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Music: Insane Poetry
Insane Poetry was a rap group from the West Coast that pioneered Horrorcore. Its founder, Cyco, continues to perform under the Insane Poetry name.

Their debut, Grim Reality, was acclaimed for its approach to the style, which was purely horrorcore in its first half, which focused on horror movie-inspired fantasies, and then switched to a fusion of horrorcore and Political Rap in the second half, which was largely based around more realistic stories. The group members were Cyco, Shakespeare the One-Man Riot, Em-Dee and DJ Streak.

Insane Poetry has made sporadic appearances over the years. Cyco dropped guest verses for Vanilla Ice's Hard To Swallow and Bi-Polar in 1998 and 2002; in the latter case V-Ice actually Covered Up Insane Poetry's own song "O.K.S."; Insane Poetry's album Faith in Chaos contained a version in which Cyco performed both verses, while Ice's Bi-Polar album featured Ice rapping the first verse. Beginning in 2008, Cyco, the only remaining member of the group, has been teaming up with producer Sutter Kain, who brought a Death Metal-based sound reminiscent of Necro.


  • Grim Reality
  • Blacc Plague
  • Faith in Chaos
  • Fallen from Grace
  • The Snuff Reels (Cyco solo album with production by Sutter Kain, marketed as an Insane Poetry release)
  • Violent Art—the Book of Blood (Cyco solo album with production by Sutter Kain)

Insane Poetry demonstrates the following tropes:

  • Horrorcore
  • In Name Only: Insane Poetry has pretty much disbanded, but Cyco continues to put out albums under the group name despite the fact that none of the original members appear.
  • Juggalo: Cyco gave Juggalos props in his freestyle for G4's Freestyle 101.
  • Political Rap
  • Rap Metal: Cyco's solo albums under the name Insane Poetry feature Death Metal samples courtesy of Sutter Kain
  • Urban Legends: The "Reality" side of the album Grim Reality contains "One Careless Moment", which is based around the urban legend "AIDS Mary", which claims that a woman went around intentionally having unprotected sex with men and infecting them.
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