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Music: Hot Hot Heat
Some days the reaper ain't looking so grim; some days the past is the only mine that has gold.
—"Nobody's Accusing You (Of Having A Good Time)" Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat are a new-wavy, Canadian dance-punk band from Victoria, British Columbia formed in 1999. They're known for their catchy, frantic songs and witty lyrics. Although not overtly popular in the mainstream, they've had a few chart-climbing singles and maintain a dedicated fanbase. Extremely hook-laden songs await.
Their current line-up is:
  • Steve Bays (vocals and keyboards)
  • Paul Hawley (drums)
  • Parker Bossley (bass)
  • Luke Paquin (guitar)

Former members include:
  • Dustin Hawthorne
  • Matthew Marnik
  • Jimmy Sweet
  • Dante DeCaro

  • Scenes One Through Thirteen - 2002
  • Make Up The Breakdown - 2002
  • Elevator - 2005
  • Happiness Ltd. - 2007
  • Future Breeds - 2010

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alternative title(s): Hot Hot Heat
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