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aka: The Sweet
Clockwise from top left: Steve Priest, Brian Connolly, Mick Tucker, and Andy Scott.

"And the man at the back said
Everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz
And the girl in the corner said
Boy, I wanna warn ya, it'll turn into a ballroom blitz"
Sweet, "Ballroom Blitz"

Brian: Are you ready, Steve?
Steve: Uh huh.
Brian: Andy?
Andy: Yeah.
Brian: Mick?
Mick: Okay.
Brian: Alright fellas, LET'S GO!
— From the opening of Ballroom Blitz

One of the most popular Glam Rock groups of The '70s, and one of the few to cross the Pond and achieve success in the United States,

Sweet was a British band consisting of Brian Connolly (lead vocals), Andy Scott (lead guitar, backing vocals), Steve Priest (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Mick Tucker (drums, backing vocals).

Originally called Sweetshop (they shortened their name to avoid confusion with a similarly-named band), the group quickly developed a devoted following and acquired a recording contract that partnered them with the then-unknown songwriting/production team of Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn, who ended up composing most of the group's most memorable hits.

Initially, Chapman and Chinn pursued a bubblegum pop style comparable to The Archies or the Bay City Rollers, but this didn't sit well with the group, whose self-written B-sides and album tracks showcased their Hard Rock leanings. Eventually, the production team recognised where Sweet's talents lay, and took to composing tough-sounding Glam Rock tunes which combined bubblegum melodies with fuzz guitar, thunderous drums and extremely high-pitched vocal harmonies.

Further hits followed, but the band eventually grew tired of the Executive Meddling imposed upon them and parted ways with Chapman and Chinn. Although singles like "Action", "Fox On the Run" and "Love Is Like Oxygen" proved that they could score hits with their own songwriting, they were unable to sustain their success after Brian Connolly decided to call it quits in 1978, and they disintegrated soon after.

Although they're probably less well-remembered than contemporaries such as T. Rex and Slade, they're noteworthy as one of the first rock and roll groups to combine the melodic and commercial components of pop with their hard rocking glam attack. In essence, Sweet was the first Hair Metal band, prefiguring that style by nearly a decade.

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