Heartwarming / Ghost Adventures

  • Zak interviews a young girl named Bailey at the Stanley Hotel who claims to have the ability to see ghosts and communicate with the dead, and has seen and interacted with the spirits numerous times. Bailey (visibly but understandably nervous doing the interview) explains that very few people outside of her family know about her abilities/actions and admits to Zak and his crew that she's worried that her friends (and others) will think she's weird if they do find out. Zak, in a departure from his normally hammish and loud behavior, tells her not to think about that kind of stuff, and that the more she does it, the more she can change people's perceptions of the job.
  • In the Letchworth Village episode, Zak interviews a former nurse who'd worked with the mentally disabled residents. On the first week of the job, the nurse had been so overwhelmed by the workload that she considered quitting. But after spending more time with the patients and watching their overjoyed reactions from doing the littlest things—like holding a hand brush or bathing in warm water—she decided to stay. She even gets a little choked up when she remembers them.
  • At the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, Zak once taunted the spirit of a prostitute who had killed herself, which got no response in the 2004 documentary. He later went back to apologize and left flowers an Apology Gift, at which the sound of a woman crying was heard.
  • For both Zak and the fandom, raising $10,000 for the Nevada SPCA, specifically a no-kill animal shelter.
  • While doing their daytime sweep of the Baker Hotel, Zak and Aaron come across a stray dog. While Zak and Aaron rejoin Nick in the hotel, Billy (the equipment technician) takes the dog to a local veterinarian. After Billy comes back, the guys are informed that the dog is a female and is actually still just a puppy (the dog was deduced to be about six months old at the time)—Zak suggests taking the dog to a local animal shelter, but Billy informs him that the closest shelter euthanizes their animals if they aren't adopted within a certain period of time. Billy then reveals a much better idea to help the dog: Billy adopting the dog himself.
  • The Galka house investigation. Normally, the crew investigates locations where there are angry and dangerous ghosts. This investigation was about going to the home of one coworker who years earlier lost his daughter, Melissa, in a car accident to see if they could make contact with her — and they do.
    • In that episode, we also learn that the Mel Meter frequently used by the team was invented by Gary Galka, who named it after Melissa.
  • Return To Bobby Mackey's, while an overall terrifying episode, was concluded with a speech from Aaron that would probably be very reassuring to anyone who's experienced a paranormal encounter and doubted their own experience due to skepticism.
    Nick: At the end of the day, when your life, your family, is at riskó
    Zak: Is it worth it, for us?
    Nick: That's the dangerous question right there.
    Aaron: I think it is sometimes, though. 'Cause it can prove to people that this does happen, and when this happens to people, other people look at them like they're crazy, and they feel alone. And hopefully this can just show you that you're not crazy, and you're not alone.