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Awesome: The Goodies
  • There was a running gag that pompous upperclassman Tim made patriotic speeches to a record of Land Of Hope And Glory. In the episode The End, the boys have been encased in concrete in their own apartment for approximately one year and seven months, with Tim aggravating Bill more and more by rubbing it in his face that he's the worker among them ("someone's got to clean the shoes") whereas he is the lord. Later on, this happens:
    Tim: I suppose we have to strive together to create a new society. (puts the record on) We shall build...
    Bill: (takes the record off, then smashes it against the desk)
    Tim: (sputtering) You—what did you do that for?!
    Bill: (puts his hand on Tim's shoulder) Silent revolution, m'lord Timbo.
    • The audience applauded.
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