YMMV / Ghost Whisperer

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Melinda a well-meaning woman trying to help the living and the dead or is she just a nosy person sticking her fingers in everyone's pies? Some of the episodes seem to imply both
  • Base Breaker: Delia joining in Season 2. Some saw her as a Replacement Scrappy for Andrea, while others liked the idea of a skeptic as a main character.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Out of Melinda's many partners in crime across the series, Andrea seems to be the fan-favourite.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Evan Peters as a ghost who eventually goes into the light in a season 5 episode after his role in American Horror Story: Murder House, where he played another ghost.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • From the way people talk about Melinda's wardrobe, you'd think she spent every episode in her underwear.
    • The show got a reputation for all the ghosts of the week appearing villainous but always being revealed to have been misunderstood or innocent. While that does happen a lot, there are plenty of villainous ghosts. Notable is "Friendly Neighbourhood Ghost" where the old man turns out to have been an abusive parent, and "The Last Execution" where he confesses that he did commit murder.
  • The Scrappy: Nikki is seen by some fans as this not only because she gets in the way of Melinda and Jim/Sam, which got better when Jim "returned", but her character also rubbed many the wrong way.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Melinda gets one in the climax of the season one finale, when she convinces almost all the ghosts resulting from the plane crash to go into the light — one of the very few people to stick with Romano, a female flight attendant, goes over in a season two episode — with so many going through at once that it actually becomes visible to Melinda (and the audience) for the first time in the series.
    • In "Bad Blood," the father who's being haunted by a pair of ghosts hoping to drive him and his daughter to their deaths, as they did with all the previous tenants —as they love playing those kind of sick games, they join the very short list of ghosts who don't go into the light— gets one when he brings their games to a (temporary) end by blowing up the house. As the male ghost says before it all goes boom, "Well played".
  • Tearjerker: Some of the episodes but one of the episodes that really sell it is Melinda trying to help a ghost named Marty make amends with his loved ones left behind, after his suicide.
    • Another episode is where we encounter the spirit of a young boy named Kenny who passed away in a train accident but the truly heartbreaking moment is where he tearfully tries to talk to his grieving father, apologizing for getting lost and trying to comfort him. Even more when he crosses over at the end
    • Finding out that Angela was Dead All Along
    • In "The Walk In", seeing how much Bryan Curtis' life went downhill after high school. Despite having been the local football hero and valedictorian, he couldn't adjust to college and ending up dropping out and being so down on his luck that he committed suicide. Especially sad as he was a genuinely Nice Guy, not a Jerk Jock deserving of such a downfall. Plus, the other ghost from that episode who inhabited his body revealed that he'd idolized him in high school and was sorely disappointed in how much he'd screwed up.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Jamie Kennedy as a professor. Especially given this little incident.
    • Some might also have the reaction to Jay Mohr as a professor.