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Nightmare Fuel: Death Grips
  • The entirety of No Love Deep Web, save for Artificial Death In The West, is absolutely brainmeltingly terrifying. Notable standouts include:

    • Come Up And Get Me: The entire song is about MC Ride being stuck in an 8-story abandoned building surrounded by people who want to kill him. He is also suffering from hallucinations and delusions so bad that by the end it becomes clear that though he won't commit suicide (by jumping off said building) his pain is great enough that he'll call the people hired to kill him up to get him.

    • No Love: The disorienting synths and the pounding drums at the beginning and during the verses are enough to unsettle the listener, but what drives it home is a single tiny line near the middle of the song:
Of course I can make you scream but if you ask for more
Bullshit matador grab the floor whip it cracked to all fours
You whimper while i check my phone

  • Hunger Games: MC Ride going through mood swings, daring the person he's talking to to push him onto another one. Doesn't sound all that threatening in text, but accompanied by the crazy 808 drumbeats under his words, it makes the listener want to back away as quickly as they can.
    • As mentioned, ADITW is not that scary. But notice the eerie synths in the background...

  • Exmilitary's first song, Beware, starts with a Charles Manson recording and continues into MC Ride giving us an all-access pass journey into Hell.

  • "You may think he loves you for your money but I know what he loves you for it's your leopard skin pillbox hat" begins with a crash of glass, a scream, and then MC Ride frantically rapping about dying and possessing another person's body with his spirit.

  • In fact, really, the entirety of the Death Grips catalogue follows MC Ride's slow journey from being kinda violent to fully embracing a hedonistically terrible lifestyle to starting to be driven insane by said lifestyle to, with Government Plate's oddly taciturn songs, catatonia.
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