Light Girl, Dark Boy

In the event of a Gender Bender or Gender Flip, it makes sense that a newly made "girl" would have a more female body, rather than being just as muscular, but with boobs, of course, and vice versa for the rarer "boys". It is common for the woman to have blond hair and fair skin, even if the man had dark hair and skin.

This is somewhat Truth in Television, as women have fairer skin than men on average. This is because a woman will need to provide enough calcium for herself and a baby both during pregnancy and while nursing. Lighter skin absorbs more sunlight, which allows vitamin D to be synthesized, and this is necessary to absorb enough calcium from food.

Older Than Dirt, because ancient Egyptian and Minoan artists drew men with dark skin and women with light skin to distinguish the two.

This can also coincide with the woman having a "lighter" alignment, as in more feminine, less aggressive and gentler than the male version; however this trope just refers to skin and hair pigment. See also Gendered Outfit. For animal and nonhuman examples, see Pale Females, Dark Males.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ranma in Ranma ˝ normally has black hair and darker skin than "Ranko", who has red hair in the anime, and has had a variety of different hair colors, usually not black, in the colored covers of the manga.
  • Futaba in Futabakun Change has green hair when female and black hair when male.
    • Inverted by his sister Futana, who has black hair when female and blond hair when male, and averted by Misaki who has the same hair color regardless of gender.
  • In One Piece, Emporio Ivankov turns a prince into a woman for trying to kill him with a cannonball. In the anime, his transformation comes with an obligatory skin bleaching.
    • This is a unique case in One Piece. The transformees normally keep their hair color and style.
  • In Birdy the Mighty, Tsumotu has black hair and darker skin than Birdy, who has half white and half red hair.
  • In Pretty Face, when Randoh gains a girl's face, his hair also turns blond because of the burns he received.

    Comic Books 


    Live Action TV 
  • True in all versions of the show Lalola. At least the lighter skin part.

    Video Games 
  • Street Fighter has Cammy, who is an Opposite-Sex Clone of Bison, but has blond hair, blue eyes and white skin, and really looks nothing like him. Also, Cammy is a good gal, unlike Bison.
  • Kunimitsu in Tekken has red hair, Yoshimitsu has brown hair.
  • Samus, despite originally having brown hair, now has blond hair.
  • In Metal Gear, many Action Girl characters are blond, like The Boss, Sniper Wolf and African-American Fortune, while the Action Heroes are often brunet.
  • Pokémon X and Y has Meowstic, where the males are more blue than white, and females are the opposite.
    • Strangely with Meowstic, the connotations fall apart - Males are support and healing, while female are powerful psychic nukers.
    • Inverted with Hippowdon, where the females are darker.
    • Also inverted with Sina and Dexio, the former being an Ambiguously Brown girl and the latter a very white guy.

  • In El Goonish Shive, Elliot's favored female form has blond hair, confirming to the expectations of this trope. However, this is a deliberate stylistic choice on his part to avoid looking too much like his twin sister / Opposite-Sex Clone Ellen. He can control what he looks like to a degree, and hair color is something he finds particularly easy.
  • In The Order of the Stick, this trope is Double Subverted when Roy, while genderbent, actually has the same bald head, but ends up wearing a wig that makes him look blond most of the time he is female.
  • The Wotch has red-haired "Sonja" when Jason is genderbent, but other characters, like Robin, keep their original hair color.