Heartwarming / Wilfred

  • Ryan and Sneakers (maybe) tenderly hugging at the end of "Anger".
  • Ryan and his mom painting together at the end of "Service".
  • Wilfred snuggling with a sad Ryan at the end of "Questions".
  • Whenever Ryan and Kristen show that they care for one another.
    • Ryan bribes Arturo with half of his inheritance ($500,000) just so Kristen can have full custody of her baby.
  • Even though it doesn't stop Wilfred from kidnapping Joffrey, Bear setting up an intervention to help Wilfred overcome his cuddling addiction relapse was rather sweet.
  • Wilfred giving up ownership of Bear to a young puppy, as the last item on his bucket list.
  • Wilfred admitting he's glad his cancer was finally what brought Ryan and Jenna together.
  • Wilfred/Mataman's final conversation with Ryan in "Resistance".
  • The fact that Henry forgave Catherine for cheating on him and took Ryan in as his own son, despite not actually being his father.
  • The final meeting between Ryan and Wilfred in the series, with Wilfred promising to support Ryan by continuing to give him helpful advice, but without being such a dick to him.