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Music / Slint

Slint being sexy.
Slint is an American Alternative Rock band from Kentucky, usually given credit for jump-starting the Post-Rock genre along with Talk Talk, as well as the Math Rock genre. The band formed in 1986 from the ashes of Hardcore Punk group Squirrel Bait, with Brian McMahan (guitar and vocals), David Pajo (guitar), and Britt Walford (drums) staying strong throughout the band's existence. The bassist would always be separate session musicians that would travel with the band.

They released their first album, Tweez to lukewarm reviews in 1989. Then, in 1991, they found their style and released their landmark album, Spiderland, which came on the heels of a year of landmark albums along with Nirvana's Nevermind for Grunge, My Bloody Valentine's Loveless for Shoegazing, and so on, and became very influential to Post-Rock alongside Talk Talk's Laughing Stock.

After the album the entire band went through a Creator Breakdown. It is rumored that the brooding sound of Spiderland combined with pressure from the record company caused two of the members to be institutionalized during recording. What makes this especially creepy is the fact that all the band members were in stable mental condition prior to the recording. Nevertheless, this stress affected the band and in 1991 they disbanded. Pajo went on to join Tortoise and Zwan for a while after that, and Walford was briefly a member of The Breeders.

They've had three reunions. One in 2005 and another in 2007, but no new material is rumored, although they did perform a new song entitled "King's Approach" during their 2007 shows. A third reunion began in 2013, and the band has hinted at the possibility of new material. Spiderland has been reissued with two bonus discs.

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