Literature / Four Past Midnight

Four Past Midnight is a 1990 collection of four horror novellas by Speculative Fiction writer Stephen King.
The stories include:

  • The Langoliers: A group of passengers on a plane flight awake on the airport with the entire area completely deserted.
  • Secret Window: A writer has to deal with accusations of plagiarism from a particularly unhinged man.
  • The Library Policeman: A man who is struggling to write a speech checks out two books on the subject, and becomes stalked by a strange man, and an equally strange librarian.
  • The Sun Dog: A sort of prequel to Needful Things about a Magical Camera.

"The Langoliers" was made into a film in 1995 from the director of Child's Play. "Secret Window, Secret Garden" was also made into a film in 2004 starring Johnny Depp.

A Description of Tropes appearing in Four Past Midnight: