Music / OK Go
OK Go is an Alternative Rock/Power Pop band. The band formed in 1998, and have gone from being an also-ran in the early 2000's "Return of Rock" that also spawned The Strokes and The White Stripes to being internationally famous for their inventive music videos which are often complex, shot in one take and on a low budget.

Their most recognized song is "Here it Goes Again", famous for the music video where the four members performed a choreographed dance over several sets of treadmills (see right). More recently, "This Too Shall Pass" gained a degree of notoriety thanks to its Rube Goldberg machine video.

The group currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

The band's albums are:
  • OK Go (2002)
  • Oh No (2005)
  • Of the Blue Colour of the Sky (2010)
  • Hungry Ghosts (2014)

Their videos include:

This band provides examples of the following tropes

  • Adorkable: The entire band.
  • Bald of Awesome: Tim. This, along with his glasses and handlebar mustache have become something of a signature look for him.
  • Blatant Lies: In "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" there's a lyric "I don't think much about you anymore"... even though the entire song is him wondering what his ex is up to.
  • Bowties Are Cool: The band members wear them in several videos.
  • Busby Berkeley Number: Done with Japanese Schoolgirls and Honda UNI-CUBs (think sit-down Segways) in the video for "I Won't Let You Down".
  • Call Back: One of the sample messages for their interactive video for "All Is Not Lost" is "Let it go, this too shall pass."
  • The Cameo: Japanese girl group Perfume appear in the preamble of the "I Won't Let You Down" video.
  • Catapult Nightmare: The end of the "Muppet Show" video, no less than three times, each with a different twist.
  • Changed for the Video: The video for "Needing/Getting" chose to forego the standard rock four-piece version of the song for the video, by arranging the song to be performed by a rally car. The car was outfitted with a number of rods, designed to hit pianos, pipes and guitars lined up on the sides of the track.
  • Color-Coded Characters:
    • End Love:
      • Tim: pink/orange (?)
      • Damian: yellow
      • Andy: red
      • Dan: blue
    • This Too Shall Pass:
      • Tim: red
      • Damian: blue
      • Dan: green
      • Andy: yellow
    • Upside Down & Inside Out:
      • Tim: pink
      • Damian: blue
      • Andy: red
      • Dan: green
    • "Needing/Getting", same color scheme as "This Too Shall Pass".
    • The booklet for Of The Blue Color Of The Sky. Each track represents a different color in the various graphs.
    • Their whole video for Sesame Street. Well it is meant to be teaching kids about the Three Primary Colors.
    • Andy tends to be dressed in red.
  • Common Meter: "Upside Down & Inside Out" brings to mind Megadeth's "Sweating Bullets" with these two lines matching:
    Inside Out and Upside Down: Don't know where your eyes are / but they're not doin' what you said / Don't know where your mind is baby / but you're better off without it.
    Sweating Bullets: I'm in trouble for the things / I haven't got to yet / I'm chomping at the bit and my / Palms are getting wet
  • Dream Team: Lead singer Damian Kulash recorded 6 songs with Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds and Neil Gaiman in 2011 as 8 in 8note .
  • Dream Within a Dream: The ending of The Muppet Show Theme video.
  • Everything Is an Instrument: Toyed with briefly in the second video for "This Too Shall Pass", but taken Up to Eleven in the video for "Needing/Getting", in which the song is played by a car driving on a rally course, with various appendages attached to strike different instruments and objects as it passes by.
  • Everything's Precious with Puppies: The video for "White Knuckles" features an entire crew of dogs of different breeds. Aside from the single line "You'll never get the pawprint out of the henhouse now," the song has nothing to do with dogs.
  • Hidden Track: "9027 KM", an unlisted track at the end of the US version of Oh No, consists of 35 minutes of the sounds of Damian's girlfriend sleeping.
  • Mind Screw: All of The Writing's On the Wall music video.
  • Mythology Gag: In their video for the cover of The Muppet Show Theme Song, they have Animal holding up Dan during the sequence where the Muppets are using the band like puppets.
    • It also has a shot of the band on treadmills, though not lined up in the same setup as "Here it Goes Again". Also Damian smoosing his face on glass while wearing a green bodysuit and the the bit with the Swedish Chef and tower of Dixie cups play homage to the video's for "All is Not Lost" and the second "This Too Shall Pass".
    • The ending makes a reference to "White Knuckles," since Tim wakes from a Catapult Nightmare saying "We can't do that video with those dogs." They also have a "one of these things is not like the other" moment with a sheep in the bed along with the dogs (in the actual White Knuckles video, one of the members tries to walk a goat across the scene while the dogs were running everywhere).
  • Never Work with Children or Animals: The aforementioned "White Knuckles" video. They had enough making-of mistakes and miscues to fill a second film of the same length, and even the "good" take is charmingly imperfect.
  • New Sound Album: Of The Blue Colour of The Sky is a lot more electronic, psychedelic and down-tempo than their previous sound.
    • Hungry Ghosts has an obvious influence from electropop and disco.
  • The Oner: The music videos for "A Million Ways", "Here It Goes Again", WTF?, This Too Shall Passnote , End Lovenote , White Knuckles, and The Writing's On the Wall; they're masters at this technique.
  • Precision F-Strike: "Don't Ask Me" contains the only one on their self-titled debut.
    Don't be so damn benign
    And don't waste my fucking time
    • There's also a Precision B-Strike in "Get Over It", in the line "Ain't it just a bitch?"
    • Rather predictably, there's also one in "WTF"
  • Product Placement: Many of the inventive music videos that have made the group famous were underwritten by different sponsors, most notably the Chevy Sonic featured in the "Needing/Getting" video. Since the sponsors tend to lay off on the Executive Meddling and just let OK Go do their thing, this is arguably one of the more positive examples of the trope.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Bunny, Damian's dog, who has been featured in their videos, "White Knuckles" and "The Muppet Show Theme Song" and is Surprised Dog on youtube.
  • Rube Goldberg Device: in their "This Too Shall Pass" music video.
  • Step Up to the Microphone: Tim Nordwind sings lead on "C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips".
  • Stuff Blowing Up: "Invincible".
  • Undercrank: Almost the entirety of "End Love" with a few bits of Overcrank for contrast.
    • "I Won't Let You Down" was filmed at half speed to make the complex choreography a little easier to follow.