Literature / The Frog King

Harry Driscoll is living in New York City
(if you call trying to survive on an editorial assistant's salary living).
His family is wealthy
(but Harry Driscoll is not).
His education is Ivy League
(but what good is it doing him?).
His publishing job is entry-level
(with no exit in sight).


Harry Driscoll has a dream
(if you call an unfinished manuscript hidden in the closet a dream).
Harry Driscoll has a girl
(although intercourse is out of the question).
Harry Driscoll even has feelings.
(He asked this girl, one day in the park, to be in his life forever . . . and he meant it!)

The Frog King is a love story by Adam Davies (in that it involves love). It's also a motion picture - or planned to be, at any rate.

Not to be confused with the classic Fairy Tale, "The Frog Prince"
This book provides examples of: