Awesome / A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

  • Nancy MacGyvering various traps for Freddy and having him falling on every one of them.
  • "I take back every bit of energy I gave you. You're nothing! You're shit." Best ending ever! Or, at least it was until Executive Meddling completely ruined it two minutes later.
  • "I'm into survival." Perfectly sums up Nancy's character. It's no wonder that despite appearing only one other time canonically (not counting the metafictional New Nightmare, which is partially a tribute to her actress Heather Langenkamp), people tend to consider her the protagonist of the entire series.
  • Whenever Nancy calls out her parents on how little they think of her and her feelings, from snapping at Marge for believing she doesn't take Tina's death seriously, her disgust at her father using her to draw out Rod, and her complete outrage when she finds out Marge knew Freddy Krueger was a real person this whole time but continued to let Nancy think she imagined him.