Music / Saves The Day

Left to right: Arun Bali, Rodrigo Palma, Claudio Rivera and Chris Conley.

Saves the Day is a Pop Punk/Emo band from Princeton, New Jersey that formed in 1994. They original had the name Sefler (an inside joke made by frontman Chris Conley, meaning someone who likes to have sex with Santa Claus) until a bandmate convinced them to change their name. However, they did not release an album until 1998, called Can't Slow Down. The following year, they then released the album Through Being Cool, named after the Devo song of the same name. Both of these were reasonably successful. However, in 2001, they release their most critically acclaimed album, Stay What You Are. This album took a new route into the genre of Emo. Then, in 2003, they took another, musically Lighter and Softer, route with the release of In Reverie. This album mixed Grunge guitar, poppy synths, and a higher pitched, more effeminate voice, bringing forth memories of The Beatles. This album received generally poor reviews, however, has in recent years, gotten a cult following. Saves the Day then released a trio of albums, Sound the Alarm, Under the Boards, and finally Daybreak. These combined all their previous sounds to produce something similar, yet different. It tells tales of sorrow, self discovery, and forgiveness.They have recently reentered the studio to produce their newest album.

Saves the Tropes:

  • Cloudcuckoolander: [1]Their current drummer, Claudio, certainly seems to fit this trope.
  • Epic Rocking: Daybreak includes the Title Track (which is nearly 11 minutes long) and "Undress Me" (which is 4 seconds shy from being 5 minutes).
  • Eye Scream: Through Being Cools "Rock's Tonic Juice Magic" talks about using spoons to dig out someones eyes and swallowing them. Ups and Downs "Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven" talks about stabbing one's own eyes to make them more interesting.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Stated in this interview.
  • I Am the Band: Type 2. Frontman Chris Conley is now the only remaining band member from the original lineup.