Nightmare Fuel / A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
What a terrible way to die.
  • The most famous two deaths are Tina's death in which she's brutally dragged across the ceiling of her bedroom and when Glen is pulled into his bed and turned into a geyser of blood.
    • "I'm your boyfriend now, Nancy."
  • Any scene involving the dream version of Tina's body, highlight being that giant centipede coming out of her mouth.
  • Rod's blankets slowly wrapping around his neck, before eventually dragging him up so that he can be hanged in his prison cell.
  • As tacky as the scene was, at the end when the car hosting the colors of Freddy's sweater whisks away the shocked kids in it while the happy mother waves goodbye before she is sniped through the window while children are singing the eerie song... That scene just...why.
    • The special effects failure amplify the, er, nightmarish surreality of the final sequence.
  • There is something inherently...unnerving about the intro scene where you see Freddy building his glove amidst audible breathing and the film's signature soundtrack
  • The rape symbolism where we see Nancy take a bath and Freddy's gloved hand come out of the water towards her from in between her legs.
  • There's something distinctly unnerving about the way Freddy's voice shifts from a soft, quiet tone to a deep, guttural and demonic voice.