Nightmare Fuel / Dracula

The Novel

  • The description of the Count crawling out of the window and across the stone wall (with several hundred feet of sheer cliff face below it) and into another window is terrifying.
    • Nightmare Retardant: Until you realize what gravity would do to your cape and clothing when you are upside down...
  • Dracula's mortal minions laughing at Jonathan's predicament when he looks to them for help, and turning the correspondence he entrusted to them back over to his captor.
  • That village woman coming to the castle to demand her baby back. After the Brides already ate him. Shouting abuse at the helpless Jonathan, who doesn't pity her when the wolves come since he feels that her fate was better then finding out that the vampire women had devoured her child.
  • Renfield, in a moment of clarity, begging to be removed from the place where he can do most damage in his madness, only to be utterly dismissed by the heroes.
  • Dracula's metaphorical rape of Mina — which only gets worse when she has to re-tell it from her point of view — is especially graphic and chilling.
  • Dracula sucks so much blood from Lucy that even her gums are rendered pale!
  • The ship captain's Apocalyptic Log detailing Dracula picking off his crew one by one while remaining hidden in the shadows.
  • The villagers referring to Dracula's castle as hell incarnate.