Nightmare Fuel / Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit, known to our American friends as Indigo Prophecy, definitely has a few instances of Nightmare Fuel.

Spoilers below.
  • The opening sequence is a character murdering someone for no reason because of a dark ritual and having to hide the body and escape the scene without being caught.
    • Along with the premise behind it: you could wake up in a place you have no memory of going to covered in the blood of a stranger who is lying dead in front of you.
  • A claustrophobic police officer has to go to an insane asylum to interrogate a madman. Not only does the madman reside in a room with arcane symbols scribbled all over the place, he reveals some of the creepier parts of the plot. And then... power outage. So, being claustrophobic, you must navigate from the deep part of the asylum back to the lobby. In almost total darkness. While regulating your breathing. And dodging the madmen who were released by the outage. if you fail to regulate your breathing or run into one of those deranged inmates, leave it to your imagination to discover what happens to the lovely female police officer.
  • The police have finally tracked down Lucas, and following a tense build-up they break into his apartment. And then, for the first time since you began playing the game, the thought crosses your mind that the hero, the main character that you've been helping evade the police and prove his innocence, might actually be crazy. His apartment, normal up to this point, is like a scene from a Lovecraftian nightmare. Of course, later you find out it was all a set-up. But hey, had you going for a moment there, huh? Huh?