physical Harm: Towards the end of the investigation, everybody starts getting pains in their stomachs and feel nauseated

417 — Bonnie Springs Ranch

417 — Evidence
  • Physical Contact: During the middle of the day, Zak and their interview feel a cold breeze blow by them in the Opera House
  • EVP: Unexplained Noise, "Come Here," "Let Me Just Help You," Drum Beating, Footsteps
  • Physical Contact: After a guest asks if the spirit if they are angry, everyone feels a static feeling
  • Apparition: A static Night vision camera captures a dark mist run through a door behind the guests in the opera house

418 — Salem Witch House & The Lyceum Restaraunt
  • During the investigation of the Witch House, the PX device that lets ghosts select words to say repeatedly started saying "apple apple apple apple apple apple apple" when the witch and warlock were performing their ritual, to the point where they had to turn it off to keep it from interfering.

418 — Evidence
  • Witch House
    • EVP: voice, "Don't Go In There"
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Robert", "Christian Day", "Which One", "Hanged", "Bridget", "Bishop", "Witch", ""I Did" or "I Didn't""
    • Word Database: HOLIDAY, APPLE
  • Lyceum Restaraunt
    • EVP: "Mary," "You Come Back"
    • Apparition: A mist is captured on a photo from the infrared camera in the mirror

419 — Jerome Grand Hotel

419 — Evidence
  • EVP: "I Just," "I Just Wanna Listen And Help," door slamming
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels a spirit rush past him, and using new technology, detects a change in ambient temperature around him
  • Apparition: Using the thermal imaging camera, Zak captures a mist up in the attic as it diappears into thin air

420 — Yorktown Hospital

420 — Evidence
  • EVP: "You Wanna Play?" moaning, "It Must Be Told, And I'll Tell Them You Did It," "It' Sick," "Don't Go In The Bathroom," thudding, "Okay," "Get In There," "The Killer Is Coming, Get To The Hallway"
  • Apparition: Using the digital still camera, Zak captures a figure with defined arms and legs in a hallway next to them
  • Apparition: An orb flies into Zak's back in the bathroom
  • Equipment Malfunction: As soon as Nick reaches a room at the end of the hallway, the thermal camera is drained of energy and dies

421 — Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
  • In the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum episode, they had a conversation with a ghost who gave us a few hints to his identity. Apparently, his name was Noah, got caught cheating in the corner, was sent into a cave, attacked, strangled by his throat and was left alive. Now remember the ghost is still in the museum.

421 — Evidence
  • EVP: laughter, "Singing In The Rain"
  • EMF Fluctuation: After the laugh is heard, the REM Pods light up on the staircase where an apparition is seen
  • EMF Fluctuation: After Zak sets up Sands Poker Chips on a table and walks away, the EMF Detector goes off
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels a spirit rush him in the scream maze
  • Apparition: Using the digital still, Nick captures a translucent figure standing behind the staircase where an apparition is commonly seen

422 — Sacramento Tunnels

422 — Evidence
  • Sacramento Tunnels
    • EVP: Banging, Unexplained Voice, "Stop Talking With Me," "Where Did You Go," footsteps, "Gotta Get Me All The Cash"
    • Apparition: Using the full spectrum camera, Zak captures a black mass moving behind a pillar
    • Apparition: An orb appears and disappears into Aaron's back
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Aaron", "Help", "Fuck You", "Laura"
    • Apparition: While using the spirit box, a camera captures a mist coming out of the device and shooting upwards
  • Eagle Theater
    • Word Database: POSSIBLY
    • Moving Object: Zak captures the rocking chair moving back and forth on its own
  • Old California Supreme Court
    • EVP: Unexplained voice, banging

423 — Hales Bar Marina & Dam

423 — Evidence
  • EVP: crashing, footsteps, "Yer Fucked," chanting, "You're All Gonna' Die," "Leave before..." Unexplained Children/Female Voices, "Come On, Come On, Okay," "Tell Your _________"
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels something grab him in the catwalk above the area where a whirlpool forms
  • Apparition: After Aaron is grabbed, Zak captures a figure on the thermal camera walking away from Aaron

424 — Kentucky Slave House

424 — Evidence
  • Moving Object: During the days interview, the camera caught a door closing on its own during an interview
  • EMF Fluctuation: Nick's EMF Detector goes off while he is sitting in the closet
  • EVP: "It's A Phone Ringing," footsteps "Give Us A Chance," "I'm Standing On Wood," "On Wood," "Turn Around"
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Ask Him," "How Are You?" "What Do You Want?" "Murder"
  • EMF Fluctuation: The REM Pod goes off in a room where a resident committed suicide
  • Apparition: A mist is seen moving away from Nick and Zak during the spirit box session

425 — Tooele Hospital

425 — Evidence
  • EVP: Footsteps, Door Shutting, "Zak Bagans," Dark Voice, Child's Voice, Vulgar Voice, Door Slamming, Growling, Scratching, Female Scream
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "You're Talking To Me"
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels a negative energy when he is standing in the hallway by himself
  • Other Phenomena: Using the Jacobs Ladder, when Zak and Aaron provoke, the energy at the top points at them, respectively depending on who is provoking at the time
  • Physical Harm: Zak is pushed into the wall by an unseen entity
  • Apparition: The team did not acknowledge this, but before Zak gets pushed into the wall, a mist is seen moving to the left while the Jacobs Ladder was staying at the top
  • Apparition: A thermal camera set up at the end of a hall captures a weird energy form that has its own heat signature
  • Apparition: A mist forms and follows Aaron into a room
  • Moving Object: A ball set up in the hallway moves on its own down the hallway

426 — Loretta Lynn's Plantation House

426 — Evidence
  • Other Phenomena: Zak notes that the PX is trying to make out words because the stars on the bottom of the PX screen are showing up as if it is saying something
  • EVP: "Get Your House Back," "I Hear Them, I Hear Them Coming," footsteps, "I Need To Go Down The Stairs," "Possibly In Trouble," "Gonna Cut Ya," "Ya Can't Touch Them"
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Loretta," "Lynn," "I Was Hurt," Vulgar Voice

     Season 5 

501 — Ashmore Estates

501 — Evidence
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Nick," "Adam," "Uh Huh," "Ha Ha Ha," Unexplained male voice, Female scream, "Yup," "One," "Hey Zak," "That's Right," "Upper"
  • EVP: "Turn Around," banging, footsteps, "I'll Cut You," "Don't You Dare Grab Him," knocking, "Stop Playin," "Don't Bring That Shit Down Here!" "Yer Gonna Pay"
  • Possession: Zak starts to grow detached from the group, and when he starts talking, he mentions that he was seeing images of the estates when it was in operation
  • Physical Contact: Nick feels something come down on him when he climbs down a ladder
  • Physical Harm: An unseen force scratches Nick's hand
  • Physical Contact: Zak claims his leg was grabbed during an battery draining experiment, with the data concluding that the spirits of Ashmore prefer human energy than the artificial energy of a battery
  • Apparition: Using the full spectrum camera, Zak captures a dark shadow where a meteorologist was thrown to the ground and had his shoulder broken

502 — Mizpah Hotel
  • Everything that happened in the basement during Aaron's solo investigation, but the door of the out-of-order elevator opening and closing on its own was especially creepy.

502 — Evidence
  • Castle House
    • EVP: "Help," "I Know Who You Are"
  • Mizpah Hotel
    • EVP: Unexplained Female Voice, "Dammit, What The Heck," banging, "We Got Work To Do," Moaning, Unexplained Voice, knocking, Unexplained Scream, Unexplained feedback, female voice
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Hey You," "I'm Evil"
    • Other Phenomena: An elevator that does not function (prior to its reopening to the public) opens and closes in full view of Aaron's camera. Aaron also goes in and asks to open the door so he can leave, with the door opening on command
    • Moving Object: Wood set up by Zak was knocked over twice, one of the times being caught on camera
    • Apparition: The camera in the basement (by where the elevator is) captures a dark figure dash across the floor towards a cabinet

503 — Old Town San Diego

503 — Evidence
  • Casa De Estudillo
    • EVP: Footsteps, "I See A Man," "I Want You To Pray"
    • Apparition: An orb shoots out of Nick's back
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel
    • Apparition: A light is seen peeking out of a closet, then goes back in
    • EVP: Female Singing, male voice, banging, "Pray, Help Him", "Bandin"

504 — Winchester Mystery House

504 — Evidence
  • From Winchester Mystery House Only
    • Apparition: During the day, Zak took a picture and a blue orb is seen in front of Nick
    • EVP: laughter, thumping, "Nick"
    • EMF Fluctuation: Before Zak ends the lockdown, the EMF detector goes off in extremely high levels.
  • From Bobby Mackey's to Winchester Mystery House
    • EVP: "I Hate Nick," "Hey You," "Enter," "Aaron....Kill," "He Told Me," "Aaron, You're An Ass"
    • Physical Contact: The experiment possibly allowed a spirit to travel to the house from Bobby Mackey's, causing Aaron to feel a cold breeze when the VLF was having interference
    • Possession: Aaron's demeanor shifts abruptly, causing Aaron to seem more vicious towards Bobby Mackey's spirits and the others in the house
  • From the Washoe Club to Winchester Mystery House
    • Equipment Malfunction: Mark and Debby's connection to the experiment was lost and lasted for 2 hours
  • From Bobby Mackey's Only
    • EVP: Voices, growling
    • Possession: Melissa, an investigator from Tri-State Paranormal, started having signs of oppression and aggression during the investigation, and was exorcised by Bishop Long the next day
  • From the Washoe Club Only
    • EVP: "Yeah"

505 — Lizzie Borden House
  • Besides the historical context, they all but say that the apparent reason Lizzie killed her dad was that he sexually abused her, and even though they beep a word out of "respect for the dead" it's pretty clear from context what they're talking about. Even outside of the context of the historical murders that's pretty disturbing. There's also the fact that Lizzie's dad at one point yells "DIRTY WHORE!" when they're asking about her.

505 — Evidence
  • EMF Fluctuation: the EM pod goes off in response to some of Zak's questions
  • EVP: shuffling, "I'll Take You To Heaven," hissing, "Keep On Killing," footsteps, "Keep Em Coming," "They're All Together," "Thank You Zak," "Tell' Em About The Girl," "Dirty Whore," "Go Ahead And Cry"
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Abby," Abby," "Borden," "Maybe," "Lizzie"
  • Moving Object: A dresser drawer opened on its own
  • Equipment Malfunction: Zaks camera starts getting fuzzy images after pointing it towards the drawer that opened
  • Other Phenomena: A flashlight turns on by itself during a spirit box session
  • Physical Contact: Liz states she feels an angry presence entering the room during the seance
  • Possession: The angry feeling starts to take control of Zak and Nick, and ironically Zak has a hatchet in his hand

506 — Letchworth Village
  • Its dark and demented history. That is all.
  • The episode can be a Wham Episode for people who believe in ghosts, and is quite paranoia-inducing for ghost-hunters (and most other people, actually). The idea that ghosts can attach onto people and follow them home? Scary...
    • There's also the witnesses saying they felt "addicted" to the place, and the fact that the crew agreed the two witnesses felt very off. Combine all of the above with the former nurse's testimony as to what went on in there, and you have a very sad but also utterly terrifying location.

506 — Evidence
  • Physical Contact: The crew feels that some type of energy is leading them into different parts of the building.
  • EVP: "Shut Up You Prick", Screaming, Knocking, "Pray Your God", "Yer Taunting Me", "Then Come Get Me", "Then Talk", siren "Attack", "Please Help", male voice, "This Way"
  • Apparition: A large shadow figure is seen moving behind a window
  • Physical Contact: Nick feels something push him out of a room

507 — Return to Virginia City
  • During Zak's spirit box session with Rosie/Lynette note , Zak asks her if she committed suicide in the bathtub, and suddenly screams "WATER!"

507 — Evidence
  • St. Mary's Art Center
    • EVP (previous ghost hunt): footsteps and singing
    • EMF Fluctuation: After Zak claims to have seen a mist, the EMF detector spikes at 0.6 milligauss
    • Apparition: The camera captures a light that bends around a chair. The apparition is credible because it goes through the chair
    • EVP: "They're Iron Strips"
  • Silver Queen Hotel
    • Apparition: Billy spots an orb fly from the door to the bathroom
    • EMF Fluctuation: Zak receives spikes whenever he moves the EMF Detector near the flowers, where the orb manifested
    • Apparition: After Zak moves the flowers onto the bed, Billy captures an orb move towards the bed
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Lynette," "Virginia," "Eleven," "Water!"
    • EVP: crying
  • Miner's Cabin
    • EVP: bootsteps
    • EMF Fluctuation: As the bootsteps are heard, the REM Pod goes off

508 — Rocky Point Manor

508 — Evidence
  • Perryville Battlefield
    • EVP: Cannons and gunshots
    • Apparition: A transparent purple mass is seen on the the thermal camera near the corn fields on the edge of the battlefield site
  • Rocky Point Manor
    • EVP: Unexplained female singing

509 — Rose Hall

509 — Evidence
  • Cinammon Hill Plantation House (Johnny Cash's Jamaica Home)
    • EMF Fluctuation: The EMF Detector goes off near Johnny Cash's most precious possessions, namely, his shoes and his alligator trophy
    • EVP: Unexplained noises, "I Do"
  • Rose Hall Great House
    • EVP: "Yeah," "Oh My Goodness," female voice, footsteps

510 — Old Charleston Jail

510 — Evidence
  • Battery Carriage House Inn
    • EVP: "Take Their Water Away"
  • Old Charleston Jail
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "the Devil," "yeah?"
    • EVP: knocking, crashing, "you make me mad," unexplained prisoner yelling, banging, "let me out," "I wanna go," footsteps, "get off him!"
    • Physical Contact: When Zak was holding the spirit box against his side, a spirit says "yeah" and Zak reacts by having a huge jolt of energy within him
    • Possession: Aaron begins feeling nauseated and sick while at the same time, Zak and Nick's cameras start to die

     Season 6 

601 — Shanghai Tunnels

601 — Evidence
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "where are you?" "he's mine," "he fell," "alone," "can't believe you," "what do I do?" "let's get naked," "I was wasted," "I was beaten," "it was someone"
  • EVP: unexplained door rattling, unexplained footsteps, unexplained door creaking
  • Apparition: A mist is captured moving near the shadow detecting device
  • Apparition: A mist moves above the door that rattled
  • Apparition: A purple form is seen on the thermal camera moving towards the room that Aaron is sitting in

602 — Peabody-Whitehead Mansion

602 — Evidence
  • Tivoli Building
    • EVP: footsteps, "Get Back There"
  • Peabody-Whitehead Mansion
    • EVP: "waitress," "tell on me," stand by"
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Pete," "yourself," "no," "watch it," "she was raped," "it was_," "it is violent here," "street," "found it," "he's scared," "Brendan!"
    • Apparition: A ball of light flies into Zak's head
    • Apparition: Using a digital still camera, Zak captures a weird energy form in the alley from outside a basement window

603 — Copper Queen Hotel & The Oliver House

603 — Evidence
  • The Oliver House
    • EVP: Laughter, chain rattling
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Zak," "yes," unexplained scream, "I'm Angry"
    • Physical Contact: Zak feels something touch the back of his head
  • Copper Queen Hotel
    • EVP: "put the rope down," knocking, footsteps, "no one's here," "he's coming over there"
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Billy," "he's hurt"
    • Moving Object: The shower curtains move on their own when Nick is in the bathroom

604 — National Hotel

604 — Evidence
  • Stonehouse Brewery
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Fall," "Lost," "五十 (Wǔshí, Chinese for 50, however the owner believes that the spirit said 六, Liù, or 6)"
    • EVP: rocks moving, noises
    • Apparition: A faint purple form is seen on the thermal camera while it is stationary in the tunnels
  • National Hotel
    • EMF Fluctuation: The REM Pod Teddy Bear goes off while Zak and Nick are at the bungalows looking for a spirit that committed suicide
    • EVP: "light goes on," "twenty-two," noises, unexplained female voice, "it's coming"

605 — Return to Linda Vista Hospital

605 — Evidence
  • Apparition: A small orb is captured on the Thermal Camera moving in the hallway
  • EVP: "Can You Help Anybody," gurney wheels
  • EVP (Spirit Box): unexplained female voice, "nurse," "help yourself," "Marge?" "hi," Chad," "Linda Vista," "a demon," "why are you talking," "I do!"
  • Word Database: HELP, HIDE, HELP
  • Physical Harm: It is shown after the lockdown, Chad received three scratch marks on his hand in the mental ward
  • Apparition: Two figures are caught in one photo, one mist that blocks out Nick's figure in the photo, and a small, skeleton figure sitting in the electrical pod that was designed for the lockdown

606 — The Galka Family
  • The fact that during the investigation, they caught EV Ps other than that of their own deceased daughter Melissa Galka

606 — Evidence
  • EVP (Gary Galka's Recorder): "hello," "Daddy," "love you"
  • EVP: "hello," "yeah...he's my friend," faint whistling or singing, "they're gone," "check the ______"
  • Equipment Malfunction: A few times during the investigation, the camera in Melissa's room would lose connection to the nerve center in the garage
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "okay," "what up," "who's that?" "8," "12," "10," "friends," "yeah," "hi dad," "miss you all"

607 — Riviera Hotel & Casino

607 — Evidence
  • EMF Fluctuation: As Bruce plays the piano in Frank Sinatra's suite, the REM Pod goes off
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Riviera," "did it," unexplained dark voice, "I'm dead"
  • EVP: "Raindrop," noises, knocking
  • Apparition: A white mist flies towards Zak in Frank Sinatra's bedroom
  • Physical Harm: One of Vince Neil's entourage members complained of her back burning and later, is seen to have red marks all over her back
  • Apparition: Another orb is seen in a room on the ninth floor
  • Physical Harm: Vince Neil receives pains in his body similar to a heart attack, to make it worse, Vince started throwing up in a nearby trashcan because of the pain

     Season 7 

701 — Central Unit Prison

701 — Evidence
  • Texas Prison Museum
    • EVP: "I Was Shocked," "Yeah"
  • Central Unit Prison
    • EVP: Banging
    • Physical Harm: Nick feels like something is pushing hard on his chest, while also making him feel like he is not himself
    • Apparition: A black shadow is seen moving behind Zak in a room
    • Apparition: A ball of light flies into Nick's head
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "water?" "in here," "he was hurt," "got me"
    • Apparition: Using the full spectrum camera, Aaron captures a figure in a photo
    • Apparition: A light flies across the roof and disappears into Zak's head
    • Apparition: Using the thermal camera, Zak captures a weird thermal form that he described as being a psychadelic show
    • Word Database: GOODBYE
    • Moving Object: The camera in the main room moves on its own twice

702 — Excalibur Nightclub

702 — Evidence
  • Bachelors Grove Cemetery
    • Apparition: Several times, the team captures a large glowing light from within the woods around the cemetery
    • EVP: "_____ is coming," "I see it...light"
    • Apparition: Using the full spectrum camera, Zak captures what appears to be a feathery energy form near the tombstones
  • Excalibur Nightclub
    • Physical Contact: Throughout the investigation, Zak felt like his energy was drained and Nick was off balance

703 — Point Sur Lighthouse

703 — Evidence
  • EVP: "Careful," whispering, crying, singing, "I'm Sick"
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Michael," "Admiral," "sad"
  • Apparition: A figure is caught walking along a path that is not there

704 — The Palmer House
  • Before the investigation, a spirit box session with Dave Schrader captures a spirit mimicking Zak's voice perfectly, complete with a creepy laugh.

704 — Evidence
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "I'm following her," "no," "they're coming to get you," "Zak," "Bagans," laughter, "Aaron," "a spirit," "Goodwin," "make sure they go"
  • Physical Harm: Zak feels like an energy tazered him while doing a spirit box session
  • EVP: shock, dragging, glass clinking
  • Apparition: A ball of light is seen flying around in the basement
  • Apparition: During the Spirit Box session, there's a figure CLEARLY standing in the doorway (Missed Evidence not acknowledged in the Episode but noticed after-the-fact by viewers)!
  • Moving Object: When the orb disappears, the wire it flew by starts to shake around
  • Physical Harm: Zak feels a force pinch him in the side
  • Moving Object: A broom is moved and thrown down by a force in the basement

705 — Black Moon Manor

705 — Evidence
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "there are some," "yes," "I am," "did," "evil," "a demon," "yes," "it's green"
  • EVP: "No One's Up There," unexplained footsteps, unexplained talking, unexplained female voice, unexplained thrown object?
  • EMF Fluctuation: After the "A Demon" EVP is heard, the Mel Meter spikes at 66.6
  • Apparition: A black mass is seen walking up the stairs towards Zak

706 — Sedamsville Rectory
  • The rectory was the home of a Pedophile Priest who abused boys inside the house itself, and later it was used by an illegal dodfighting ring. Even minus any actual ghost sightings you can understand why the building's energy is fucked up.
  • The scene from the Sedamsville Rectory episode, where it appears that they caught a picture of a demon's head floating above Billy's arm.
  • This episode reveals that they actually refuse to go back inside Bobby Mackey's again, Nick having even sworn to his wife that he wouldn't. What they've experienced there is enough to scare them all enough to never go in there again. And they wanted to pay their respects to the deceased Carl Lawson, who was possessed by demonic spirits while he worked there, who died months before this investigation.
    • Worse, they also say that there are already people catching EV Ps with Carl's voice. Even in death, he can't escape Bobby Mackey's.

706 — Evidence
  • Pre-exorcism
    • EVP: growling, footsteps, laughing, unexplained voice
    • Possession: Tim shows aggression and anger towards the pastor during the exorcism
  • Post-exorcism
    • EVP: shuffling, "Christian"
    • Equipment Malfunction: One of the X Cameras lose its signal to base camp
    • Physical Contact: Zak and Billy feel a cold area when on the second floor
    • Apparition: Using the full spectrum camera, Zak captures a face hovering above Billy's arm, a resemblance of a demonic imp can be seen as there are visible horns

707 — Cripple Creek

707 — Evidence
  • Piotrowski House
    • Apparition: Upon pulling up tp the house for the investigation, a camera captures a white mist fly out of the porch of the house next to the family
    • EVP: knocking
    • Word Database: MADISON, SPIRITS, UNDERGROUND, DRAIN THE WELL, undetermined syllabics, HELL, GHOSTS READY, PAIN
    • Apparition: Two orbs fly around Dan's head while in the basement. One of them sets off a nearby REM Pod
  • Colorado Grande Hotel and Casino
    • EVP: banging, moaning
    • Apparition: Using Bill Chappel's new technology, they capture a child figure and also capture it waving to them after Bill asks it to wave to Billy
  • Old Jail Museum
    • No Feelings or Evidence was captured in this location

708 — Brookdale Lodge

708 — Evidence
  • EVP: scratching, singing, "I don't want that to even happen," banging, whistling
  • Apparition: A fgure is caught standing and watching Nick on the thermal camera while in the Brook Room
  • Apparition: An orb is seen shooting towards Nick
  • Other Phenomena: Gracie, Zak's dog, began looking around at an empty area as if something was there trying to get her attention

709 — Tor House
  • The Tor House experiment, which ended with a manifestation of a demonic figure in the ink.

709 — Evidence
  • Apparition: While Billy was using the thermal camera, Zak went into the Hawk Tower and a figure is seen following him into the area
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Welcome to ______," "what is that?" "ghost"
  • Apparition: An orb is seen moving next to Zak
  • Other Phenomena: Zak uses a puddle of ink in order to lure Robinson Jeffer's ghost into the room he is in, after a couple of minutes, a figure of a demon is made in the ink

710 — Union Station

710 — Evidence
  • Apparition: Using the thermal camera, Zak and Aaron capture an apparition walking among the people in the terminal. The reason they caught on to the apparition is because it did not reflect heat on the floor like the people in the area
  • Apparition: An orb is captured flying into Zak's head
  • EVP: "Spirits"
  • Physical Contact: Tim felt a breeze of air next to him in the train exhibit

711 — Crazy Town

711 — Evidence
  • EVP: "Water, Drink the Water," unexplained woman voice, unexplained voice, footsteps, banging, "Momma," unexplained child screaming
  • Word Database: STORY, MOMMY, PLAY
  • Apparition: A mist appears by Nick
  • Apparition: A shadow is seen moving behind Zak
  • Possession: After the shadow moves by Zak, he is overcome by aggression and tries to punch Nick
  • Apparition: Two orbs are captured mirroring each other and vanishing into each other
  • Apparition: A light is seen moving slowly across a corridor
  • Apparition: The Thermal camera captured the same orb, but it was not obscured by pillars

712 — Wyoming Frontier Prison

712 — Evidence
  • Wyoming Frontier Prison
    • EVP: "Help Me," thudding, moises, "Yup"
    • Moving Object: The Camera in the shower rooms was knocked over while it was still recording
    • Apparition: A light is seen at the end of the cafeteria
    • Apparition: Two balls of light are seen moving near Aaron
    • Physical Harm: Nick feels something hit his head in the cells
    • Apparition: After Nick is hit in the head, An orb moves away from Nick
    • Apparition: Another orb is seen moving towards Nick after he is hit on the head
  • Dean/Summer Home
    • EVP: "Levitate," unexplained noise
    • Apparition: A ghost cat is seen moving in the living room. This is seen twice, and the cat that the owner has appears a grayish color on film while the ghost cat is a dark color

713 — Sailor's Snug Harbor

713 — Evidence
  • Matron's House
    • EVP: footsteps, banging, laughter, whispering, "Nothing Would Work"
    • Apparition: A ball of light is seen near Zak while reviewing their EV Ps
  • Church on Temple Row
    • EVP: rustling, yelling, voices
    • EVP (Spirit Box): " I Can't," "Go In," "1-D"
  • Music Hall
    • Apparition: A ball of light is seen above some seats in a picture
    • EVP: noises and voices
    • Apparition: A dark shadow is captured moving across the main entrance of the building
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Peter," "A Razor"

714 — New Orleans

714 — Evidence
  • May Baily's Place
    • Apparition: A ball of light flies in front of Zak, causing his EMF Detector to goes off
    • Apparition: Another ball of light is seen moving by Zak's hand
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Gun," unexplained voice, "Katrina," "I'm Dead"
  • Bloody Mary's Home
    • EVP: Hissing, dishes moving, "get out or we'll kill you," "you can't stop me," "Nick is fucked, Aaron is fucked"
    • Physical Contact: Nick feels a dark presence chasing him after he heard the hiss
    • Moving Object: After Nick gets to the room Aaron is in, an unseen force throws books at Nick
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "you'll be sorry," "can we talk?" "they're coming," "the basement," please go"
    • Apparition: A ball of light moves towards Aaron's digital recorder
  • Mystere Mansion, The Haunted Mortuary
    • EVP: Unexplained female voice
    • Apparition: Two figures are caught on the full spectrum camera, the first looking like a full body without a face, and the second a face floating above the body as if it was peeled off

715 — Market Street Cinema

715 — Evidence
  • EVP: coughing, wheezing, "white car," "nope," "never," "drugs," "heart attack," unexplained raspy voice, "get out," "don't throw me out," "get out"
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Gary," "who's that," "bingo," "James,"
  • Apparition: An orb is seen moving towards Debby in the basement
  • Apparition: A ball of light is seen moving between posts in the building
  • Word Database: RUN
  • Apparition: The Full Spectrum camera captures a figure of a woman's face in the basement

716 — Goldfield Hotel: Redemption

716 — Evidence
  • EVP: "placate," unexplained talking, footsteps, "let me have it," unexplained man yelling, banging, unexplained female cry, "I threw the brick had to don't worry I love ____," "give him the gun"
  • Moving Object: The foliage in room 109 is captured moving a little in view of the camera while Zak and Virginia were talking
  • Apparition: An orb is seen disappearing into the digital recorder in room 109, it is later seen coming out of the recorder after an EVP is captured
  • Moving Object: A rock is captured on film flying at Zak at high speed, hitting him on his foot
  • Possession: Zak was overcome with anger and tried to break Aaron's camera after the rock was thrown at him
  • EMF Fluctuation: The REM Pod Teddy Bear alarms in room 109 on the second day of their investigation

717 — Glen Tavern Inn
  • The graphic pictures of the beheaded woman that was murdered in the inn. They show you the full, bloodied body sans a head. Then as a Jump Scare, they have a graphic of the headless body standing close to the screen. <shudders>

717 — Evidence
  • Apparition: Two orbs drop down on Billy during his solo investigation two days before the investigation
  • Physical Contact: Billy feels a muscle spasm while the Ovilus is saying words, after he feels it, the word THIGH is said
  • EVP: rattling, childs voice, "I Was Shot," footsteps, tapping, "Sleep In Here"
  • Physical Contact: Monica claims her right arm is being grabbed and pulled, while at the same time, Zak notices his left arm has goosebumps
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Ingrid," "I Can Help," "Majita," "Como Esta?" "Patrick," "Henry," "Marsha," "Yeah, I'm Here," "Be Gone,"
  • Apparition: An orb and a shadow are caught moving around in room 307
  • Apparition: An orb shoots out of Zak's arm during the spirit box session
  • Possession: An energy overcomes Zak and leads him to walk up to the third floor without Nick or Aaron
  • Apparition: An orb travels towards Nick and splits into two behind him

718 — King's Tavern
  • The possessions of Billy and Nick were incredibly frightening, and different than the usual loud freakouts that the others have had. They both start walking with a shuffling, lackadaisical gait, don't respond to much outside stimuli, and have strange, utterly calm facial expressions. Nick started babbling and staring into the mirror with an odd, curious expression, while Billy began having an extremely dangerous heart issue... and it just got weirder from there.

718 — Evidence
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Andy," "Madeline," "Help," "We'll Get Ya," baby's voice, "Yeah," "Let Us Go"
  • Apparition: An orb shoots out of the Spirit Box when Zak is near the camera
  • Moving Object: A sheet set up to block light from the streets was torn off one of the windows
  • Apparition: An orb is seen moving around the room the same time the sheet is torn off of its position
  • EVP: Banging, "I Can Say, Say Your Names," laugher, female voice
  • Apparition: A cylindrical light is seen moving towards the banging noise in the basement
  • Apparition: A mist is seen flying by the X Camera in the room where the sheet was torn down after Zak and Nick leave the room
  • Possession: Nick is affected by an entity to the point that he is stuck in an unreceptive state in the building
  • Apparition: A mist is seen moving from the rocking chair to a different chair on the third floor
  • Word Database: TRAVEL, OUTSIDE
  • Physical Contact: Aaron gets his back grabbed on the third floor
  • Apparition: A ball of light shoots out of Billy's head on the third floor
  • Possession: Billy is affected by a similar energy to Nick's possession, only Billy's was more serious, as it caused a serious heart problem
  • Other Phenomena: Zak states that as they left the location, there was a house in a fiery blaze, thousands of crows were watching them leave and would not let them go down the road they were on, Nick's phone had random words in a text message mentioning bothersome spirits and Madeline, a tornado belt struck Natchez two days after, and looking at a satellite radar of the tornado belt, it is shaped like a dagger, with the tip pointing towards Natchez

     Season 8 

801 — Pioneer Saloon

801 — Evidence
  • Pioneer Saloon
    • Apparition: A rod shaped light is captured moving near where Paul Coski was murdered. A second light is seen trailing directly behind it, as if it was chasing it away
    • EMF Fluctuation: The EMF Detector starts going off when Zak and Aaron are away from the table where Paul was found murdered
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "whisky," "Ruby," "yeah," "two," screaming, "I think so," "he's here," "nine"
    • Equipment Malfunction: After the "whiskey" voice is heard on the spirit box, the spirit box starts to friz out and the batteries in it get drained
    • Apparition: A ball of light is seen moving near the roof by the poker table
  • Belle Mine
    • EVP: high pitched sounds, shouting

802 — Black Swan Inn

802 — Evidence
  • EVP: Noises, footsteps, banging
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Madison," "Which One?" "Eight," "Bossier"
  • Equipment Malfunction: When the "Madison" voice is heard, the monitor on the right freezes and loses its sweeping for the time the voice is said.
  • EMF Fluctuation: During the time Joeann, the Inn's owner, was trying to contact her deceased mother, the EMF Detector would spike up to 1.5
  • Apparition: While Aaron was in the milking barn, the thermal camera captured a figure watching him through the window
  • Apparition: A mist is seen moving in an arc-like trajectory in the office

803 — Tuolumne General Hospital

803 — Evidence
  • EVP: Doors opening, Talking, loud crashes, Footsteps, "please don't"
  • Physical Harm: When Zak is conducting a spirit box session with Ed during the day, he feels sharp pains in right side of his head. When he takes a break, he feels the pain has lifted and he then becomes very emotional about thinking that his pain could have been from a patient who died from a head injury.
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Jacob," "help...patient," "now get out," "George,"
  • Apparition: When Zak, Nick and Aaron were driving to the hospital, Billy and Jay captured an unexplained figure that maps out a head, arms, hands and shoulders on the Kinect cam. It looks as though that the figure is doing operation on a dummy near the bed, with its right arm moving very quickly near the IV bag stand.
  • Equipment Malfunction: The digital recorders that Zak and Nick had in the operating room were drained of battery power while asking questions
  • Physical Harm: In the operation room, Nick starts to feel sick, and at the same time Aaron starts to feel dizzy.
  • Apparition/Physical Harm: The figure captured before appears at the bed beside Nick. The camera captures the spirit apparently punching Nick in his stomach, causing him immense pain.
  • Apparition: An orb leaves the ceiling and shoots into Nick's neck
  • Physical Contact: Moments after the orb flies into Nick, he feels drained of energy, and feels symptoms similar to after he was punched in the operating room
  • Apparition: A ball of light shoots from the right side of the bed into the spirit box Zak is holding.
  • EMF Fluctuation: The EMF Detector on the dummy starts to light up.
  • Moving Object: The monitor for the Kinect cam is pushed backwards with force, at the same time, the EM Device starts to flash.
  • Possession: Aaron claimed that when he was in the mental room in the basement, it felt as though that he was the mental patient acting of what they would have done back then

804 — Missouri State Penitentiary

804 — Evidence
  • Physical Contact: During the interviews, Zak and Aaron start having very uncomfortable feelings in certain locations.
  • Physical Harm: Zak starts having a sad feeling, moments later he feels very sharp pains in his stomach as if someone was stabbing or twisting it.
  • EVP: banging, Loud noises, "I ain't breathing," Footsteps, unexplained male voice, "stop," "stop fucking with me," "demon," Growling
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "sorry"
  • Apparition: A white dot is seen on the second floor, then manifests into a spinning rectangular shaped anomaly in A Block

805 — Yost Theater & Ritz Hotel

805 — Evidence
  • Willela Howe-Waffle House
    • EMF Flucuation: The EMF Detector starts going off on the second floor near the entrance to the attic.
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "it's haunting," "in trouble," "abortion"
    • Apparition: An anomaly appears coming out of the wall and up into the attic with the guys, and coincidently, another spirit comes through the spirit box.
    • Possession: Zak starts feeling sick when we feels that he needs to go in the patient's room and not leave.
    • EVP:: Glass hitting
    • Apparition: A bright ball of light manifests in direct command from Zak that moves quickly away from him.
  • Yost Theater
    • EVP: "hey...can you hear me," creaking
    • Apparition: A shadow appears in the shape of a cloaky mist, passes by a doorway where Art was.
    • Physical Harm: Zak feels as if something is pinching or stabbing his arm in the basement. Seconds later he looses all feeling in his arm.
  • Ritz Hotel
    • EVP: construction noises
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Haunting"

806 — Haunted Victorian Mansion

806 — Evidence
  • EVP: noises, banging, "go to sleep"
  • Physical Contact: While up on the 3rd floor, Aaron feels something touch his shoulder.
  • Physical Contact: Aaron and Zak see a mist like form that goes into Aaron's face, however it wasn't captured on camera.
  • Apparition: The 3rd floor X camera captures a ball of light that moves above the mirror and disappears into the room that Zak and Aaron are in front of.
  • Apparition: A white mist forms and moves to Zak's right side, when he and Edwin are doing a Spirit Box session.
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "he's here," "David," "hi," "no," "not sure," "Lillian"

807 — The Exorcist House

807 — Evidence
  • Equipment Malfunction: While the crew was discussing whether or not to use the Ouija Board on the site where the exorcism took place, the thermal camera gets shut off without explanation
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "he needs help," "ouija board," "trouble," "Devil," "Diablo," "come in demon"
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels a dark energy surround him while sitting on the bed
  • Other Phenomena: Using Bill Chappel's new technology, they receive increases in humidity and temperature while sitting in the room
  • Equipment Malfunction: The mapping software was affected by an energy, causing Aaron's body map to vanish from the screen while everything else remains
  • Physical Contact: Both Aaron and Bill feel a static charge after Aaron begins to provoke the entities in the house
  • Apparition: As Zak was provoking an entity, a blue ball appears behind him in the mapping software, as soon as Zak uses religious terminoligy, the ball shoots into his chest, all while he feels a cold draft on his back
  • EVP: loud bangs

808 — Alcatraz

808 — Evidence
  • EVP: banging, screaming, "come back"
  • Appartion: As Zak is looking for the source of a loud bang, the camera picks up a fast-moving anomoly moving away from an area past Zak
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "get naked," "he's here," "dear God"
  • Physical Contact: As Zak looks through a slit in the wall in the infirmary, he sees red eyes approaching and watching him on the other side of the slit
  • Apparition: A mist ball is seen moving down the hall and to a room after the Ovilus says MIST
  • Physical Contact: Billy begins getting a weird feeling in cell 14, at the same time, Jay feels discomfort in cell 13
  • Apparition: Jay captures a light ball traveling towards Billy's arm
  • Apparition: Billy and Jay begin seeing weird lights with no explanation. Jay captures some of these lights on photo, and after experiencing this, Jay tells Billy that after, he saw two red eyes approaching them

809 — Mustang Ranch

809 — Evidence
  • Mark/Debby EVP from earlier investigation: "Your Tits"
  • Appartion: While walking down a hallway, Zak captures an anomoly in the shape of a foot moving out of the way for him as he walks past it.
  • Moving Object: While Mark and Debby were in a room, the X-Camera captures the Do-Not-Disturb sign on the door moving on its own, a report that was told to them that happened one week before they arrived
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Ghosts," "yes," "yeah," "Paul," "shirt," "seven," "wait," "madame"
  • EVP: banging

810 — Thornhaven Manor

810 — Evidence
  • EVP: Noises, Footsteps, Door Slam, Fidgeting Noises, Knock, Dragging Sound, Thrown or Falling Object
  • Other Phenomena: The Ovilus, which has a sensor for detecting changes in temperature, begins flashing on the chair with dolls on it
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Lizzie," "Emily"
  • Physical Harm: Zak feels a shocking sensation travel up his leg.
  • Apparition: A ball of light is seen moving away from Zak
  • Other Phenomena: The vibration device in a room starts going off when nobody is in the house, later, the camera focused on it starts going in and out of focus, and finally that camera shuts off. At the same time while the focus is going in and out, something can be heard clicking the buttons on the camera
  • EMF Fluctuation: The REM Teddy Bear begins lighting up on the first floor when Zak and the others leave the house.
  • Equipment Malfunction: Twice, when walking up the stairs to the top floor, Zak's walkie talkie starts emitting extremely loud noises for no reason.
  • Apparition: After Zak goes back down the stairs, the X camera in a room near the staircase captures a shadow figure moving from right to left quickly.
  • Apparition: One of the full spectrum camera shots captures a weird mist near a doorway

811 — Battle of Perryville: Field Hospitals
  • Just the thought of having to be in a field hospital in the mid-1800s with no anasthesia, your arm/leg has been blown to bits, you're laid out on a wooden slab (or in this case, the door) and the surgeon is reaching for a particularly nasty saw... This was the horror that awaited all soldiers throughout the world in this time period. Makes you glad we live in the 21st-century. <shudders>

  • Daniel Mcllwayne was apparently an actual soldier in that battlefield. Think on that. This man's ghost spent all this time wandering the place he died, and since he couldn't remember which side he fought for, he is likely in a dreamy And I Must Scream state.

811 — Evidence
  • John Dye House
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "I'm sorry for," "yes," "Daniel," "Mc Ilwayne," "Don't know"
    • Physical Contact: All of the reenactors that were used for the first part of the lockdown felt emotionally affected by the energy caused by the reenactment, during this time is when the spirit box captured voices
  • HP Bottom House
    • EVP: noises, banging, footsteps, "come to mommy"
    • Moving object: The PX device was split in half and thrown to the ground with force by an unknown entity

     Season 9 

901 — Sharon Tate Ghost/Oman House

901 — Evidence
  • Pre Investigation:
    • Physical Harm: Nick states multiple times that he feels the energy of the house twisting his stomach around, even during the drive up to the house
    • Moving Object: David Oman's Beetlejuice figurine on the aquarium is caught falling down by itself on commands to the spirits from Zak
  • Investigation:
    • EVP: Banging, footsteps/dragging sounds, door slamming, knocking, banging, talking/singing
    • Physical Contact: Due to the energy in the house, Zak feels unnerved and refuses to go downstairs
    • Apparition: A ball of light is seen near Zak's legs leaving the room
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Hey Nick," "Hey," "I Did"
    • Physical Contact: Zak feels something jump on him, causing him to panic
    • Physical Harm: Nick gets burned in the stomach area by an unknown entity, and multiple times he feels pain in the area
    • Apparition: A spinning anomaly is seen moving above a door and vanishing
    • Moving Object: David Oman's Black Skeleton figurine on the aquarium is knocked over by an unseen force, triggering the vibe pod
    • Apparition: Two balls of light disappear into Nick's head in the basement bedroom
    • Apparition: As Zak goes to Nick, a ball of light is seen moving in front of the mirror
    • Apparition: After Zak changes the camera angle for the basement bedroom, it captures a light anomaly moving around, while also capturing static interference on the camera's audio

902 — Myrtles Plantation

902 — Evidence
  • EVP: door slamming, sounds, moaning/pained voices. rattling
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Behind You," "Yeah," "Winter"
  • Equipment Malfunction: As the door is rattling in the parlor, the X Camera stops recording due to being tampered with
  • Apparition: At the same time as the door rattling and the X Camera turning off, the Thermal camera in the parlor captures a cold mass moving away from the door
  • Moving Object: Nick set up a ball on the stairs, and as Nick turns away, the ball is knocked off of the stairs with force, hitting the camera

903 — George Washington Ghost/Morris Jumel Mansion

903 — Evidence
  • Morris-Jumel Mansion
    • EVP: female voice, singing, rumbling
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "It Was Me"
    • Apparition: Three figures manifest next to Billy on the portable Kinect camera, with two of the figures appearing to be climbing on and around him
  • Katie's Bar
    • EVP: knocking, falling object
    • Moving Object: The bag covering the exit sign in the basement was ripped off with force
    • Apparition: after the bag was torn off, an orb is seen flying past the bar in the basement
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Exit"

904 — Bannack Ghost Town

904 — Evidence
  • Outside
    • Word Database: SIX, MEN, APART
  • Saloon
    • EVP: unexplained music
  • General Store
    • EVP: knocking
  • Schoolhouse
    • EVP: Tapping
    • EMF Fluctuation: The REM Pod goes off 27 times in a row as if a spirit was tapping on it
  • Mining House
    • Apparition: An orb is seen moving towards Billy and Jay
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Momma"
  • Crying Baby House
    • Apparition: After Billy charges up the antique phone, Billy sees multiple lights around him, with them being captured on camera
  • Hotel Meade
    • Apparition: during the day, Zak captures a dark mist figure with a defined face
    • Moving Object: A drawer in the antique stove moves outwards, with fresh dust appearing under the drawer
    • EVP: footsteps, banging, male voice
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Help, Hurt"
    • Apparition: A ball of light is seen at the same time a banging is heard

905 — Fear Factory

905 — Evidence
  • Equipment Malfunction: When Jay was giving Billy the headphones to listen to some unexplained noises, the X Camera near his Boom Mic in the catacombs exhibit goes out
  • EVP: moaning, banging, noises, "It's Coming," dark voice, "Billy," laughter
  • EVP (Spirit Box): female voices, "I Did It"
  • Apparition: As Chris is reading from the Satanic Bible, a bright light vanishes into his head

906 — Heritage Junction

906 — Evidence
  • Newhall Ranch House
    • EVP: Noises, footsteps, crying, female voice, pipe dragging, "Betty, Stop," movement
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Tonight," "Please," "Aaron," "It's Him"
    • Physical Contact: As Zak goes up the stairs to the storage area, he feels something trying to push him backwards down the stairs. Billy experienced the same thing prior to Zak's arrival
  • Saugus Train Station
    • EVP: noises
    • Apparition: A ball of light appears and vanishes into Aaron's head

907 — Fort MacArthur Museum/Battle of Los Angeles

907 — Evidence
  • EVP: noise, dragging sounds, banging, male voices
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Jason," "Lisa," "Pain," "Quiero"
  • Apparition: A light is seen moving up and through a wall
  • Apparition: The Full Spectrum camera captures a figure in what appears to be military gear standing in a tunnel

908 — St. James Hotel

908 — Evidence
  • Moving Object: Before the official investigation, the team captures the chandelier moving around on the second floor with no explanation
  • Apparition: In the poker room, the Kinect camera captures a figure standing on top of the table
  • EVP: noises, creaking, footsteps, laughing, voices
  • Apparition: Another figure is captured on the Kinect camera, and intelligently raises its hand after being asked to do so
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Thank You," "I'm Dead," "Smoke"

909 — Fox Hollow Farm

909 — Evidence
  • EVP: banging, knocking
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Help," "I'm Dead," "I Don't Know," "Herb Did It," "I'm Here," "In The Middle," "Found It," "Here," "Gettin' Cold/Close"
  • Apparition: A light anomaly appears and vanishes into the spirit box
  • Apparition: A light appears in the apartment for guests the same time knocking is heard

910 — Haunted Savannah

910 — Evidence
  • Gribble House
    • No evidence or feelings were captured in this location
  • Sorrel Weed House
    • Physical Contact: Zak and Aaron feel a strange energy when they approach the upstairs slave quarters
    • EVP: "Hello," footsteps, noises, mans voice, "Basement"
    • Possession: Zak feels his whole body paralyze, and also feels that his thoughts have been manipulated by an entity
    • Physical Harm: Aaron felt as if something stabbed him under his ribs
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Hang," "Rape," "Get Him," "I Can't"
    • Equipment Malfunction: Something kept causing the thermal camera to shut off when pointed towards the slave quarters upstairs
    • Apparition: The thermal camera captures a mist behind Aaron on the stairs while it was turning off
    • Apparition: A mist figure is seen moving behind Zak

911 — Whaley House

911 — Evidence
  • Equipment Malfunction: Using one of Bill Chappell's new pieces of technology, the laser used for it begins receiving interference, as a sign of a spirit trying to communicate
  • EVP: noises, voices, thumping, "no power"
  • Other Phenomena: During their interviews, a security man stated that the alarms in the house will go off for no reason, and at 1:00 AM, the alarms go off even while disabled
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels nails going down his back while sitting in the theater
  • Apparition: Zak snaps a photo as he is feeling this and captures the apparition of the hand, which appears to have long nails

912 — Overland Hotel and Saloon

912 — Evidence
  • Million Dollar Courthouse
    • Apparition: A ball of light is seen moving through the main hallway towards the front door
    • EVP: footsteps
  • Overland Hotel and Saloon
    • EVP: male voice, "I'm Back," "I Need Medicine," noises, banging
    • Possession: Something takes control of Nick, causing him to leave his camera on the ground and have him lay on the floor of the saloon
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "_______________ Died"
    • Apparition: A ball of light disappears into Nick's neck
    • Physical Harm: A force hits Zak and causes him to fall backwards

913 — Old Licking County Jail

913 — Evidence
  • Misty's House
    • EVP: "Hey Misty"
    • Apparition: A ball of light shoots into Misty's head
  • Old Licking County Jail
    • EVP: Noises, loud slam, "Kingdom Come," deep man's voice
    • Equipment Malfunction: The matron's quarters x camera dies three times in quick succession with replaced batteries
    • Apparition: a heat signature is captured on the thermal imaging camera manifesting

     Season 10 

1001 — RMS Queen Mary

1001 — Evidence
  • EVP: door opening, "What Anger," "Oh, I fucking hate them," "not," "my daddy," laughing, "wait for Debby," footsteps, banging
  • Apparition: During a séance to get Peter James' spirit to come out, a ball of light flies into his old jacket
  • Apparition: Using a structured light camera, Zak captures a childlike figure down near the pool moving around
  • Apparition: As Zak is moving an X camera, a ball of light flies into him
  • Apparition: A light flies into Debby's head as she is recording EV Ps
  • Other Phenomena: Using a new piece of equipment, Billy gets a response about "5", and when he questions it, he gets a response of "fifth gate". After this, he asks what fifth gate is, and receives "your soldier" as a response
  • Apparition: Using a laser grid camera, Zak captures a light anomaly moving around in it
  • Apparition: While exploring the catwalks, Zak moves a camera so its facing the door, and immediately captures a full body shadow walking past the door
  • Physical Contact: Nick feels something push him away from a gate that crushed a man to death

1002 — Lemp Mansion

1002 — Evidence
  • Lemp Brewery
    • EVP: noises, loud bang, thrown object, door slamming, man's voice, "Why"
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Who Died?" "Help Me"
  • Lemp Mansion
    • Apparition: A ball of light is captured flying over one of Zak's devices
    • EVP: "Help," mans voice
    • Apparition: Aaron captures a ball of light leaving the bedroom

1003 — Zozo Demon

1003 — Evidence
  • EVP: footsteps, noises, knocks, banging, "You're Cold," voices, "I did not do it _______"
  • Physical Contact: While sitting near the Ouija Board, Nick feels something come through him
  • Possession: Darren's wife begins to get affected by Zozo's influence and leaves the house, she comes back in later after Zozo told her to go back in, and notices her belt is undone, and leaves again and wanders around the city, causing Zak, Nick, and Darren to go look for her.
  • Other Phenomenon: The microphone near the Ouija board gets weird interference, and at the same time, all the dogs in the house's vicinity start howling.

1004 — Island of Dolls
  • This episode can be considered scary or nauseating for anybody that has a fear of dolls, especially an island full of damaged dolls, or for people with arachnophobia.

1004 — Evidence
  • Physical Harm: While Zak is picking up Harold the Cursed Doll from a theater, he notices he has three bruises on his left arm about the size of baby hands, and realizes that the owner of the doll says that the left arm on Harold is about to break off.
  • EVP: Cans moving, screaming, footsteps, "I don't like her, stupid"
  • Other Phenomena: upon pulling up to the island in the trajinera, everybody hears weird noises, and upon investigation, when they returned near the trajinera, a fire sparked itself in the fire pit
  • Other Phenomena: As Zak tries to bring Harold out of the bag, an energy rushes him and Aaron, causing two cats near the island to scream and also causing one of the dolls to start laughing at them.
  • Apparition: Using the Structured Light Camera, Zak captures a black mass leaving Don Julian's hut, at the same time, Billy sees a light in the hut
  • EVP (Spirit Box): Don Julian's voice, as confirmed by a friend of Don Julian
  • Apparition: Leaving a light grid at Don Julian's hut, a light is captured moving the lights around as footsteps are heard
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels an icy hand move down his back
  • Apparition: As Harold the Doll is laying with the other dolls in the main hut, heat is registered under him as if he was a living being.

1005 — Bell Witch Cave

1005 — Evidence
  • Drewry Bell House
    • EVP: Footsteps, Loud banging
    • EVP (Spirit Box): "Indians," "Careful," unexplained male voices
    • Apparition: A ball of light flies into the spirit box as "Indians" is heard
    • Physical Contact: Zak, Aaron, and Jay feel the house pulse with energy as they begin closing up
  • Bell Witch Cave
    • EVP: "Listen to me," "Here I Come," voices, rock throwing, pig grunts
    • Apparition: After the infrasound is activated, three bands of light are seen in the central cave
    • Apparition: A dark shadow is seen moving around before vanishing
    • Other Phenomena: One of the light poles brighten as the pig grunt is heard
    • EMF Fluctuation: All of the light poles begin lighting up due to the presence of a large energy
    • Apparition: A blue mass is seen surrounding Aaron's head, and upon examination, a figure with horns appears to the left above his head. Aaron later claims to see this same figure standing upon a hill near the cave.
    • Physical Contact: Everybody feels an intense energy begin to emanate from the cave
    • Physical Harm: Billy gets sharp pains in his back as he begins closing his light pole experiment
    • Apparition: Zak captures an orb just as the "Here I Come" voice is captured

1006 — Sallie House

1006 — Evidence
  • Physical Harm: Jay is scratched on his arm by an unseen entity
  • Physical Harm: Tony Pickman, a former tenant, start to feel a burning sensation on his neck, and begins developing a welt in the spot. At the same time, a psychic the GAC invited in nearly faints as this is happening
  • Other Phenomena: Using the paranormal puck the night before the investigation with Tony Pickman, Billy captures the following. "Think up huge dead," and "Scratch Satan pain kept spirits"
  • Equipment Malfunction: The SLS camera freezes up as knocks are heard at the top of the stairs
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels an overwhelming energy at the top of the stairs
  • EVP: noises, knocking
  • Moving Object: A teddy bear set up in the bedroom begins moving around.
  • Apparition: A ball of light is seen leaving a room that Aaron heard laughing come from
  • Other Phenomena: A tesla radio created by Billy starts behaving weirdly in the basement where a former tenant reportedly did animal sacrifices.
  • Other Phenomena: The paranormal puck reads off "relax sir," "relax Satan building," and "Monica Paula attic energy."

1007 — Nopeming Sanatorium

1007 — Evidence
  • Apparition: As Billy's flashlight dies while in a cremation tunnel, he creates a strobe effect trying to keep the light on, and as he is doing this, a shadow figure is captured during a light flash
  • Apparition: Using the SLS camera, Zak captures a figure in a doorway.
  • Apparition: At the moment Billy and Zak begin to feel uneasy, an orb shoots out of Billy's neck
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "Help"
  • Physical Contact: As "Help" is heard, Billy feels something tap his elbows
  • Apparition: An orb is seen moving away from a stage area in the building
  • Equipment Malfunction: After the orb is seen, the camera that captured it blacks out
  • Other Phenomena: Weird noises are heard coming out of the ultrasonic listening device
  • EVP: door slamming, noises, "Hello," "I Told Him"
  • Apparition: A light is seen appearing and disappearing

1008 — Apache Junction

1008 — Evidence
  • Moving Object: Zak and Aaron hear something get thrown and discover a safety pin that was on a table is now on the floor near them.
  • Appariton: Jay spots a trench coated apparition walk by nerve center, and the same figure is captured walking into the bordello on the thermal camera.
  • EVP: Noises, footsteps, growling
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels a static energy, and also picks up a foul odor at the same time
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "I'm Vic," "Yeah," "Make It Go," "I Was Hurt," "Yes"
  • EMF Fluctuation: The REM Pods all went off in response to Zak's questions
  • Equipment Malfunction: As Zak is working with the REM Pods, the camera shuts off

1009 — Return to Tombstone

1009 — Evidence
  • Birdcage Theater
    • Apparition: While intending to capture video, Zak captures 4 rapid stills of a light anomaly flying over Ashley and Patricia in the stage area
    • Equipment Malfunction: Using old saloon music as a trigger object, it cuts out without any explanation
    • Physical Contact: Patricia begins to feel uneasy while in an upper room of the theater
    • Physical Contact: Patricia's hair is captured on camera being tossed onto her other shoulder, with two cameras pointing out how she did not do it herself
    • Apparition: The full spectrum camera captures a dark apparition moving by the dice table
    • EVP: footsteps, "I'm Trying To Hear"
    • Apparition: An orb is seen as an EVP is captured
  • Big Nose Kate's Saloon
    • Apparition: a figure is mapped on the SLS camera near where the Swamper is said to reside
    • Equipment Malfunction: The SLS camera shuts off as Zak approaches the Swamper's room
    • EVP: noises, footsteps

1010 — Demons in Seattle

1010 — Evidence
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels an intense energy radiate off of Keith's Girlfriend

1011 — Texas Horror Hotel

1011 — Evidence
  • EVP: Noises, banging, footsteps
  • Other Phenomena: Bill Chappel's magnetic microphone device begins to intelligently respond to Billy and Jay's questions.
  • Physical Harm: Tanisha suddenly feels like she is pushed forward. Shortly after, Jay feels like he loses his balance in that same exact spot.
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels a sudden rush of ice cold energy pass through him as he begins to taunt the alleged serial killer William. At the same time the EMF meter reads 66.6 degrees.
  • Physical Contact: Jay feels a large energy force shoot through his body.
  • Apparition: The kinect cam picks up a child like figure.
  • Physical Contact: Aaron hears a voice behind him.
  • Other Phenomena: Aaron places a chair in a doorway and begins to walk around and when comes back, he bumps into the chair and the chair doesn't move, as if something is holding it back. As this happens, Zak notices a handprint manifest on the chair and then disappear shortly thereafter.
  • Apparition: Two orbs can be seen coming up the stairs at the same time with one seemingly going into one of the rooms.
  • Physical Contact: Aaron begins to feel his energy drain during the spirit box session.
  • EVP (Spirit Box): "I'm on it", "play", "William", "help", "John", "we contact", "YOU"

     Season 11 

1101 — Edinburgh Manor

1101 — Evidence

1102 — Old Montana State Prison

1102 — Evidence

1103 — Manresa Castle

1103 — Evidence

1104 — Old Lincoln County Hospital

1104 — Evidence

1105 — Haunted Harvey House

1105 — Evidence

1106 — Los Coches Adobe

1106 — Evidence
  • Two figures manifest next to a doorway and one leans away from Zack's hand when he reaches out. Suddenly, the left one loses its head and stops moving completely. You'd think after that, it would quickly vanish, but it just stays there, unmoving for a moment before FINALLY vanishing.

1107 — Grand Canyon Caverns

1107 — Evidence

1108 — Haunted Hollywood

1108 — Evidence

1109 — Oddfellows Asylum

1109 — Evidence

1110 — Clown Motel and Goldfield High School

  • This episode is one big example of this if you are afraid of clowns (Coulrophobia).

1110 — Evidence
  • Moving Object: When Zak is in the clown motel, a life-sized clown doll across the room moves. Its hand falls off its lap. Zak freaks the hell out and calls another teammate to come over. They tested to see if the clown would move after someone bumped it or walked too close (which couldn't have happened anyway since Zak was too far), and the clown is solid as a rock. The only way to replicate the clown's hand moving was by picking it up or pushing it off its lap.

1111 — Lava Hot Springs Inn

1111 — Evidence

     Season 12 

1201 — Black Dahlia House

1201 — Evidence

1202 — Secret Scientology Lab

1202 — Evidence

1203 — Bracken Fern Manor & Tudor House

1203 — Evidence

1204 — Return to the Riviera

1204 — Evidence

1205 — Chinese Town of Locke

1205 — Evidence

1206 — Star of India

1206 — Evidence

1207 — Leslie's Family Tree

1207 — Evidence

1208 — Hell Hole Prison

1208 — Evidence

1209 — The Domes

1209 — Evidence

1210 — Nevada State Prison

1210 — Evidence

1211 — Return To Winchester Mystery House

1211 — Evidence

1212 — Stardust Ranch

1212 — Evidence

1213 — The Haunted Museum

1213 — Evidence

     Season 13 

     Ghost Adventures Aftershocks Season 1 

A101 — Bobby Mackey's and Brookdale Lodge

A102 — Villisca Axe Murder House and Letchworth Village

A103 — Bloody Mary and USS Hornet

A104 — Sedamsville Rectory and Winchester Mystery House

A105 — Palmer House and Mustang Ranch

A106 — Yorktown Hospital and Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

A107 — Lizzie Borden and Black Swan Inn

     Ghost Adventures Aftershocks Season 2 

A201 — Zozo Demon/Katie's Bar

A202 — Bannack Ghost Town/Thornhaven Manor

A203 — Sharon Tate Ghost/Linda Vista Hospital

A204 — Exorcist House/Ohio State Reformatory

A205 — Stonehouse Brewery/Missouri State Penitentiary

A206 — Bonnie Springs Ranch/Vulture Mine

     Ghost Adventures Aftershocks Season 3 

A301 — Apache Junction/Fear Factory

A302 — Texas Horror Hotel/Sloss Furnaces

A303 — Bachelors Grove Cemetery/Waverly Hills Sanatorium

A304 — Shanghai Tunnels/Jerome Grand Hotel

A305 — Stanley Hotel/Pennhurst

A306 — Sallie House/St. James Hotel

A307 — Myrtles Plantation/Old Licking Jail

A308 — Gettysburg/Cripple Creek

A309 — Moon River Brewery/Alcatraz

A310 — Hales Bar/Ashmore Estates

  • Most paranormal investigation shows need to do quite a bit of editing for their footage, like getting rid of static, increasing the contrast/lighting, etc. Zak's team makes sure the audio/video is as clear as possible, so you can clearly hear inexplicable screaming or a baby crying or a voice saying, "I hate you."