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Music: Necro
Necro is one of the most controversial rappers in the Underground Hip Hop scene. His subject matter often includes murder by torture, Charles Manson, and devil worship; to make it more explicit, one of his albums is simply titled DIE!

This isn't at all surprising, considering that he formed Death/Thrash metal band when he was 11. Under the influence of his rapper brother, Ill Bill, he turned to hip hop. Necro also releases a form of Rap Metal which he calls "death rap" - literally a fusion of Death Metal and rap.

In this aspect, he has Psycho+Logical records, which he uses to produce his albums as well as many others, including Mr. Hyde, Non Phixion (A group Bill was part of), fellow Non-Phixion alumnus Goretex, and Circle of Tyrants (A group both he and Bill are members of).

He is also a pornographic (and later horror) film director and star; this influence carried over to his album The Sexorcist, which features highly sexually explicit lyrics, and was later reissued with a DVD containing a pair of pornographic music videos.

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