Funny / Fahrenheit

  • Tyler is ordered to search a book.
    Tyler: Bring back the sacred diamond of the old sage of the mountain, and he will give you the magic talisman... Ah man... What am I, in a video game?
    • From the same scene, the absurdly stereotypical bookstore owner, when Tyler compares him to the old dude from Gremlins.
    • Tyler can mention that he's from the police... and the owner will quickly say that everyone in his family is legally in the U.S.
    • After you find the book, the owner then switches to a more natural Brooklyn accent, saying that the "wise old Asian master" act is for the customers.
    Bookstore Owner: I've never been no further than Long Island. I'm more American than you are, man!
  • When Carla and Tyler investigating the murder scene in the diner bathroom, you can have Tyler use the urinal, which causes Carla to act all awkward.
  • Some of the unlockable bonus scenes are worth finishing the game just to see them. Specifically the "Secret Dance Floor", "Ice Skating Contest", and two featuring Takeo - it looks like the motion capture team were having a lot of fun.
  • After Carla calls Tyler to get him to the police station the day after the murder, you can opt to spend some quality time with his girl Sam instead. It cuts back to Carla; trying to return control to Tyler just shows you scenery of his apartment in lieu of the actual fun. Then you have to make Carla call him again to nag some more.