Literature / KIKEN

"Humans can change the world, just in different directions!"
Kogawa Nagari, age 10

This is a story that ends the world. One that can destroy things. One that causes murder.

KIKEN is a story authored by EPIC. It's about a Conflict due to an online game called Hubspace. Hubspace is a never-endingly popular MMORPG, and all three books take place in said game. 2 groups, named the Tin Herons and the Brass Kites, choose to either reform or destroy the game. But a third side of the Conflict, known as the Crystal Dogs, choose to stop the Conflict with the use of drawing the Herons and Kites to a newer organization, thereby stopping something that may just cause the definite end of the human world, inside out. How will they do it? You'll just have to read and find out.

KIKEN comes in three books: CHIKYUUGAOWARUHANASHI, or An Earth-Ending Story, MONOWOHAKAISURUHANASHI, or An Object-Destroying Story and HITOWOKOROSUHANASHI, or A Person-Slaughtering Story. The latter two are unfinished, and on FictionPress.

KIKEN provides examples of: