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Music: The Goodies
Guitar guitar hum hum

The Goodies weren't just a comic trio, they had a number of hits in the mid-'70s eventually peaking at #4 with Funky Gibbon. Although credited to The Goodies most of these recordings were Bill's songwriting, vocals and, in the vein of his favorite genre, Funk.



  • Sing Songs From The Goodies
  • The New Goodies LP
  • Nothing To Do With Us
  • Beastly Record

Non-album Singles:

  • The Inbetweenies
    • Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
  • The Funky Gibbon (a very slightly different version to the one found on "The New Goodies LP")
    • Sick-Man Blues
  • Black Pudding Bertha
    • Panic
  • Make A Daft Noise For Christmas
    • The Last Chance Dance
  • Bounce!
  • M*I*C*K*E*Y M*O*U*S*E

Bill's Music Tropes

  • Album Intro Track: "Goodies Theme" from "The New Goodies LP"
  • Album Title Drop: Baby Samba
    "...while our boring old mothers were buying Jensen Interceptors, caviar "New Goodies LP" that sort of thing..."
  • All Drummers Are Animals: Bill played percussion on the albums
  • Christmas Songs: Two
    • Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
    • Make A Daft Noise For Christmas
  • Concept Album: Beastly Record contains songs about animals.
  • Cover Version: Famously "Wild Thing"
    • "All Things Bright And Beautiful" really is its own song but the melody and lyrics are, of course, much the same!
    • M*I*C*K*E*Y M*O*U*S*E which is arranged in typical Goodies funk style
  • Dance Sensation: Funky Gibbon became one when The Goodies went on The Top of the Pops
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: "The Funky Gibbon" the greatest novelty hit of The Goodies. This obsession with primates, especially gibbons, was a carryover from Im Sorry Ill Read That Again, which featured such musical numbers as "Stuff That Gibbon" (used as background music to some of the film sequences in the early series of The Goodies).
  • Face of the Band: Bill
  • Fake Band: Although Bill played percussion and Graeme contributed banjo once or twice all the musicians were reputable session musicians.
  • Genre Roulette: Although their albums mostly contained funk there were strong Country & Western, ballads, rock, both Beatlesque and standard pop, and, in the case of Beastly Record, trad jazz songs.
  • Genre Shift. Goodies albums contained a wide variety of genres concurrent with the contemporary music of the time or recent times gone by. However there are a couple of songs which deserve a mention:
    • The Policeman's Opera from "Nothing To Do With Us"
    Pig's Lament: Rock
    Dreadcop's Comin': Reggae
    Third Bit: Bee Gees-like Disco
    Photofit Love: Funk
    She Does Not Exist: by its own admission an Aria
    Rhapsody In Blue: Rock again
    Finale: Harder Rock
    • "I Wish I Had Something To Say" goes from pop ballad on Tim's verses to funk and then reggae on Bill's bridges.
  • Heavy Mithril: Take Me Back. Although possibly written to parody the recent fantasy-oriented rock this song really does stand up on its own.
    "Back to the ages of peasants and pages"
  • Lyric Swap: "Please Let Us Play". The 3rd verse echoes the 1st - the singers have become famous.
    "Please Let Us Play - NO! NO! NO!"
    "We don't want money - just don't send us away"
    becomes in the 3rd chorus
    "Please Let Us Play - YES! YES! YES!"
    "We've got money - and they don't send us away"
  • Metal Scream: All Things Bright And Beautiful, Custard Pie
  • New Sound Album: Beastly Record mostly has 1930s-esque songs on it.
  • Non-Appearing Title:
    • "Goodies Theme" obviously
    • "The Policeman's Opera" (and several of its parts too!)
    • "Take Me Back" by the skin of its teeth
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: All of the music recorded for the show. All of the killer funk . Most of it is in mono and has a laugh track over it so listening to it is unsatisfactory.
  • One-Hit Wonder: in the USA, where the only Goodies song that charted, briefly, was Funky Gibbon. Apparently the US Dance and Disco Chart took it as a straight disco number played for real and a real dance craze. It took them a while to work it out...
  • Pun: Bill uses these with abandon
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!. Done on two songs intentionally.
    • Goodies Theme
    G (Gee) you need a helping hand
    O (Oh) you know we'll understand
    O we'll give right to the end
    D we'll show you definitely
    Y (Why) you should employ us three
    • Funky Gibbon
    G (Gee) the world would be good
    I (I) know how nice it could
    B (Be) with just a bit of Gibbon take
    B just like that Gibbon
    O (Oh) feel the rhythm
    N (aNd) you'll groove and dance up to the planet of the apes
  • Record Producer: For the most part Miki Antony
  • Rearrange the Song: "The Funky Gibbon" has the same chords as "Goodies Theme"
    • "Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me" is set to the tune of "Battle Hymn Of The Republic"
  • Recurring Riff: The brass intro to "The Funky Gibbon" may sound familiar as might the guitar intro to "The Inbetweenies". (Goody goody yum yum!)
  • Self-Backing Vocalist: Bill used to rerecord Tim and Graeme's backing vocals late into the night. He put his voice through a studio harmonizer so they couldn't tell the difference.
  • Singer Songwriter: Bill really fits this to a tee. Not only was he totally serious about it all he has a voice that really does deserve its own recognition.
    • In fact, he did release a couple of straight pop singles in the middle 1960's; a record company thought he had the looks and the voice to make it work.
  • Singer Namedrop: Baby Samba
    • Tim's little almost-theme song "I'm A Teapot"
    "Oo look at Tim ... You be like him"
  • Something Blues: Sick-Man Blues
  • Song Parody: Oh yes!
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