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Music: The Great Luke Ski
The Great Luke Ski is a funny music artist from the Madison, WI area. He is active in the local and national Filk scene, and is a prominent artist in the Rap Dementia sub-genre. He gets frequent playtime on The Dr. Demento Show as well as He is also active with the Funny Music Project (The FuMP). His podcast Luke and Carrie's Bad Rapport can be found here.

He is a member of the sketch comedy group Cirque du So What.

As of 2011, he has had more yearly #1 songs on The Dr. Demento Show than anyone but Weird Al.
Tropes Luke Ski has invoked include the following:

  • Actor Allusion: And entire verse of One Night In Quark's Bar is filled with allusions to the Armin Shimmerman's character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Drivin' a Firefly's such a hassle.
    Gettin' yelled at by Mal, he's the king of the Castle.
    Meanwhile Jayne wants to Chuck his grenades from the store,
    And when he runs out he’ll have to Buy More.
  • Album Filler: The Gothsickles version of "House Party at Arkham Asylum" on Baconspiracy and tracks 9-13 on Worst Album Ever also all of the spoken word skits that are specific to an album (unless I find a trope more appropriate to put these on)
  • Album Title Drop: The primary reason why "88 Lines about 44 Simpsons" was included on Worst Album Ever
  • Anti-Christmas Song: Parts of "It's a Fanboy Christmas" and "It's a Fanboy Christmas II" invoke this. Also the introduction by "Gilbert" to "Christmas at Hogwarts" on Worst Album Ever
  • Bacon Addiction: His song "Bacon" is an example of this.
  • Dance Sensation: "The Spongy Dance" is a parody of Spongebob Square Pants and "The Humpty Dance"
  • Drunken Song: A skit on Baconspiracy treats Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains" as this.
  • Villain Song: "House Party at Arkham Asylum" features The Joker rapping about his and other Rogues Gallery villains' plans to mess up the Justice League.
  • Worst Whatever Ever: He has an album called Worst Album Ever.
    • In reference to the above, some of his friends put together a tribute album called Worst Tribute Ever.

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alternative title(s): The Great Luke Ski
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