Nightmare Fuel / deadmau5

  • That voice from "Sleepless" sounds utterly disturbing.
  • The mau5heads, when not Ugly Cute.
  • Also, his intro cutscene in DJ Hero 2. Possibly becomes Nightmare Retardant, as he looks directly at the camera and waves stupidly while the mau5head grins afterwards.
  • The very end of the music video for "Professional Griefers". After the robotic version of Deadmau5's cat Meowingtons causes a giant robot mouse to crush the dome containing the audience, we see the cat standing on debris eyeing the camera before pouncing on it.
  • Of course, one entry had to come out of a song titled "Terrors In My Head". At 2:35 a distorted sample from a video by GentleWhispering supported by depressing piano. Original video
  • While performing "Maths" live, the music suddenly starts skipping and the big shape that Joel's behind (sorta like Daft Punk's pyramid) displays a Windows error prompt and "logs off". Joel's mau5head then lights up and repeatedly chants the phrase "Sometimes things get complicated..." in an extremely creepy voice, not to mention the layering that it receives.
  • "Take Care of the Proper Paperwork" is pure Nothing Is Scarier. The distorted instrumentals and dark ambience are already unnerving, but the fact that there is no real drop or even kick drum at any point in the song leaves a really empty, hollow feeling, especially since the song abruptly cuts off by the end.