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YMMV: Ghost Whisperer
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Melinda a well-meaning woman trying to help the living and the dead? Or is she just a nosey person sticking her fingers in everyone's pies?
  • Canon Sue: Melinda. Beautiful, popular, unique, born with semi-magical powers, barely a single character flaw, wants to help everyone, happily married, difficult childhood... the list goes on.
    • There's an ION network commercial for the show which consists almost entirely of various characters and the narrator gushing about how awesome she is.
    • Tropes Are Not Bad: YMMV of course, despite being overly optimistic and ideal, characters like Melinda can still be viable for shows like this. Her "purity" might get dull after a while, but her character is not really one you would hate.
  • Relationship Sue: YMMV (naturally), but does Jim exist for any other reason than to be handsome and tell Melinda how wonderful she is?
  • The Scrappy: Nikki is seen by some fans as this not only because she gets in the way of Melinda and Jim/Sam, which got better when Jim "returned", but her character also rubbed many the wrong way.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The cynical watcher (not The Watcher, although he is pretty snarky) would say that almost every episode qualifies these days, largely because the plot must sometimes twist itself into painful knots to make everyone blameless so they can stand around teary-eyed and bask in The Light.
  • Tear Jerker
  • Unfortunate Implications: I'm not sure if this fits, but something about the episode with the autistic person who "got better" (a person's "limitations" are eliminated in the spirit world) in spirit form felt odd. No physically or mentally disabled ghosts have been seen since, though.
    • It was either that or suggesting that the mentally disabled have 'damaged souls'. Sometimes you can't win.
    • It can be painful/annoying to have a mental disorder; keeping it in the afterlife can be cruel.
    • The only major character to die and stay dead? Andrea.
  • What The Hell Casting Agency: Jamie Kennedy as a professor. Especially given this little incident.

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