Seahorse Steed
Hi-yo, Seabiscuit. Away!
Sometimes seahorses are portrayed as the underwater equivalent of horses, and can be ridden by characters. This is particularly humorous, since Real Life seahorses are very, very small, the largest not exceeding 8 inches in length, and as slow as a fish can get without being totally immobile. Unlike most fish which move by using their pectoral fins to go slowly or their entire bodies to move quickly, seahorses swim by pushing themselves forward using only their dorsal fins.


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  • In The Apotheosis of Washington, Neptune rides two horses while navigating the seas that are just like normal horses, but with fins in the place of their hooves.

    Comic Books 
  • Aquaman sometimes rides a giant seahorse, named Storm (in the Silver Age, anyway).
  • A Disney Comics story where Donald Duck, Scrooge, and Gyro discover an underwater kingdom near one of Scrooge's drilling sites. The seapeople have seahorse racing.

    Films — Animation 
  • There is a seahorse race in Dreamworks' Shark Tale.
  • In Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket rides what appears to be a sea donkey.
  • In Help! I'm a Fish, Sasha the seahorse helps carry the main characters around. In the end, she is turned into an actual, land-bound pony.

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    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • In King's Quest II, Graham does this. They even have saddles. Do the mermaids ride them sidesaddle or something?
  • Naija can ride seahorses Aquaria for a boost in speed. There is a mini-game and a corresponding achievement for running a race on a seahorse.
  • The city-building game Atlantis Underwater Tycoon has a building, the "Atlantean Castle", that spawns merman knights that ride seahorses to protect your city.
  • The Pokémon Horsea and Skrelp (and their other evolutionary relatives), despite being very small, can be taught the move Surf via TM, which lets it ferry its trainer around. You don't actually get to see yourself riding it, due to the game using a generic sprite depiction (A whale-like figure that the trainer sits on) for all surfing Pokemon, though.
    • Their fully evolved forms are around 6 feet long and make more plausible steeds.
  • In World of Warcraft an early quest in the Vashj'ir zone allows the character to obtain such a mount.
  • In Kingdom Hearts 3D, Sora can ride the Tatsu Steed and Tatsu Blaze dream eaters if he performs a link attack with them. Notable in that they're the flying sort of seahorse, and they also move extremely slowly like actual sea horses. The purpose of the move is to use them as a turret of sorts rather then transportation, though.
  • Kingdom of Loathing's "Under the Sea" quest was updated to include this. After rescuing the Sea Monkees, you can ask about the currents and you end up n a quest to tame a sea horse, granting you access past the currents and into the Merfolk's city as well as increase combat initiative. Hilariously enough, the sea horse side-quest is also one massive reference to My Little Pony as the seahorse's random name generator produces a pony-like name and it's implied to be as colorful as they are.

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