Nightmare Fuel / Bruce Dickinson

The voice of Iron Maiden doesn't need his respective band to be creepy, after all. Sometimes when he shouts "Scream for me", he really means it.

  • Laughing in the Hiding Bush is very unsettling, especially the chorus. The fact that it was written by his son, who was a kid at a time, somehow just makes things creepier.
  • Accident of Birth is pretty terrifying too. In addition to the industrial sounding percussion and the dark, thundering melodies, the song is about a family from hell. The song also gets scarier when you realize Bruce was a birth that was never meant to be, thus the title.
  • Pretty much the entire Chemical Wedding album, but Killing Floor comes to mind.
  • Believil. Just... Believil. A slow, eerie piece of doom metal with odd chanting and evil low pitched maniacal laughter.
    • Then there's the title track from that album, A Tyranny of Souls, which is a re-telling of Macbeth but with a horrifying alternate ending.
  • "Headswitch". Bruce doesn't sing a single high note. He recorded two tracks of him singing in the same octave and laid them over each other, thus sounding like an eerie distorted voice. And the lyrics about inbreeding are seriously creepy and disturbing. The last lines?
    Like father, like son
    Chop off the head and the body lives on
    Heaven that made you has screwed you and laughed
    Falling from grace leaves a cold empty space in the sky.
  • Bruce's output as a whole wouldn't be nearly as creepy if he did't keep inserting Cosmic horror vibes into a notable number of his songs. The sheer hopelessness and cynicism of "Omega" and "Darkside of Aquarius", the line 'you've never been held by the hand of God' from "Killing Floor" and the self-explanatory 'there is nothing that can save you now!' from "King in Crimson" are only a few examples.