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Heartwarming: Young Dracula
  • Will's Birthday present to Ingrid.
    • Especially when you consider that it is the only present that's really about her.
  • "You are special. You're my sister."
    • When she changed her mind about becoming a vampire because she didn't want to kill Will, she was scared that he wouldn't run away with her. Vlad reassures her that "he'd be mad not to".
  • Ingrid's talk with Wolfie about love, and how it makes people do stupid things... leading to her telling Vlad not to turn Erin into a vampire.
  • The Count telling his children to accept death with dignity while cradeling them tightly and finally accepting Malik as his son.
    • YMMV on The Count accepting Malik as his son, given the two-part finale.
  • The Count finally telling Ingrid that he loves her, along with the picture Ingrid drew as a child that The Count kept.
  • The final scenes of the series, with the Ramangas ending their feud with the Draculas, Vlad giving Sally a necklace to remember him by after wiping her memory, Ingrid and Piers settling down and buying Garside Grange, the Count and Renfield (who has finally got his wish to be a Vampire AND seemingly got to grips with his new powers) leaving to start a new life in Australia, Vlad and Talitha about to start their own adventure, and the Count finally telling Vlad he is proud of him. And the fact that every single one of them very much earned it makes it all the more heartwarming.
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