Manga: Awkward Silence

aka: Bukiyou Na Silent
Tamiya and Toono

Awkward Silence or Bukiyou na Silent is a Boys Love genre manga by Takanaga Hinako, author of many other popular yaoi series such as The Tyrant Falls in Love and Little Butterfly. . It was started in 2004 and first serialised in Be X Boy. It now stands complete at three volumes.

Poor communication kills... or at least makes relationships a little more difficult than usual.

Toono Satoru is a mostly expressionless boy who has a crush on popular Baseball player Tamiya. He spends most of his time shut away in the art room at school drawing him and never for a moment thinks that his crush would ever be anything more than one sided... until Tamiya asks him out. Inwardly Toono is thrilled but it doesn't show on his face.

It requires endless patience on Tamiya's part just to not give up on him, and incredible effort on Toono's just to get his feelings across.

It received an English publication in 2012 by SuBLime, both digitally and in paperback.

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Alternative Title(s):

Bukiyou Na Silent