Awesome / deadmau5

  • His performance at the 2012 Grammys. After a performance from David Guetta, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, he does an awesome remix of "Rope" with Foo Fighters before wrapping it up with "Raise Your Weapon" (which was nominated for Best Dance Recording). The crowd was great, and he debuted an amazing new LCD mau5head.
    • A minor at the Grammy´s that doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny: He wore a T-shirt with Skrillex´s actual number on it followed by "u mad?".
  • His performance at Ultra Music Festival 2013. It included, but wasn't limited to, fireworks, strobe lights, background imagery (of Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Cthulhu Mythos, Deadmau5 being chased by a bowling ball, The Veldt etc.), a cat animation of his helmet, a buck toothed animation, and songs like Strobe, Professional Griefers, Ghosts n' Stuff, More Ghosts n' Stuff, The Veldt, The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix), Cthulhu Sleeps, Channel 42 and more.
  • His performance at Ultra 2014. Avicii was in the hospital and deadmau5 was his replacement, taking on the same Saturday night closer timeslot he did last year. Consider that deadmau5 has not released an album or even a single since 2012 outside of his At Play series. He essentially showed up out of absolutely nowhere and played a set that was considered to "change EDM forever". What makes this is incredible is he played the most dark and underground set he could possibly design, including many tracks from his new album as well as two minimal/techno pieces. His zero fucks attitude throughout the entire thing not only made it memorable, but summed up Joel's seemingly more cynical and edgy approach as of late. Not to mention he also trolled both Martin Garrix and Avicii within that set.
  • After complaining about the generic EDM on Twitter (again), he was challenged by a fan to make a "7/8 3/4 13/16 alternating bar groove. Must be listenable. Not only did deadmau5 notice and accept it, but he had it finished within two hours. And it sounds gorgeous!
  • When Arcade Fire singer Win Butler spouted off the rockist statement "shout-out to all the artists still playing real instruments at this festival" during Coachella 2014, Joel lambasted him by first asking "Dafuq's your problem?" and then pointing out not only does it take technical skill to program and make a rock song but that if he (Joel) wanted to hear "real music", he'd go to an opera (and then recommended to his own fans to go see an opera at least once in their lives).