Heartwarming: Ghost Adventures

  • Zak interviews a young girl named Bailey at the Stanley Hotel who has seen and interacted with the spirits numerous times. Bailey (visibly nervous doing the interview, understandably) says that none of her friends know of her abilites/actions because she doesn't want them to think she's weird. Zak, in a departure of his hammish, loud behavior, tells her to not think about that kind of stuff, and that the more she does it, the more she can change people's perceptions of the job.
  • In the Letchworth Village episode, Zak interviews a former nurse who'd worked with the mentally disabled residents. On the first week of the job, the nurse had been so overwhelmed by the workload that she was about to leave. But after spending more time with the patients and watching their overjoyed reactions from doing the littlest things—like holding a hand brush or bathing in warm water—she decided to stay. She even gets a little choked up when she remembers them.
  • At the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, Zak once taunted the spirit of a prostitute who had killed herself, which got no response in the 2004 documentary. He later went back to apologize and left flowers, at which the sound of a woman crying was heard.
  • For both Zak and the fandom, raising $10,000 for the Nevada SPCA, specifically a no-kill animal shelter.
  • While doing their daytime sweep of the Baker Hotel Zak and Aaron come across a stray dog. While Zak and Aaron rejoin Nick in the hotel Billy (the equipment technician) takes the dog to the local vet. Initially Zak had planned on taking the dog back to the Nevada SPCA, but then Billy decided that he was going to adopt the dog himself.
  • The Galka house investigation. Normally, the crew investigates locations where there are angry and dangerous ghosts. This investigation was about going to the home of one coworker who years earlier lost his daughter in a car accident to see if they could make contact with her - and they do.