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Funny: The Great Luke Ski
  • All over "House Party at Arkham Asylum". It is Sung by The Joker, after all.
    Joker: House party at Arkham Asylum/I'm the Joker, the man, your host/shake my hand my fine cuz/and you'll feel the joy buzz/it''s fry you up like french toast!

    Joker: Just watch Ras al Ghul/go and kick it old school/with his new rapping partner Kid Croc!
  • "Vader Boy" has all the various rhymes for Vader. Even after it hits Mood Whiplash by the events of Episode III, it's still hilarious.
  • The middle of "You Don't Know Jack" is chock full of references to other work done by the main actors for Pirates of the Caribbean.
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