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Nightmare Fuel: Ghost Whisperer
Spoilers for spookiness below.

  • The opening credits alone manage to give some the shudders.
  • Bloody Mary, there was an awfully chilling scene where a girl is walking through a dark hallway trying to avoid every reflective surface which Bloody Mary may appear from, she thought she was safe when she got to the lift, only to see Bloody Mary right behind her from an adjacent mirror as the lift door slowly closes.
  • An episode featured a ghost with a breathing mask in a morgue. If you attempt to talk to it, it rasps unintelligibly at you and then has an epileptic fit while bleeding from the eyes. Which are taped shut.
  • Another ghost called Sally Stitch used a terminally ill girl in a hospital to send chain mail that killed people. The bad part was that there's a doll with stitched-shut eyes and mouth that is a cutesy representation of the real Sally Stich, a Victorian woman who had her eyes and mouth sewn shut for gossiping.
  • That faceless child... It had a completely blank face, no mouth, no nose, no eyes, no brows... Completely empty, except for the two golf ball-shaped indents where the eyes should be. And it giggled.
  • The season 1 villain, The Dark Man, who was collecting souls afraid of going into the afterlife for some unknown nefarious purpose, which unfortunatly was never concluded.
  • The Tattooed Man, one of the more vilent, agressive spirits.
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