Manga / Helios Eclipse

Know these words, and heed them.
For when the sun rises,
when the light of hope shines brightest,
So shall the shadows cast grow deeper and darker.

When joy and despair arise entwined
Shall there ne'er be a greater portent of disaster.

When the elements fall out of order
The sun's light shall die.

But though you walk in darkness,
Know that with our hands
Ever firmly clasp'd together
We shall not lose our way.

So shall the search for future's light begin.

There are two worlds that exist, the Magic World and The Human World. All elements in both worlds have been controlled by the Sun Ruler, Helios. In the past, Helios was skeptical on why he needs to protect the human world. So he and his brother, Luna went to the human world to see what the human world is like. With the horror of seeing the human world becoming terrible with modern technology, odd cultures, pollution and rude manners, Helios could not believe he was actually protecting it. Soon he encountered a child being accused of stealing. Helios rescued the child and found a wallet on the floor which was actually stolen. Then when they met with the child and his friends again, Helios and Luna saw the children brutally kill a cat. Helios was angered by it and tried to destroy the children. He lost most of his elemental powers when he released them to destroy the children. The elemental powers escaped to the human world.

Before darkness can take over both worlds, he must find a savior to help him find his elements then restore peace to both worlds. Unfortunately, there is a villain from the Dark World trying to interfere and wants to rule over the Magic World. He sends his henchmen and minions to create chaos and interfere with Helios's plans.

Helios goes to the human world again to find the prophesized savior. He is chased by the Dark World's henchmen there. With his weak powers, he fights with the enemies and accidentally meets a human girl, Mineko, which actually was his prophesized savior.

Helios Eclipse is a fantasy manga written and drawn by Malaysian artist Kaoru Yee-Teng Liew. Helios Eclipse was first being serialized in Starz, a sub-magazine of GempakStarz group but then it was changed to Gempak, the main magazine under the same company, GempakStarz. The first of its releases had caught the attention of many readers to follow the series and even fan arts were drawn and were usually submitted to GForum - a forum of GempakStarz.

There are eight volumes of graphic novels written in Bahasa Malaysia available for sale in Malaysia. Five volumes translated in English have been released so far.

This manga has examples of: