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Right Now Montage
Part Contrast Montage, part Meanwhile Scene, a Right Now Montage is a slice of everyday life that shows a series of brief scenes of different people in various situations. Can come with or without narration, the narrative version having a high likelihood of dropping statistics related to the scene at hand. Often used as an establishing scene.


  • Pepsi's "Right Now" series advertising Crystal Pepsi, using Van Halen's Right Now.
  • Sprint's "Now Network" series.

  • Bleach does this on occasion; one of the most memorable is when Don Kanonji tries to form a civilian spirit-fighting team and recruits Ichigo's sisters. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Each chapter of One Piece has a title page which shows exactly one scene in the life of a character the Straw Hats have met before. Often, these title pages make a story when put together and even reveal some important facts.

  • The various side characters listening to Radio rock in The Boat That Rocked.
  • Titanic has one of these as the ship is sinking showing different people in all parts of the ship reacting to the imminent ends of their lives.
  • In Amélie we see different couples all across Paris having an orgasm at the same moment.

Live-Action TV
  • Heroes enjoys doing this in openings. Probably a good idea, considering its premise of Loads and Loads of Characters.
  • Flashpoint, when it's not doing a How We Got Here cut, tends to use this, showing the police officers and the eventual suspects on a crash course, usually unknowingly.
  • Season 2 of Community opens with the various study group members and their morning routines.


New Media
  • The Homestar Runner cartoon "No Hands on Deck!" had a montage of Homestar going around announcing his plans to build a deck to all and sundry.
  • ''One Hundred Yard Stare" has episode three, which is one of these.

Western Animation
  • Often seen in Sponge Bob Squarepants as the citizens of Bikini Bottom react to Spongebob's latest antics (like broadcasting Patrick's Giftedly Bad song over the airwaves).
  • There was one in the Power Puff Girls showing Mr. Smith going about his daily life.

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