Funny / Fahrenheit

  • Tyler is ordered to search a book.
    Tyler: Bring back the sacred diamond of the old sage of the mountain, and he will give you the magic talisman... Ah man... What am I, in a video game?
    • From the same scene, the absurdly stereotypical bookstore owner, when Tyler compares him to the old dude from Gremlins.
    • Tyler can mention that he's from the police... and the owner will quickly say that everyone in his family is legally in the U.S.
    • After you find the book, the owner then switches to a more natural Brooklyn accent, saying that the "wise old Asian master" act is for the customers.
    Bookstore Owner: I've never been no further than Long Island. I'm more American than you are, man!
  • When Carla and Tyler investigating the murder scene in the diner bathroom, you can have Tyler use the urinal, which causes Carla to act all awkward.
  • Some of the unlockable bonus scenes are worth finishing the game just to see them. Specifically the "Secret Dance Floor", "Ice Skating Contest", and two featuring Takeo - it looks like the motion capture team were having a lot of fun.