Chilean Media

An index with media originating in Chile:


  • Condorito
  • Diablo: Chilean response to DC/Marvel in 90s (not related to Diablo video game series)
  • Doctor Mortis: Horror, suspense and the macabre.
  • Locke & Key: Co-creation of Chilean artist Gabriel Rodriguez under IDW publishing but eventually re-released on Chile under Arcano IV publishing.
  • Mampato
  • Palomita
  • Rayen: Comic book created on the 90s and the other flagship of Chilean comic books apart of Diablo.

  • The Black Pimpernel
  • Death and the Maiden: The original play is by Chilean writer Ariel Dorfman. Both the play and Polanski's film happen in an "unnamed South American country", but it's supposed to be Chile.
  • Jackal of Nahueltoro
  • Juan In A Million
  • Missing: Based on the story of journalist Charles Horman. It also happens in an "unnamed South American country".
  • The Motorcycle Diaries: The adaptation, with Gael Garcia Bernal playing Ernesto "Che" Guevara. "Chileeeee! Viva Chile po!"
  • No: A film about the marketing campaign that brought an unexpected victory in a national referendum to depose Pinochet from power.
  • Tony Manero



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